Not Happy With Google’s New Favicon? Revert Back To The Old One

Not Happy With Google’s New Favicon? Revert Back To The Old One

Google has changed its favorite icon (favicon.ico), which normally appears on the tab of the web browser while the user browses the Google website. A favicon basically functions as the website’s identity and also appears on the Address Bar and in Bookmarks (Incase of Mozilla Firefox) or in “Favorites” (Incase of Internet Explorer).

The new favicon of Google is an image file of 16×16 pixel, which is the standard size of most favicons. It has the text “g” in lower-case in bluish-purple color set inside a transparent rectangle with rounded corners. You can download this new Google favicon from the link

The old favicon of Google had the text “G” in upper-case in blue color set inside a rectangle bordered having red, green and blue color.


Many users are not really impressed with the design and style of the Google’s new favicon. If you happen to be one of those who prefer the old favicon to the new one, you can follow the below mentioned trick to get back the old favicon.

  • Download Mozilla Firefox and install it.
  • Install the Greasemonkey extension in Firefox.
  • Now install the script for Google’s Old Favicon from Once the installation process is over, Firefox will display Google’s Old favicon instead of the new one.


You need to note that, this trick will change Google favicon only for on-screen web page display. If you wish to change the Google’s new favicon to the classic old one in Firefox Bookmark list as well, you can do so by installing Favicon Picker 2 (For Firefox 2 only) and setting the Google bookmark icon of your choice.

Watch Your Favorite Youtube Videos On Your Television Set

Watch Your Favorite Youtube Videos On Your Television Set

Not everyone is aware about this particular possibility, but it is true that you can now watch YouTube on your television. Initially, Nintendo Wii games consoles and Sony PS3 we’re being used to get the service at This service is still available in the beta version.

Through a smooth interface, the TV websites are able to provide you a lean back, dynamic 10 foot experience of watching a television. In addition to this, now you can find, watch and share your favorite videos on YouTube. With just few clicks on your remote control set, you can simply watch your favorite videos on any TV screen.

On the other hand an enlarged text appearance and a simplified navigation enabled feature is provided which you can enjoy watching of your favorite YouTube videos on TV in a very relaxed way. It also contains an inbuilt optional autoplay feature. You can watch all the videos in sequential manner by using this autoplay feature.

This gives you an experience of watching classic television. All these TV websites are now available in 12 languages and are spread across in 22 regions all over the world.

Arrange Favorites/ Bookmarks In Your Ie/ Firefox Browser In An Alphabetical Order

Arrange Favorites/ Bookmarks In Your Ie/ Firefox Browser In An Alphabetical Order

While browsing, if you find a website interesting, you can add it to your Favorites list in Internet Explorer or to your Bookmarks list in Mozilla Firefox. Any newly added website will be placed as the last entry within the Favorites list as well as the Bookmarks lists.

You will notice the same thing happening when you add a favorite site to a specific folder in Favorites or Bookmarks. You will have no issues with this until the list is small. Gradually, as the list of your favorite sites increases, it will become quite difficult for you to locate a bookmarked site from the huge list if you do not sort and organize them systematically.

Both the browsers, Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox provide you with an option of sorting your Favorites or Bookmarks list in an alphabetical order. The process of sorting the list is quite simple.

For sorting Favorites list/ Bookmarks list in IE/ Firefox, click on “Favorites”/ “Bookmarks” menu and move your mouse pointer to an empty space in Favorites list/ Bookmarks list. Right-click to display the shortcut menu and select the option “Sort By Name”. Now, you will notice that the list of your favorite/bookmarked sites is been arranged in an alphabetical order.

Desk Pins Utility Tool Utilized To Arrange Favorite Programs On Desktop

Desk Pins Utility Tool Utilized To Arrange Favorite Programs On Desktop

Most of the times we tend to run quite a lot of programs on a computer screen and if the volumes of the various programs are reasonably high, we may wind up getting irritated while arranging the programs on the desktop.

Finding a right application or program will be a tricky task, as we have to browse through various programs listed on “Taskbar” and then click on the correct program.

However, this seems to be a tedious task for everyday users, if the essential programs could be maintained on the top of the additional programs listed on desktop, it would allow a user to access those programs effortlessly.

DeskPins, a freeware which can be utilized to set our favorite programs on stay on top of other listed programs on windows after they are launched. With this utility tool, individuals can easily pin their preferred programs to arrange them on the top of additional programs displayed on desktop.

Just get this utility tool download and installed and an icon is displayed on your computer desktop’s system tray. Highlight the respective Icon and then point it to the required program to be pinned. Once the programs are pinned, they will start to appear as important ones over other programs listed on desktop. It utilizes minimal system resources and very simple to use.