Disable / Turn Off Windows Picture, Fax Viewer And Image Preview Thumbnail In Windows XP

Excellent Tips To Turn Off Thumbnail Preview For Images And Disable Fax Viewer and Windows Picture In Windows XP

In Window XP, you will normally see previews for files containing pictures, photos and images in a thumbnail style, under the Details section in the left windowpane of Windows Explorer. The preview is automatically generated and displayed when you try to view folders in Thumbnail view.

If you try to open the images or pictures by double-clicking on the thumbnails which are associated with various graphic formats, these pictures open in Fax Viewer and Windows Picture instead of your favorite image viewer/ editor. This happens because of default action on the file which compels it to open using Fax Viewer and Windows Picture.

It is possible to disable or turn off the thumbnail preview of pictures, photos, graphics and images in Windows XP. You can also disable Fax Viewer and Windows Picture as well as remove graphic format associations with default viewer. Just follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to “Run” command box by clicking on the Start button. Type “Cmd” and press Enter key.
  2. Command Prompt window will be displayed. In the command prompt, type the below mentioned command and press Enter key.

regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll

Once you run the above command, all image and picture files will be shown just as icons and not thumbnails. Also when you double-click to open any graphic, it will launch in your favorite image viewer/ editor.

If you wish to re-enable image preview or turn on Fax Viewer and Windows Picture anytime, just run the below mentioned command, followed by “Enter”.

regsvr32 shimgvw.dll

You may also use the system registry trick if you are unable to turn off image preview, Fax viewer and Windows Picture using the above technique. For the registry trick, use the following steps:

  1. Open the Run command box, by clicking on the “Run” option in Start Menu.
  2. Type in “regedit” to open the Registry Editor.
  3. Then go to the registry key mentioned below
    It is advisable to take a backup before moving ahead to the next step. You will need to export the registry key. For doing this, just right-click on “ShellImagePreview”, choose the option” Export” and get it saved to a file.
  1. Double-click on registry value name “Default” present in the right segment. Clear the value data of “Default” to leave it blank.

Incase you wish to restore preview action on picture and image files, just set the value data of “Default” back to {e84fda7c-1d6a-45f6-b725-cb260c236066}, which is the default original value. As another option, you may simply restore your backup registry file that you had saved.

Disable AVI files preview in Windows Vista / XP.

Download L2R Player, Converter, IM3GP Converter / Konverter

Konvertor : The All-purpose Media Utility

The recently released Konvertor is a multipurpose utility (for Linux) that supports many formats, and functions as an image previewer; a conversion tool for audio, video, and even text files; as well as a browser for thumbnails. This amazing tool will not only organize all your multimedia files (with your own personalized description) but also help you to search for your media files in a faster and smarter way.

With the user-friendly and smart Konvertor interface, you can perform functions like viewing, editing, modifying, organizing, enhancing and printing your image files with ease. A total of 160 filters in Konvertor let you re-interpret your image files in a new light altogether. Moreover, the incredible “add on” feature for Windows Explorer lets you preview images more suitably – you just have to right-click the image file, and a thumbnail preview comes up – giving you options to convert the image file to other formats, send it by email, set it as your desktop background, and so on.

Here is a list of the main features of Konvertor:

Image editing – which include over 15 different functions such as resizing and rotating, adding noise, aliasing, bending, and so on.

• Over 160 different filters, ranging from the traditional ones like Gaussian blur, emboss, oilify, posterize, and grayscale to really amazing ones like the edge-detector, the max filter, and the Laplacian ones.

• The quick photo readjustment tool has been revamped, making it powerful and easy to use.

• There is a Category Management facility that lets you classify your photos in albums and other such categories

• A digital watermarking tool that lets you protect the copyright of your images

Conversion of ASCII TXT files (and from the clipboard) to image files is made easy

• Konvertor also lets you capture screenshots

• You can create slide shows with Konvertor, and add amazing transition effects

Add-on features for the Windows Explorer

• With regard to audio conversion, Konvertor supports encoders such as LAME and BladeEnc

Content from compressed files (such as ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LHA, etc.) can be extracted

• Extracting the audio from an audio/video file also becomes easier with Konvertor

• There is a CD converter that converts all CD formats to the popular ones like MP3

• Sending music and media files via email is simple and easy with Konvertor

• Konvertor also lets you download images from the net and upload them via FTP

• A FAX viewer is also included that supports over 30 formats of FAX

The latest version has further improved features – such as new formats, skins, and effects; extraction of music from power point presentations, and new additions to the FLAC and EXIF files list. Moreover, 6 video formats, 7 image formats, and 3 audio formats have been added to the supported-files list. Konvertor has a 30-day free trial version that can be downloaded from here.