AES Bit Encryption On Samsung SSD’s Increases The Security

Samsung and many manufacturers are now leading the way with [SSDs now open] news that these SSDs will practice built-in full government grade AES 256 Bit-encryption for increased security to allow safety against loss of data. Corporates and professionals, who know the true worth of data, will be glad to acknowledge the high value of Samsung SSDs and give them a place of its own.

It is Samsung’s debate that they are the only ones who possess SSDs for Corporate users with TCG’s Opal Standard 256 bit-encryption.

Here are some of the most important features:-

  1. AES encryption extended to 256-bits – These Samsung SSD features are advanced hardware self encryption methods based on Trusted Computing Group’s Opan Standard.
  2. Protection against data loss.
  3. Protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  4. Rugged, light and fast.
  5. 25%less weight than HDDS-perfect for laptops, notebooks etc.
  6. Sequential read/write speeds of upto 250/220 HB/s.
  7. Firmware and hardware can be securely updated.

The AES 256 Bit-encryption is placed on the top most position. User authentication and data encryption are done through the great security of drive controller rather than based o software. Software based encryptions utilize CPU and save data in unsafe memory areas. Samsung’s self encrypting drives SED encrypt data at the interface speed therefore ther will be no slowing of operations of the SSD. Hardware encryption allows the speed to increase 2.4 times faster than software encrypted devices and 3.7 times higher when it is compared to a hard drive with software encryption.

Samsung drive encourages management software which functions along with the SSD’s self encryption software to give a totally controlled hardware encryption solution Samsung SSD’s encourage Embassy Trusted drive Manager from wave Systems which allow backup and recovery of passwords and enhanced security settings. Other features found are preboot authenticity and a single sign on to Windows. Its feather weight, quicker functioning ad greater safety features are sure to push it to the top position, in the market in the forthcoming months!

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How Safe Are Today’s Encryption Protection Techniques?

An Important Fact Regarding Encryption Protection

It has been recently discovered that the long-entrusted encryption tools may no longer protect confidential data against hackers. So, beware if your computer or laptop has been stolen. Even a gust of cold air could be enough to crack your PC’s encrypted hard drive.

Princeton University scientists have explored the fact that safety and security of company trade secrets, national security documents and personal banking data cannot be guaranteed as long as any hackers are physically able to access the computers. For that matter, confidential and vital information can also be stolen from the laptops and computers that are sent for repairs.

If the RAM (Random Access Memory) chip of a computer is cooled down to minus fifty degrees Celsius, it is able to retain data for quite some time after the machine has lost power. The cooling process can be carried out by spraying a multipurpose duster spray straight onto the memory chip using an upside-down canister.

The keys for unlocking the encryption can be obtained from the data retained in the memory chip. During this critical period, hackers are able to steal data before it gets purged. This is done by rebooting the system with a program that copies the contents. If a computer was left in sleep or hibernation mode when it was stolen, the risk of data being hacked is comparatively higher.

Even a moderately-skilled hacker has ability to bypass renowned encryption tools like FileVault, BitLocker, dm-crypt and TrueCrypt.