WinRAR The Free File Compression Program

What is WinRAR?

WinRAR is a file compression program that got its name from WINdows Roshal ARchive and it compresses files into .rar format. RAR is a type of data compression file format that was developed by a Russian software engineer named Eugene Roshal. RAR files (shown in .rar format) can only be created by the WinRAR software available for Windows operating systems. It was first released back in 1993, but has since made some improvements and is still widely used today.

Whats it used for?

Basically this program is a unique, and safe, way to compress large amounts of data to save space. WinRAR makes it easy to not only alter the security features on your newely compressed file, but it also ensures that transferring the data will be a lot faster.

Some common uses for WinRAR include the compression of movies, large amounts of pictures, large text files, and the compression of other random stuff to save space on your computer. Also you compress to send files as well. You can attach these to emails, send them via IM, or even use one of the free uploading sites to send your data to another party.

How do you change the security features on a compressed file?

Many people like to protect their privacy, and they might have used the WinRAR program to not only compress valuable information, but also to add extra security features to it so that no one else can view it. Another reason you may want to alter the security features is to remove any of your personal computer information so that if you send this file to anyone else on the internet then your privacy is protected.

If you want to alter the permissions each group has for the compressed file then follow the directions below:

  1. Right click on the compressed file.
  2. Go down to the ‘Properties’ option.
  3. Go to the ‘Security’ tab.
  4. From there you can alter the permissions for each user/group

To make it read only to prevent any of the data from being tampered with and altered, then simply:

  1. Right click on the compressed file.
  2. Go down to the ‘Properties’ option.
  3. Go to the ‘General’ tab.
  4. And selected the check box at the bottom for ‘Read Only’.

Here is also a link to a visual example for compressing/changing security features/ and extracting your .rar file.

Visual file compression example

How do I download WinRAR?

If you want to download WinRAR then go to the site  below and click on the download button. Don’t pay at first because you can use it for around 30 days or so, and afterwards you should pay, but don’t have to.

WinRAR Site




Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

It is not really difficult to convert your file into PDF format file. However, extracting the images from PDF file is a different thing altogether, and requires different procedure to extract.

Your search for finding ways for the extraction of images from PDF file should end here. Following these simple steps you can extract images and save it on your computer in different formats. You get to choose what kind of image formats you want to save on your computer.


1. Open PDF file – Click on the open file option to browse PDF file to extract images

2. Now you need to define output selection – You can choose best suited output option from the left panel. In simple words, you need to

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select the format of your extracting images. Output directory is that place where your extracted images will be saved

3. Now just hit the start covert button to extract images from the PDF file.

4. Once you complete this process your all favorite images will be extracted in your defined folder

With these are simple steps, people can get their favorite images from PDF file instantly and according to their required format like JPEG, TIFF, TGA, PBM, and GIF. Image extraction is not really a complicated task. Most of the operating system supports this procedure, so you do not need to worry about installing 3rd party tools in your computer to get instant images from PDF format file.

Download PDF Image Extract v 1.5

Steps to extract ISO files

Steps to extract ISO files

ISO file is a type of image file which has to be burned on DVD/CD in order to access those files. Whenever you download ISO files or any file having extension .iso, you must understand that you have downloaded a file meant for burning.

However there are many tools available in the market to open or extract ISO file without burning it. Nevertheless most useful tools are MagicISO and WinRAR. You can use any one of them to open your ISO files.

Let’s understand how to extract files using WinRAR tool

Mostly this tool is being used in extracting RAR, TAR, and ZIP archives. However you can extract ISO files also by following these simple steps:

• If you As written, the plans stop gambling online companies from offering sports bets and random number generator (RNG) games on the internet, departing just live casino games and poker competitions open to non-OPAP companies. have already installed WinRAR then open it on your computer.
• Go to Options> Settings> Integration
Tick the box next to the ISO option.

• Click on OK” button to implement changes.
• You have completed the process.

Now you just right click on ISO file and choose “Extract here” option from drop down list.

Open ISO extension files Using MagicISO

This tool opens many archive files. This one is totally handy and easy to use.

• Launch MagicISO.
Browse to choose the ISO file to open.

• Now select the specific location to store extracted files.
• Click on extract button and save extracted files in specified location.

