All Contacts Appears Offline in Window Live Messenger 2011

All Contacts Appears Offline in Window Live Messenger 2011

After launching and signing into Window Live Messenger 2011, all of the contacts included in messenger seem to be offline. This error takes place irrespective of the user’s status, whether they are busy, away, online or seem offline. There is merely nobody else online in window live messenger 2011.


The no contact online issue influenced not only Window live messenger contacts but also other supported instant-messaging network, such as facebook and yahoo messenger. The fact is that number of contacts might actually online, but they appear to be offline to those users whose IM application has problem.

In WLM 2011, an individual will be unable to reply or send and message and chat with an online contact which appears to be offline. To make matter more serious, whenever an individual signs into another computer or web-based messenger all the contacts, which are apparently online appears online.

The actual reason for this problem is uncertain but most probably it is because of Bing linked messenger files.  The solution to fix all the contacts appear offline issue is easy. Follow these instructions:

Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features and select (highlight) Windows Live Essentials 2011>click on the Uninstall> click on Repair all Windows Live programs to reinstall WLM Messenger 2011


Gmail Feature To change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

Converting feature of Gmail enables users to change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

A little while back Gmail labs introduced new feature in Gmail which helps you to convert contents of Gmail into Google Doc. You can also publish or share it through your own blog.  The main important characteristic of this feature is that it saves your time and effort.  There is no more worry to copy contents and paste email contents into word document and attach in email to share with your friends.

All you need to do is just enable Google Doc option in your account by following these steps. Open Gmail account go to settings>labs> create document>select enable to enable this feature.

Now just click on save to save these settings. It is so easy to enable this feature in Gmail accounts.  If you are working on internet explorer then make sure that you are using internet explorer 7 version and above, as old version of IE does not support view labs feature.

Feature Of Windows 7: How To Cancel Non-Responsive Command

Feature Of Windows 7: How To Cancel Non-Responsive Command

The major common problems of using Windows OS that the users face is the system breakdown, system freeze or unresponsive system because of the installation problem. This problem may arise due to some error-prone application and programs tools. Finishing this application might cause some undesired results that is loss of data and an unstable system. Users can go for forced ending of the present application. It will immediately end that application and will not provide users a chance for saving their data.

This common practical problem is being tackled vey wisely by Microsoft by incorporating an option which is quite interesting in Windows 7. Whenever the system recognizes a program which is unresponsive or may be an application halt, Windows 7 will allow the users for trying to cancel that non-responsive command.

Usually the conventional process is to kill it or to terminate that application, after that restart the application. For example, when the user copy and paste texts to the Microsoft Word after which the program becomes unresponsive, rather than closing down the Microsoft Word application, the users will be allowed by Windows 7 to cancel that copy and paste application. Users can continue their work with Word program as well as save data using the new feature.

Disable Highlighting Or Full Row Selection Feature In The Details View Of Windows Vista

Disable Highlighting Or Full Row Selection Feature In The Details View Of Windows Vista

In Windows Vista Explorer when you select to view folders and files in Details, a particular chosen row is highlighted for the whole line. However, for a file or folder itself, you can choose any details column and then select or highlight any file and folder. Windows Vista offers new performance different from Windows XP where Windows Explorer will be highlighted nearly on “Name” column.

The modifications have some advantages and disadvantages. The only one advantage is that you can pick a file or folder simply by clicking anywhere on the row. However, you should spend some time to become familiar with it. It is also little bit problematic or difficult when you have to right click on the background of the folder rather than opening properties of folder or file.

In addition to this you can’t unselect or deselect all chosen files or folders by just left-clicking on the blank space within Windows Explorer, as before. By default, this full row select feature is turned on, which makes it difficult to scroll to the edge or bottom, by avoiding the selectable items, to click on any empty space.

Now, it is possible to stop the feature of selecting the full row highlight in Windows Explorer of Vista OS. By stopping this feature you can select files or folders by just a mouse click or taking the mouse pointer above the “Name” column. Also you can highlight the selected file or/and folders to display them only on the “Name” field. Actually, there are are a small number of methods to stop the full row selection feature in Windows Vista OS.

1. Using Keith’s VBScript Method

A VBScript which has been created by Microsoft MVP Keith Miller is able to stop the full row selection feature in Vista operating system, without disturbing or changing the saved settings for folder views.

You can download and extract file to stop full row select feature. After unzipping simply run the VBScript file named as ClearFullRowSelect.vbs. You should restart a computer or restart the Explorer.exe.

To reset back to the default Widows Vista, simply download and extract. Simply run the undo VBScript “RestoreFullRowSelect.vbs”.

2. Hacking Windows Registry

It needs the resetting of saved folder types and folder views. For hacking the registry download the file named as Extract that file and run the enclosed the file

disablefullrowselect.reg”. This will merge the extra registry keys. The feature to select full row will be turned off. Restart your PC or just restart explorer.exe application so as to make the modification successful.

An alternate method to this as follows.

  • Go to Start Menu à Run, type regedit, registry editor widow will be opened. Navigate to the following registry sub key.


