How To Solve Cyclic Redundancy Check Error / Problem?

With computers, we all face some problem or the other very often. Some are simple ones easily solved, while some are more complicated and take a longer time. It may be quite frustrating when you come across such problems and do not know what to do. For example, your trouble may start when you have to transfer files from your DVD to the computer, and you encounter a CRC error. No need to worry, for here are a few details to help you.


CRC [ cyclic redundancy check] is generally used in hard disk and storage devices where it can help check the data stored. When it is faulty, you get a CRC error. CRC errors can occur when you want to transfer files from external sources maybe a CD or DVD. This shows that the data to be transferred is damaged. CRC can occur even when there are repeated attempts to transfer files. But all these should not pose much of a problem, because solution to this error is quite easy.


In order to solve this problem, you require to possess clear data, that is to say the data file must be free from any sort f damage external or internal.

If any kind of scratch is found on the front, then CRC error is bound to happen. You need to keep the surface absolutely clean. You can always use any lint-free cloth or alcohol or better still use a cloth dipped in a mixture of warm water and soap solution to clean externally.

But if the problem is due to internal damage, then you need to download Jfile recovery software which is the right choice to correct CRC errors. Please note that you have to have Java on your system if you want to use the Jfile recovery. Its results are immediate and free!