Facebook Not Loading on iPhone – Fix

Are you an ardent Facebook user on your iPhone? Do you feel it is loading too slow on your iPhone on iPad? Or is Facebook not loading on iPhone? Don’t worry, follow these smart tips to fix the problem as if it never existed before!

Facebook Not Loading on iPhone - Fix

iPhone Battery FIX after iOS 9.3 Update

Facebook Not Loading on iPhone – Fix

  • The easiest step is to quit the app and relaunch it
  • Turn on/off WiFi or data connection a few times.
  • Sometimes, all those cookies and websites history that is saved on your phone from those browsing sessions can cause your Facebook application to slow down. Clearing them will help.
  • If you use Safari, do the following: Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data.
  • If you are a Chrome user, do the following: Chrome>Menu>Settings>Privacy>Select the data you want to clear>Clear.
  • Another alternative that fixes the problem always is to uninstall the app and install it again.
  • Restart your phone or try resetting all the settings with a factory reset.
  • Update your Facebook application if it is out of date. Check on the app store often for a new update, especially if you have auto updating turned off.
  • Change the DNS settings on your iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, that can be a problem.
  • Finally, if none of these work, report the problem to Facebook and pray that the tech geeks at Palo Alto do something about it.

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So, that’s that! These are some of the ways to fix the issue of Facebook Not Loading on iPhone. Which of them worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Facebook’s In Trouble For Selling Your Personal Secrets!

Many Facebook users don’t think before sending messages to their friends that the contents of those messages could be read by anyone else. The incredible amount of trust put into Facebook has been betrayed and users are appalled to find out that their messages, activity, and all of their personal information has been released to advertising companies so that the advertising companies could display targeted ads to the users.

So does this happen to everyone? Don’t personal privacy settings have any bearing on this? Unfortunately it does happen to everyone no matter how strict your privacy settings are. Your sexuality, religious beliefs, and even political preferences are all given to advertisers. But that’s not all..

The Facebook information gathered and passed to advertising companies is much more extensive and intrustive than many believe. Not only does it track and store information on the user themselves, but also on their friends, their educational backgrounds, their status updates, and much more. Even chats that people have together are stored by Facebook, despite the users deleting them. For example a high school student getting ready to go to college may end up getting targeted ads for dorm room furniture, various college ads, and more.

This negligent violation of privacy has outraged many because of the fact that Facebook doesn’t notify its users that it will be utilizing their personal information in such a way. While many understand that advertising is a big profit and money is what makes the world go round, people simply want to be notified prior to their information being utilized.

The ?European Commission is planning on banning this advertising in a new directive that will be out in January. Unfortunately this move will threaten Facebook’s plans for next year’s stock exchange because it severely compromises one of the main ways they make money.

The European Commission is taking this violation of privacy very seriously and is meeting next week with the UK Information Commissioner to discuss their next moves.

So where did all of this information stem from? Who exactly noticed the vast amount of information retained by Facebook? The answer is an Australian student named Max Schrems. Max sent a request into Facebook asking what information was held on him and what he got back was astonishing…and incomplete. Max was sent a CD which contained 1,222 pages of information on him and after reviewing it he complained to the data watchdogs because it was clear that Facebook had even more information on him which they did not disclose.

How many pages of information does Facebook have on you? Perhaps you should call and find out!

Google + Failing Miserably – Find Out Why!

Facebook is the largest social networking site on the internet and there have been many failed attempts to recreate something similar in order to tap into the huge user count. Earlier this year Google, one of the biggest names on the web, decided to launch their own version of Facebook coined Google +.

Google + went up and into beta phases on June 28, 2011 and was invite only at first. This exclusiveness of the invite only caught the attention of many and when it went open to the public on September 20, 2011 there was an insane influx of new user registrations. People, dying to see what the famed Google had cooked up for them, were eagerly signing away and checking out the new ‘Hangouts’ and other various features that awaited them. After Google opened up their exclusive social network to the public, in one day there was 1200% increase in membership, however this would soon drop just as fast.

