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Windows Live Office Web Apps – Free Access Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote Online

Office Web Apps are the web-based solutions by companies for word, OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, which has been launched along with Office Mac 2011 and Office 2010. With the help of these applications user are able to create, view, edit share and collaborate them with the documents, presentation, worksheets, and notes from almost anywhere with the internet accessibility. The best part of these applications is that they are free of charge apps and everybody can get himself or herself registered for these services irrespective of the fact whether they have the license key for office 2010 or not.

These online office web apps are based on cloud technology and they efficiently switch to Offline Live Workshop. These apps have availability in two variants, first is Windows Live, this is free for home users through interaction with the Window Live SkyDrives and, on the other hand Enterprises and Corporate can install app on self hosted SharePoint 2010 along with volume licensing agreement.

Office Web Apps offers web based version of Excel, Word, OneNote and PowerPoint presentation, which offers up to 25 GB of data storage on SharePoint 2010 Or Window Live SkyDrives for files with any kind of extension. Office web apps also provide you with option to store the documents on your local computer along with the online data storage. With these apps, you do not have to search for extra viewer such as Visio 2010 or PowerPoint 2010, because the documents are going to be opened in web browser and you do not have to worry regarding compatibility.

Microsoft is regularly making improvements in Office Web Apps. In recent times, numerous attributes has been combined with office web apps such as ability to take print out in addition to view, ability to insert clipart and charts, auto fill option etc.

Apart from the basic editing features in office web apps, it does not have enhanced features, which come with desktop applications. Users can directly and effortlessly open the document in office web application, which has already been opened in desktop application, without the need to transfer the file manually. After the completion of editing, the file will automatically take the backup on the web server without the need for manually saving.

Office web apps full version has been made available for user of many countries including UK, US, Ireland, Canada and more, a few might not be in the local language. You can access the office web apps on with the supported browser, which are, for Windows Internet Explorer 7 or above, For Mac OS Safari 4 or above, and for Windows, Mac, and Linux Firefox 3.5

How to Publish and Store Documents on Office Web Apps

Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentation, Word Documents can be directly saved on Window Live SkyDrives  with the help of “Backstage View” of Excel 2010, Word 2010, OneNote 2010 and PowerPoint 2010 just by clicking Share >Save to SkyDrive. Users can make a new folder or save the changes in existing folder on SkyDrives.

Alternate Method, follow one of these procedures for accessing office web apps and upload the file directly using the web browser. You can also upload the file with desktop application “Window Live SkyDrive Explorer”

Accessibility and Usage of Microsoft Office Web Apps

Window Live Office

Window SkyDrives

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Upload MS Office and OneNote Files on Blog Web Page

How to Upload Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote File on Blog Web Page?

The official release of Office Web Apps reveals a new prospect for directly upload Excel workbooks, word documents, OneNotes notes, and PowerPoint presentations on blogs or web pages. With new engrafted attribute integrated into Office Web Apps, bloggers and webmasters can upload Microsoft Office files straightaway on the web page or blog post enabling visitors to immediately see the material without the need for downloading it or redirecting to the host page.

Earlier, users had to depend on various services providers like Google Docs so that you can upload office documents and files on internet websites and SharePoint wiki designed for enterprises. Office Web Apps although came late, hope to be noticeable on uploading potential along with superior format maintenance of OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel and Word files.

With the uploading attribute of Office Word Apps, you can embed Excel Spreadsheet, OneNote, PowerPoint presentation, and word documents to the Window Live SkyDrive that will serve the function of file respiratory and the dashboard. Introduce code in HTML tag can be gathered over the file shared to the public and stored and paste on the webpage where the file has to be uploaded.

Here is the stepwise guide to upload a file with Office Web Apps.

Tip: Changes to the office files for instance Excel Workbook, Word Document, OneNote, and Word files will be instantly resembled on the page, where file has been uploaded. During the entire procedure, the user needs to log into Window Live ID.

Step 1: Share the file to Public

Prior to uploading an office document on webpage, the user must save the file on Window Live SkyDrive hosting server, should be open to view publicly.

For those, who are generating the docs with MS Office2010 desktop apps, they will be able to save the files straightaway to the public server of window live just by hitting “Click & Save” in “Backstage View” then “Save to Web” and then after signing into Window Live double click “Public” folder.