Then add a new DWORD (32-bit) value named as a FullRowSelect in the sub key. Set the value data as 0.

After this you should reset and remove the saved settings for folder views in the registry window. Because the folders along with this data will disregard the value of FullRowSelect plus, you need to use the setting as of their own equivalent Bags registry key (Flags value below the Bags registry sub key that saves the settings into DWORD value) in its place. For this reason you should navigate and delete the next registry sub keys:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft \Windows\Shell\Bags

To revert back to original default settings in Vista, you can apply the registry file named as enablefullrowselect.reg within the ZIP archive. For users having a preference to DIY, remove the value name of FullRowSelect. Then rearrange the folder views settings details.

Restart Windows Vista or restart explorer.exe to take effect the full change.

3. Using the Explorer Plug-in “QT TabBar“

The Explorer plug-in QT TabBar is especially designed for Windows. This plug-in offers folder grouping option, tab browsing, histories and many other features. By using QTTabBar you can stop full row select feature in Vista.

  • First of all download and then install QTTabBar.
  • Launch Explorer.
  • Press Alt” button to display the classic menu.
  • You need to right-click on blank space in the right side of classic menu. Go for QT Tab Bar to display its bar.
  • Click on the Options button.
  • Go to the Misc. option.
  • There is a checkbox for the Full row selection in details view option, just uncheck it.
  • Confirm the alternative of Hide menu bar.
  • Hit OK. Disregard whichever error that displays.
  • Restart Windows Explorer to create the modifications successful.


If you are switching as of a different type of folder view to “Details” view type then the feature full-row selection will possibly be enabled within the existing directory. You can resolve and fix this issue by changing to one more folders. After that view the previous folder, you will see that the folder view now doesn’t perform full row selection.

Introduction Of New Features In MS Word 2007 And Their Benefits

Introduction Of New Features In MS Word 2007 And Their Benefits

Microsoft has launched Word 2007 with the pretty new appearance along with some additional features when compared to previous version. The Microsoft Word 2007 helps to get the things done in more powerful and faster way.

However along with the fresh appearance of Word 2007, you will also need to know about the features and functioning of this brand new version. However, once you learn the tricks about using this office 2007, you might not really feel like the emerging to the older versions of Microsoft word.

Following are various newly enhanced features in Word 2007 which can speed up your efficiency in your everyday work.

1. Pretty Nice Graphics

New 3D effects along with transparency and drop shadow graphics are merged in SmartArt so as to provide a more beautiful look to your documents. To make use of the graphic into SmartArt, just click on the Insert tab and then go to the Ribbon, pick SmartArt.

2. Access Commands With Easy and Enhanced interface

Word 2007 includes latest, instinctive user interface which is named as Ribbon. This feature helps you to make documents more rapidly than you could in the earlier version of Microsoft Word.

Ribbon is provided with task oriented Command tabs with which you may reduce the clicks to execute assignment or commands, which were managed from the menus, dialog boxes and toolbars in the older versions. Ribbon feature provides you the simplicity to access the things, and it is much easier to use. For example, adding header and footer and add shapes, chart, table, and picture

3. Simply Compare and Merge Various Types of Document

There are several fresh superior features which facilitate you to track the modifications made into your documents. You may easily compare and merge various types of documents.

4. Remove Hidden and Unnecessary Comments

The feature Document Inspector detects and removes any unnecessary or hidden comments simply to make your data private.

You should go to Microsoft Office button   placed in the left most corner, after that click on Prepare, next Inspect Document. The pop up dialog box will be displayed to ensure that you have checked the Reviewing Versions, Comments and Remarks, after checking the click Inspect. Click on the tab “Remove All” to remove all unnecessary and hidden annotations.

Note: You should be cautious while executing this task because you can’t undo this utility once you’ve removed it.

5. Prevent Your Documents Editable By Others

You can mark as “Final” to create your document file as final version. Therefore, other people will not find the need to edit your document.

Go to the Microsoft Office button and click on Prepare tab and next click on the “Mark as Final” and after that save the file.

6. Save File as PDF and XPS Formats

One more well-liked feature demanded by MS Word users is the feature to save the file as PDF or XPS formats, and many users are very thankful to Microsoft Word 2007 for having finally given them this feature.

7. Enable the Reliability of Documents by Digital Signatures

You can make sure that the document is not altered after its creation by just signing the respective document by means of a digital certificate. You can attach the digital signature to your document by going through Microsoft Office button, and then click on “Prepare”, and then “Add a Digital Signature”.

Hit the OK button within the message box and enter the purpose of signing your file. Click on the “Sign” button.

8. Live Word Count

This feature keeps tracking the total numbers of words in the document while typing. The number of words in the document is shown in bottom left corner.

Remove Traceable Tracks In Firefox Browser With New Private Browsing Feature

Remove Traceable Tracks In Firefox Browser With New Private Browsing Feature

Now days, the hot issue in the Internet world is the privacy, and many people are raising their concerns over privacy matters in the internet. For  example attack on the system, scattering bugs and spyware, losing the personal data and so on. The online activity of the users on the net can be traced back easily by someone else, which is by getting the browsing history information, cache, and cookies etc.