Since then there has been an astonishing 60% decrease (60% of total members!) in members but Google refuses to give up. With annoying +1 buttons sprinkled about everywhere and constant reminders to join up to this failed social network Google + has quickly turned from a novel attempt at usurping Facebook to another pitiful fail.

Surprising right? Especially from Google! Google, what is considered one of the leading innovators of online services, how could you fail so miserably? Perhaps it isn’t the lack of ingenuity for Google +, but rather the formability of Facebook that is to blame? Let’s take a look.

Facebook consists of millions and millions of active users who log in daily (sometimes multiple times a day). These users are then put into contact with all of their friends, friends of friends, family members, neighbors, and anyone else that may be connected with them. On top of that Facebook has provided innovative and highly addictive games, chats, and a variety of other novel ideas that were simply there first before Google.

So if someone already has 500+ friends on Facebook, all of their pictures uploaded, and a variety of other features provided to them why would some copy of Facebook, without all of their friends or photos on it yet, draw them away? Point is it won’t.

Google + simply didn’t come out before Facebook and doesn’t provide enough to be desired to draw users to it. Sorry Google, while you are a great innovator you can put Google + in your fail pile. Please try putting your efforts into something new!



Create Panorama Images With Microsoft’s Photosynth On iPhone

Photosynth App For iPhone

Ultimately, Photosynth has been released for the iPhone to synthesize all types of images. It is decidedly a cool application that allows users to create an amazing panorama images under the Microsoft Photosynth engine.  It is an incredible photography app to create and add several panorama images in the cloud of Microsoft Photosynth. It seems that users can easily capture a lot of images and compile them categorically. Microsoft urges you to add your images to bring maps or share via Photosynth.net or Facebook.

This app is designed for those people who like to capture images with their phone. This app is second to none as it allows users unlimited features that set it apart from others.  There are few other applications available similar to Photosynth such as 360 Pano, which allows similar kind of features to the users.

However, Photosynth is far better than the 360 Pano as it not only allows you 360 degree panoramic images, but also allows you to glance up, down and all around.  Other apps of this type or ilk permits you a slow process of developing panoramas, whereas Photosynth allows you to take the photos in different shape as you want and wrap them all instantly.

There is no need to pursue any particular pattern and guidelines to use the Photosynth unlike other apps.  It’s really cool and satisfying app for the users who love to capture more and more images and wrap them all into a panorama.

Moreover, the Photosynth app for iPhone lets the user to have great graphics and interactive user interface. This app is especially designed for the iPhone and that’s why iPhone users can get most out of this application.  In order to make it more convenient and useful for the iPhone users, you can share your images with your friends and relatives.  The Photosynth app allows users to provide complete set of developing panoramas and sharing them with the others instantly.  Moreover, this app seems very easy to download and install on your device directly from the Apple Store without any notification.

Our Suggestion:  There is 360 Pano app which allows iPhone users to perform same functions as Photosynth. However, Photosynth has some extra features that stand out in the crowd.  Therefore, if you want to start developing panoramas of your images, you can start with both of these iPhone apps. To get extra features choose Photosynth, but it could be messy for a newbie.

Facebook Reader Is Available For iPhone

Popular Frienatic Facebook Reader Is Available For iPhone

Finally, Frienatic app has been launched for iPhone and iPad to experience the Facebook page differently.  This app is a unique way to view your news feeds status and updates on the Facebook. This universal application is compatible for iPhone and iPad.  It is a fresh and latest Facebook reader for iPhone and iPad.

Prominent Features:

  • Universal app optimized for iPhone and iPad devices
  • Enriched graphics and layouts of news feeds and status
  • Mentioned and highlighted images with captions
  • Can use the where into feature to check where your friend is using the inbuilt map
  • Write on the friends’ wall, share stories and comments
  • Slideshow of the images with captions in portrait and landscape mode
  • Photo uploading
  • Description of the different pages

This is the latest app introduced for the iPhone users to get more vivid view of the Facebook page.

