Send A Fax Online For Free of Cost

How To Send A Fax Online For Free of Cost

Most of the times, we need to send a fax for various different reasons. The faxes that we send would be a very important document, various paper copies and etc. To send the fax, we prefer to go at local fax shop. Now there is no need to go to the fax shop, because now you can send your fax online. You can send as much fax documents you want, and you will not be charged anything for that at all.

There is a special utility, called as Fax Zero which provides you a facility to send an online fax to the US and Canada numbers without any cost. For that you require to have a valid email address as well which is the base to send information as the fax. The most important thing is that for that you don’t even have to have a fax machine, as it is not needed for this job.


You will not have to register anywhere, just attach the details and click to send button to send fax online. You can either browse and connect the MS Word (.DOC or .DOCX or .RTF) file or Excel spreadsheet (.XLS or .XLSX) file, PDF file or type something to send as the fax. The fax or a file that is to be sent has maximum size limit up to 10 MB, which normally is more than enough.

Send Fax Online For Free

How To Send Fax Online For Free

There are numerous free fax services over the internet like Fax Zero, Microsoft fax software program etc. Now, here is one more online fax service with which anyone can easily send fax online absolutely free. A special tool namely GotFreeFax provides the facility to send two faxes for free to any Canada, US or Hawaii number.

GotFreeFax sends all faxes without including any advertisements. As it is fully advertisement free software, it would be the best tool to send fax online for official purposes. It is an extremely useful service with which you could send some important business documents, job resumes and many other very essential papers.

You can send two free faxes in a day, and you can make a single fax up to 3 pages. People from US Continental including all the 48 states and also Canada and Hawaii, can use this tool free and easily.

You can also use premium service of this tool with various price ranges. You can send fax of 10, 20, 30 pages just for $.98, $1.98, $2.98 respectively in this premium service. Moreover, facility to send a fax of 100 pages just for credit of $9.95 is provided with which you can send fax anytime using the credits. These credits never expire at all until they are used fully.