Alternatively, you can also upload file in public folder by visiting this link

For those who want to upload an existing office file or previous version of office apps, which are not supported, then you can upload by visiting the link. 

Those who have file stores in private folders, they can move them to public folder by click “more” in menu then “Move” then select “Public” folder.

Note: if destination folder consists of same file name, then rename the file for preventing overwriting.

Login to Office Web apps by visiting Office live or Skydrive live

Click the folder for public sharing

Click share>Edit permission

Move the slider to everyone

Click Save

Step 2: Copy the HTML embed Code from Office Web Apps

To obtain the HTML tag for docs shared by office web apps that has to be pasted on the source code of webpage. Follow the below mentioned steps

Login to office web apps from Office live or Skydrive live

Open the folder in which the document is included for uploading on webpage or blog

Click on More>share>Embed


View properties>share>Embed then click copy

Step 3: Paste the HTML Tag into Blog or Web Page’s HTML

The HTML code of office web apps is supported by many blog services and web authority environment. The following are the steps, which are used in well-known blogging services such as, Blogger, word press.

Normally, many editors writes posts and then switch over to HTML and then paste the link by pressing Ctrl+V, then Continue>Preview>Publish

To upload the docs in SharePoint Wiki you have to paste src portion tag into page viewer.

On wiki page Click Edit

Paste the HTML tag of office web apps on wiki page

Copy the part of tag between the quote marks that starts with http.

Click Editing tools>Insert>Web part

Categories>Media and Content

Web parts>Page Viewer>Add

Open Tool Panel>ok> Delete http:// and paste address

Click Apply

Step 4: Personalize the Office Web Apps Embed Display

By default, the whole file will be shown on the webpage frame. You can personalize the frame as per your needs, so that Excel workbook or notes will be visible on the webpage. You can also enable interactivity like filtering, sorting, and typing in frame.

You can personalize the display with HTML editior.

Below mentioned are some of the parameters.

Allow Interactivity

Allow Interactivity= False, replace false with True.



Allow Typing

Turn on interactivity by AllowInteractivity=True add AllowTyping=True within src code


Display a Specific Item:

Excel workbook that features a name range, pivot table, table or chart, it is feasible to show particular item on web page by using the Item=<ItemName> to src code.



Specify an Active Cell:

You can also specify a particular cell to be active whenever webpage opens with the help of A1 notation like highlight cell B6 > ActiveCell=B6 >to src code

If you want to highlight a cell on worksheet rather than current sheet then use the following parameter

To make C6 on sheet3



Change the Size of the Frame:

You can change the frame size by changing the values of weight and height as follows

width=”201″ height=”173″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Recover your Forgotten Password of Excel Spreadsheets Using Office Password Recovery Tool

Recover your Forgotten Password of Excel Spreadsheets Using Office Password Recovery Tool

It often happens that people tend to forget their passwords after securing their files with password. People protect their spreadsheets file to secure from unauthorized usages therefore store it with password protection.

However some times people forget their password and it is very difficult to find out lost password. Now you can extract your lost password from spreadsheet using Office Password Recovery tool.
It is a complete freeware tool that detox diet plans may include a diet recommendations, colonic hydrotherapy, herbs and supplements, and exercise. designed to recover forgotten or lost passwords. This application is featured with simple and interactive user interface. You just browse that file from which password needs to be extracted. It will take only few moments to get unlock the encrypted file.

You need not to worry about your contents, it will intact and remain the same as it was. This password recovery utility tool allows you two options

• Decrypt spreadsheet and read out your contents
• Unlock your spreadsheets permanently.

Use Works Database Converter To Convert Microsoft Works Database (.Wdb) File To Excel Or CSV

Use Works Database Converter To Convert Microsoft Works Database (.Wdb) File To Excel Or CSV

Microsoft Works has been integrated with word processor, database and spreadsheet. It is basically an entry-level home or office productivity software version. Most of the Windows-based computers are packaged with Microsoft Works. It allows the windows users to create their own workbooks, documents and databases. This is more helpful to those users who still do not use the upgraded Microsoft Works.

Now days, lots of users selected to utilize Microsoft Office including all the features along with Word, Access and Excel. Most of us are not using Microsoft Works. When you use the Microsoft Works for very short time and then uninstall it, the files created using Microsoft Works cannot be opened. It happens because of the database which is created in .wdb file extension using Microsoft Works.