Our Suggestion

This app is completely inspired by the latest iPad RSS readers. It is especially dedicated to the iPhone users to have illustrated view of the Facebook page on the iPhone. You can download Frienatic by paying $0.99 from the app store worldwide.

Facebook versus Google Plus

With more and more users turning to the internet each day, social networking sites have become highly popular. No site has surpassed Facebook in popularity, but recently a new contender has stepped up to the challenge: Google Plus. There are many features which mimic those of Facebook, but it also has some new ones that many consider vast improvements. Below we will compare and contrast the pros and cons of each social networking site to find out which one is superior.


Google Plus


  1. Google Plus Circles offer a unique way to group your friends and contacts.
  2. Google Plus games are not obnoxious and are not pushed by everyone, making it easy to go about your business without being interrupted.
  3. Posts can be edited on Google Plus, making it easy and convenient
  4. Better security/privacy features but apparently you cannot use an ‘alternate’ or made up name or your account will be deleted.
  5. Here the chat box can be resized to fit your needs.
  6. No apps here…..yet!


  1. Facebook doesn’t have anything similar to circles, people are your friends or aren’t your friends.
  2. Facebook has a wide variety of addicting games but the notifications/invites and spam can be really annoying when you aren’t interested in the games.
  3. Your post is concrete here, forcing you to delete it and repost if you’ve made a simply typo
  4. Here you can have whatever name you want without fear of being banned, however the other privacy features are still lacking and often abused by malicious internet users.
  5. The chat box here cannot be resized, only minimized.
  6. Facebook apps are often spammed and obnoxious.


As you can see by the corresponding features there are quite a few elements that are pulling towards Google Plus, but will it be enough to draw die hard Facebook users towards their social networking site? Google Plus is still new and doesn’t have the ‘big name’ that Facebook does, and doesn’t have near enough users yet. While the features for Google Plus are unique, new, and surprisingly fresh, Facebook will surely counter their new threat with upgrades and new features of their own.

Google Plus’s arrival into the social networking site was bold, but only time will tell if Google Plus will make Facebook the next MySpace or will it die off as other contenders have.

Sync iPhone To PC With RockMelt

RockMelt Launched For iPhone Syncs With PC, Mac Web Content

RockMelt is finally released for the iPhone users in order to allow them to sync their favorite website with Windows and Mac desktop versions. RockMelt was previously popular as the best social web browser for Facebook and Twitter. This Web browser is tremendously popular among the users because of its easy-to-use mechanics.

Usually, the contacts section will appear on the left pane of the tab when the users login to the Facebook using login ID and password via RockMelt App. The right pane of this app includes Facebook Profile, News Feed, timeline, and Twitter Tweet.

This application allows users to share their web contents with the iPhone whether it is Facebook profile or tweets from the Twitter.  iPhone users can easily sync their device to the desktop and share the web contents correctly. It is the unique feature of recently launched new version of RockMelt – the social media browser.

However, currently the users of RockMelt desktop would get their bookmarks and favorite websites directly synched to their iPhone as they connect their device. So, users don’t have to bother about their contents. Now, users can easily have the experience of using RockMelt on their iPhone while on the move and stay connected with the friends.

iPhone users can have access to the Twitter and Facebook updates, notifications and bookmark the favorite websites.  All these things can be done via iPhone. Currently, most of the iPhone users are using this app in order to stay connected with friends via social networking websites.

Our Suggestion

There are also other applications available at the Apple store regarding the social networking connection such as Fotobrookr and others for the respective social networking. However, RockMelt provide interactive user interface, which makes browsing easier and faster for the users.

How To Remove The New FaceBook Chat Sidebar – Drawbacks / Disadvantages

Selected few FaceBook users were offered the new FaceBook chat sidebar feature earlier this month. As mentioned earlier not everyone have got the invites and screen space is one of the main reasons for it.