Download Winrar, MagicIso


Extract and Save Images From Power Point Files Easily

Extracting and Saving Images from Power Point Files is no more Complex Task

Some people didn’t find difficulties when extracting pictures from PowerPoint files. If anyone would like to save specific pictures from power point slides then he/she has to follow complex process to save it. However now there is no need to follow that complex process. It takes to much time to extract images from power point files. Here you will get tips to explore and save your favorite files from power point files easily.

  • There is a key on the keyboard “PrintScreen”. Once you press that key your favorite image or picture will automatically save on your desktop. 

If you want to extract a lot of pictures then this process will be a headache for you. Pressing again and again PrintScreen button consumes much of your time and effort. Even quality of images will be low because in this time consuming process.

Extract and save images using HTML exporting option:

  • Run your power point slides on the screen
  • Navigate to File>Save As to save file as a web page(*.htm,*.html)
  • Now locate that folder where you saved your favorite images in HTML format.
  • Here you can get your images and pictures
  • Finally you have completed the task of exporting images from power point files. 

These two ways of exporting HTML files from PowerPoint files in order to enable the user to get their images quickly. All you need to do is just follow these simple steps to extract and save images in your preferred location.

Extract Blogger Posts, Labels, and Comments from BlogSpot to WordPress

How can You Extract Blogger Posts, Labels, and Comments from BlogSpot to WordPress?

If you have your own blog on BlogSpot and wish to extract all your blogger comments, posts and labels from BlogSpot to WordPress, here you will get answer of your all questions.

This tutorial will really help you to extract and import all posts and comments in WordPress easily. It seems to be very complex process however after reading this article you will find that it is a very easy one. However, there is an important point to remember before following these steps. It means all imported posts and comments will be converted into categories. Later you can convert it into labels with the help of WordPress converter.

WordPress allows user many features such as export, import, blogware, text pattern, typepad, moveable type, and WordPress blogs. The steps of importing posts and comments from BlogSpot to WordPress are following:

  • First of all login to WordPress and move to Tools>Import.
  • ?

  • Here you will get some options, you just click on blogger to start importing procedure

  • Now you will be able to see your own blogs. In case you do not see then open new tab and login in blogger with your own account.
  • Choose the specific blog which you want to import. Click on the import option

  • Now you will see the authorization request tab. Now grant or accept the authorization to import your own blogger contents such as comments and posts.
  • Now you are done your entire blogger contents will be delivered to WordPress.

Final you can easily import your entire contents easily by following these steps.

Unrar Recover And Extract The Best Utility To Extract Password Protected Files

Unrar Recover And Extract The Best Utility To Extract Password Protected Files

Protection of “RAR files” with passcode is the safest method to store them securely. If anyone attempts to open data files from a protected “Winrar archive”, they’ll be prompted to enter password, without which the Winrar will not let them to extract any files from the Archive.

Naturally, assigning a password is the safest way, but it can be a troublesome when you want to extract or open data files from loads of passcode protected “RAR files”. You may end up entering the secure codes manually for each and every archive.

However, individuals can utilize a freeware called unrar extract and recover to unfold files from protected “RAR files”.

Key features of “Unrar Recover and Extract” are as follows:

  • The best feature of this service program is that individuals are not required to enter the secure codes to open data files from each Winrar archive.
  • Just enclose all your secure codes (if users have applied many passwords for various “RAR” files) and connect it with Unrar Recover and Extract Tool.
  • It will automatically link up passwords from the starting to the end of each textual file till it supervises to open registers from those protected winrar archives completely.
  • It makes your task more comfortable by getting these matters automatically completed without your involvement.

This service tool provides compatibility with most of the Windows-Operating-Systems like Win XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Install or Download “Unrar extract and recover” to extract data file from Password Protected winrar files with no trouble, today.

Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

If an individual has a picture with wordings displayed on it, and likes to store only the wordings but not the complete image with quote on it, then ideally he has to manually type them on any text editors and store for a future reference.

If a large numeral of picture files with a pretty longer wordings printed on them fascinates an individual, and they tend to save them by typing each wording on text editors will be very taxing for them. In order to minimize the time consumption in storing these wordings printed on image files, a newly launched software is out which can be utilized to extract just the wordings and store them as text files.

This software comprises of tools which support in extracting only wordage from an image, as this tool is powered through O.C.R (optical character recognition) engineering. These utility tools mostly support image or picture file formats such as jpeg, bmp, png, etc.