Unless any program is installed in the system which supports the Works database file, the file cannot be opened or viewed or extracted and finally it is considered lost. However, Works Database Converter, a third-party program will help you to save the important data present in the database file.

Software utility “Works Database Converter” is helpful if there is a database file which is only created by Microsoft Works. The Works Database Converter utility converts your old Microsoft Works Database (having*.wdb extension) files into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is compatible with all editions of MS Excel.

The extraction of the data in the database file is carried out on the basis of ‘best-effort’. If there is only one table of data per file which has to be processed, the converter software works sensibly well. Some numeric fields are affected by compatibility of software.

To run Works Database Converter successfully, Java program must be installed on your PC as the software is Java applet. You may also run this software using Java Webstart application.

Setting To Hide, Suppress Or Remove #DIV/0! Error In Microsoft Office Excel

Setting To Hide, Suppress Or Remove #DIV/0! Error In Microsoft Office Excel

In the Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet program or Microsoft Excel, when you divide any value by zero (0) or else a blank cell inside the procedure, the cell will shows the answer which displays an error value #DIV/0!, as the answer of the computation.

The error value possibly will present weird feelings to readers particularly whilst the manual or worksheet is still in groundwork. It is also very awkward when you get the “#DIV/0!” mistake value when some formula is applied to several cells by copying and dragging.

This error value is takes place as it is incapable of dividing any value by 0. On the other hand, it’s likely to get rid of or take out the #DIV/0! Error value in the cell intended for unconfirmed or unacceptable dissection method with using IF worksheet utility.

To restrain or suppress #DIV/0 error value or for preventing the error from showing whenever it takes place. Apply the next formula on behalf of the normal division formula:


The term “Numerator” stands for the number which is to be divided, and the “Denominator” stands for the divisor.

Such as, for rule of “A1/A2? (cell A1 divided by cell A2), the rule to go through into the answer cell is like given below:


The rule ensures to make out if the denominator is equal to zero (or is blank). Therefore, an empty unit is exhibited. If not, the unit that encloses the utility will exhibit the result of the rule term after the calculations.


In order to view other data in the unit if the divisor is empty or zero, enter the essential data in the rule everywhere, which is inside the quotation marks (“”). If you would like to show text, enter it in between these quotes. If you would like to show something else (values), you could enter the values in place of the quotes.

There is another IF worksheet formula which can be operated by using the “ISERROR” situation.

Following is the syntax designed for the formula bit is:


Such as,


Over here again, to exhibit extra information lying on the units, if the computation answer is wrong, then alter the value of the core limit (text string needs quotes).

After entering the mistake treatment method as per the instructions given above, you can drag in order to apply the rule to affect to other cells, and the created rule will automatically be applied to them as well.

Free Online Pdf – Excel Converter

Free Online Pdf – Excel Converter

An online tool to convert all pdf files to Microsoft office excel format is available for free of cost. This online tool called “Nitro pdf” provides greater flexibility for converting PDF files to excel files.

Nitro PDF produces the highest quality Microsoft office excel file. It also maintains all the tables associated with PDF files in Microsoft office excel format. This feature makes editing easy for all users.

Nitro PDF comes free so that users need not pay a heavy price for converting their PDFs to MS excel files.

The team which produced this free tool has made a provision to detect and validate the entire table associated with a PDF file. Few tables which did not add any value to the converted files are discarded by the tool. The resulting excel file is of the highest quality and that too free.

One should try the online PDF to Excel Converter to know its quality. The converted excel files will be made available as xls, Microsoft office excel format.

There are many online converting tools. The most frequently used tools amongst them are as follows:

Easy Steps to Add, Insert Or Attach A File In Excel Worksheet

Easy Steps to Add, Insert Or Attach A File In Excel Worksheet

It’s really a time consuming process to attach worksheet and related files separately. Microsoft Office excel allows users to attach important files to worksheet for instant access and better use of both documents. With this feature users will be able to access files directly from the workbook. Users will definitely get access to their important documents via excel sheet without opening other tab.