A majority of those who decided to shift over to the new Facebook chat feature seem to have more complaints than praises. I too tried the new feature and there are a lot of short comings, but it might just be the beginning and FB, in future, may update / upgrade it, hence it’s too early to take a call.

Latest Update (July 29th, 2011) – Don’t forget to like us @ our FaceBook community page

Remove / Toggle Between Old and New Facebook Chat Sidebar

This is the best solution of all solutions which are mentioned below:

The only requirement is that you must have Google Chrome for this fix to work. Download chrome from here.

Once you have Chrome downloaded: Go to >> Chrome Settings >> Tools >> Extensions >> Get More Extensions >> type this in search –> “Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler” >> Install >> Enjoy !

Or you can directly install the Chrome ‘Disable FaceBook chat sidebar’ from here.

Disadvantages of new Facebook chat feature are:

  • It takes up considerable space. A manual option to ‘Hide Sidebar‘ is available, but you need to hide the sidebar every time you launch it, unlike in the old one.
  • If you are one of those who have a lot of friends online all the time, you surely will not like the new chat sidebar. It shows a list of 20 – 25 online friends with who you interact most. There is no explanation as to how the rest of your online friends will be listed, hope it’s not another scroll bar to see the rest !
  • I don’t understand why is it imperative to show the list of friends who I chat with most ? Since chat and my friends are personal to me, will I not be aware of it ?
  • The new design is very confusing when compared to the old chat feature. In the old one all those friends who were online were listed first, this made the task easier to scroll through the list and chat with whoever I wanted. The new one lists my friends in alphabetical order, and it has nothing to do with whether they are online or not, which confuses me as I have to first search for the name and then check if they are online. How cool is that !!

My advice to Facebook is- they should consult Steve Jobs of Apple before they come up with a new feature and functionality design 😉 (pun intended 😉 ).

Can I remove the new FaceBook chat feature and revert back to the old one ?

I really want to, but unfortunately there’s nothing listed on how to revert back to old chat on FaceBook :(. Those who upgraded to the new Facebook sidebar chat are stuck with it for a while now !

I’ll update this page when I find a suitable solution or when Facebook decides to tell us how ! Meanwhile, if you figure out how to disable the new sidebar chat and enable old chat, please let me know via comments section.

If you too hate the new Facebook Chat Sidebar, you can join our FaceBook community page and then leave your comment, may be they’ll take some measures to set it right.


Finally found a work around to revert back to the old Facebook Chat !!

  • Login to your Facebook account via any browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc., (most of these browsers provide tabbing facility, provided you are using the latest version).
  • Open a New Tab and paste => http://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php and you’ll revert back to the old chat (but the old chat is limited to this tab alone).
  • The two drawbacks of this methods is:- you have to open the new tab every time you login to your Facebook account and your Chat window will be in another tab, which many people may not like. But this is the only workable solution.

Those who use Firefox, can load the old chat in sidebar, follow the instructions here.


Hide offline contacts, order Facebook friends contacts by online / idle / offline status, hide new sidebar chat button:

Joris Griffioen has posted a solution (on Facebook – I hate the New Facebook chat sidebar community page) for :

  • Hiding all those contacts who are offline. This one’s such a beauty ! It really was an irritating feature.
  • Ordering your contacts in the sidebar chat by online / idle / offline status
  • And a one click ‘Hide Sidebar’ button.

The only constraint is, if you want these features you’ll have to shift to Firefox and must have GreaseMonkey scriptinstalled. Once you have GreaseMonkey on Firefox, you can download FB Chat Sidebar Fix script from Userscripts.org and install it to avail all the features.

If you too hate the new Facebook Chat Sidebar, you can join our FaceBook community page and then leave your comment, may be they’ll take some measures to set it right.

Update (22 – July – 2011)

So far, VasanSoft Chat Mechanic is best solution to get your old FaceBook Chat back !

[Via Vasan’s Photos]. Credit goes to Vasan for making our life easier :).