It initially transforms the images through codes to system, then after the transition, computer will assess to distinguish the portion of images as text and other elements, and then it will just extract the wordings.

This O.C.R engineering actually transforms images to system perceivable format. This tool concept appears with a sky-scraping value tag.

As it has consumed pretty huge amount of time in development and testing expenses so, companies aren’t ready to release this merchandise as a freeware.

If individuals think of purchasing this tool, then there are two of tools to choose from. First tool is called Abbyy fine reader and second named timer snapper. Users can also search on web for OCR plugins.

However, there is one Free OCR online Service to help users in extracting wordings from images. This online utility is called as “Free OCR”, which will help users in pulling out just the wordings out of the images.

As this tool is online based, users need to scan the images and then upload it to the “Free OCR” to utilize its brilliant support.

Use PDFtoExcel Online Tool To Easily Extract PDF Tables To Excel Format

Use PDFtoExcel Online Tool To Easily Extract PDF Tables To Excel Format

Most of the times, we have to reuse the table having the tabulated data in the PDF file format. Earlier, we had to edit the tabulated data manually from the PDF file, which creates hassle while using such edited data to excel format. Now, a simple online conversion tool named as PDFtoExcel Online tool will surely help you out of this problem. By using this tool, you could easily convert PDF tabulated data to the excel format while maintaining the original quality for the efficient work.

This appealing useful tool is absolutely free to download and comes without any installation or registration process. With this tool, you simply get the tabulated PDF data converted into excel format in just few simple steps.

  • First of all, go to the link Here. 


  • Now, browse the particular file from your hard disk drive.
  • Put in the email address where you want to send the converted file.
  • That’s all!

After completing the above steps, you’ll need to wait for while. During this wait period, the actual conversion process is carried out and you will then receive an email with the converted file. This time depends upon the file size and the network stability.

This free online service retains all the important things while converting the format such as styles, font size, colors and etc. Even if it can not produce an exact appearance similar to the original tables, it could produce a precise XLS format to use again. Moreover, as one of the important things, this online tool produces output files that are then used to work with OpenOffice, Google Docs and many other applications in word processing.

Extraction Of ZIP Files Online Fixes Unsupported Compression Error

Extraction Of ZIP Files Online Fixes Unsupported Compression Error

Unsupported Compression Method is the name of the error that is faced by many of us lots of time. This error takes place while extracting a zip file. This type of error message such as unsupported compression method does not indicate corruption of the file or the file being corrupted. This error message is displayed when a zip file is extracted with old version of WinZip. New Version can be found here.

Use the free online service, WobZip, to extract any zip files easily. It even works without any WinZip installed in your machine. Some of the cool features of WobZip are mentioned below:

  • You don’t have to install any software on your system to unzip any zipped file using WobZip.
  • It has a powerful antivirus with which it scans all the files that is extracted. It makes sure that you are downloading secure and safe files only.
  • It is compatible with zip files up to 100 MB.
  • Formats it supports are NSIS, DEB, RPM, CPIO, Z, LZHCHM, ARJ, ISO, CAB, RAR, TAR, BZIP2, GZIP, ZIP and even 7Z.
  • Use the URL to unzip any files directly and even download them.

How To Extract Digital Data From An Audio CD

How To Extract Digital Data From An Audio CD

Use CDex, a free software to extract Digital data from an Audio CD. Generally known as CD rippers or CDDA utility, these software can be used to extract data from two or more digital sources, which can be later merged into one file using an audio merge software.

The extracted audio files can be saved in plain WAV file format. CDex supports many encoders, to name a few :

> Lame MP3 encoder
> Internal MP2 encoder
> APE lossles audio format
> Ogg Vorbis encoder
> The Windows MP3 encoder (Fraunhofer MP3 encoder)
> NTT VQF encoder
> FAAC encoder
> Windows WMA8 encoder
> File tag formats like ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags

Apart from extracting the audio files you can compress the files too. Some of the other features of CDex are :

> Multiple tracks can be recorded directly
> Album information from the cdplayer.ini file can be read or stored and vice-versa.
> Album information from local and/or remote CD Database (CDDB) can be read and stored and vice-versa.
> If you CD drive supports, then CDex supports CD Text as well.
> Supports M3U and PLS play list files.

CDex works on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

[ Download CDex ]