By adding these files to the worksheet, users make it more presentable and effective to understand thoroughly. It really reduces or almost eliminates hassle process of integrating the two files with each other. If you have any doubts regarding how to insert file in an excel sheet, then simply follow the given steps systematically.

  • Open an Excel workbook. Switch to particular worksheet where you want to insert file.
  • Select and highlight the certain cell where you need to put related files.
  • In ribbon interface or menu bar tap on “Insert
  • Select Object
  • A dialogue box will be popped up showing two options namely, “Create New” and “Create From File”.

  • You just choose “Create New” option for creating new files to add in excel worksheet few certain file formats are such as Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, OpenDocument, WordPad Document etc. These above options are just for creating new files then add them to excel sheets. However, here we are going to deal only existing files to add in excel worksheet. So it is better to choose “Create from File” option.
  • Tap on the “Browse” option and choose the specific file to add into the worksheet.
  • There are two more options to add and insert files into excel worksheet:
  • Link To File: Users can insert contents and data into document and create a link to original source file. Changes to source file will be reflected in excel worksheet.
  • Display As Icon:  add or insert an specific icon, which represents contents of the particular file into Excel worksheet.

  • Tick or Mark the respective checkboxes according to your preferences. Until you select or tick the boxes, you will not be allowed to see the options.
  • Optionally, you can change the icon by clicking on Change Icon option. It will happen only when you have selected “Display as icon” option.
  •  Finally, tap on Ok button. The specific file will be added to excel sheet associated with content or as icon.


There is option to shift or move the file in a worksheet. By double clicking on the file, it will open in default editor program. You must adhere to the sequence and the order of this useful tutorial to get targeted result.

Use PDFtoExcel Online Tool To Easily Extract PDF Tables To Excel Format

Use PDFtoExcel Online Tool To Easily Extract PDF Tables To Excel Format

Most of the times, we have to reuse the table having the tabulated data in the PDF file format. Earlier, we had to edit the tabulated data manually from the PDF file, which creates hassle while using such edited data to excel format. Now, a simple online conversion tool named as PDFtoExcel Online tool will surely help you out of this problem. By using this tool, you could easily convert PDF tabulated data to the excel format while maintaining the original quality for the efficient work.

This appealing useful tool is absolutely free to download and comes without any installation or registration process. With this tool, you simply get the tabulated PDF data converted into excel format in just few simple steps.

  • First of all, go to the link Here. 


  • Now, browse the particular file from your hard disk drive.
  • Put in the email address where you want to send the converted file.
  • That’s all!

After completing the above steps, you’ll need to wait for while. During this wait period, the actual conversion process is carried out and you will then receive an email with the converted file. This time depends upon the file size and the network stability.

This free online service retains all the important things while converting the format such as styles, font size, colors and etc. Even if it can not produce an exact appearance similar to the original tables, it could produce a precise XLS format to use again. Moreover, as one of the important things, this online tool produces output files that are then used to work with OpenOffice, Google Docs and many other applications in word processing.

Storing, Sharing Microsoft Office Word, Excel And Powerpoint Documents Online With Password Protection

Storing, Sharing Microsoft Office Word, Excel And Powerpoint Documents Online With Password Protection

Microsoft Office Live Workspace, a unique innovation of online addition of Microsoft Office lets you and the people around you, with whom you work with, share and store Microsoft Office documents under a high security environment from almost anywhere online.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace offers:

  • Store space of over 1,000 Microsoft Office documents on the Web
  • Synchronize contacts, tasks, and calendar events with Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Set permissions to control who can view and edit documents
  • access large documents from anywhere, online


Uploading a file (can even be large in size) and easily sharing it with group members can be easily done with the help of Office Live Workspace. The sharing file can even be updated by the group members and can send it back.





Online storage – Microsoft Office Live authorize users to save information in many file formats. For this purpose it offers up to 5 gigabytes (GB) of memory space which can be utilized from any PC with a net connection, even if Microsoft Office is not installed.


Information sharing –Workspace is intended to facilitate computer users for sharing a single file or a workspace holding multiple documents.


Software compatibility –Office Live Workspace has software compatibility as it works with MS Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Outlook. It also facilitates user to save documents of other file types.


Resources and support – For supporting the users, a Community Support website, which includes a blog, how-to videos, wiki is created by Microsoft. This gives the opportunity to the customers to ask questions about Office Live Workspace.