Considering the privacy issues which are getting an increasing attention and focus, most of the browsers are making some excellent improvements in the privacy features. Now the Firefox 3.1 (Beta) is highlighting the feature named as “Private Browsing”, and the Private feature is also introduced in the latest Internet Explorer 8. Privacy is a significant issue which is extremely valued by most of the internet users.

The all new feature named as “Private Browsing” in the forthcoming Firefox version 3.1 is provided with an option to surf the net in more securely. Your online actions will be removed from your computer and they cannot be traced by anyone else. Typically, users usually prefer to remove the information stored in the browser, for example cookies, history etc.

Nevertheless, by removing this stored information, it will have an effect on your browsing practice. For example, you cannot get some sites back that you have visited previously. In the Private Browsing feature, you can choose to eliminate the traces of specific visited websites as well.


You can select for Private Browsing Feature by going to the Tool Menu an hour to make sure that the Firefox doesn’t saves and store any type of information. Before selecting the Private Browsing type you will be prompted by a dialogue box which ask for affirmation to store and shut all of the existing tabs. After the confirmation you can begin the Private Browsing type.

The Non-private browsing mode will be closed after that, and a new private browsing mode will be initiated. You can now choose to browse their internet in a much private manner without leaving any type of tracks that are traceable. You can also revert to the non-private browsing session by going through Tool Menu and retuning the browsing type.

The feature of Private Browsing can be a veiled in the pre-release edition of Firefox 3.1. However, all the versions released after the Firefox 3.1 Beta have this feature now.

Enable Aeroshake Feature To Minimize Unfocused In Windows XP And Vista

Enable Aeroshake Feature To Minimize Unfocused In Windows XP And Vista

Windows 7 has been introduced with the new feature known as AeroShake. Using AeroShake you can minimize all unfocused windows in the background simply by shaking a working window with the mouse gesture. When you shake the window again, all the minimized windows are restored and then reopened original opened state and location.

The Aero Shake function is very useful and can be enabled in Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Just you have to shake back and forth by holding the left click on windows title bar, it automatically minimizes all the opened windows. Repeat the action again; minimized windows will be magically restored to its previous state.

Download Link: –

AeroShake feature is developed and written by bobbo33 in Auto Hotkey code. For reader’s beneficiary, new version of AeroShake 1.4 is compiled by MDL. To get excellent results, you can tweak some configuration options in AeroShake. For example, the option available for distance include calculation of the number which decides a space for mouse to travel and this space is called as “shake”. If you want to move mouse too much, you should reduce this value.

In addition to this, you can customize the title bar height (it is the vertical distance measured from the top of selected window), plus Quick Minimize (sets the animation effect for minimization). All these settings are changed on the configuration file named as AeroShake.ini. The configuration file is accessible via Settings and then right click context menu of an AeroShake icon situated in System Tray.

Add Extra Features To Outlook Using The Taglocity 2.0

Add Extra Features To Outlook Using The Taglocity 2.0

Handing emails can sometimes become very eventful, even to the professionals, especially if they have to take care of many mails in their every day function. An email managing add-in designed for Microsoft Outlook 2003 plus 2007 named as Taglocity 2.0, helps out users for efficiently handling their email.

Taglocity 2.0 offers the most excellent efficient Gmail features into e-mail client, Outlook like conversation threading, enhanced search, tags, attachment handling, automation, new group collaboration and contact centric views.

Taglocity allows users to allocate infinite keyword “tags” for contacts, email, calendar entries and so on. It has an all improved Outlook search functionality which can come very handy while looking up for any particular e-mail.

Moreover, Taglocity 2.0 also delivers one more popular Gmail characteristic to Outlook which is the accurate chat screening. With just single clicks, the emails can be sorted out sequentially. Furthermore, the software allows turning the e-mails into appointments or into specified folders, and you can automatically move message, and assign additional tags.

The free standard Taglocity version is available for free download, whereas you will need to purchase the professional version. The paid version is designed for enterprise customers and it includes extra features. You will need to first create a Taglocity account for free in order to activate the program.

A Stimulating Feature For Win 7 To “Turn-On Or Turn-Off” Programs Easily

A Stimulating Feature For Win 7 To “Turn-On Or Turn-Off” Programs Easily

Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft‘s most recent operating system is available with fully loaded features which were inadequate in it’s former release.

Win 7 is a brilliantly created operating system, it is not only termed as productive with regards to visual precepts, but it also possesses firm administrative features to control various device characteristics considerably.

A stimulating feature available on win7 Operating system is the “turn-on or turn-off” programs option. An Individual is not required to uninstall the programs which are not utilized, but they can just be turned off and turned on again when required.

Few simple steps required to switch the “turn-on or turn-off” feature on Windows 7 are as follows:

  • Select widows start and channelise to “control panel”.
  • Now, select “all control panel items” and then select “programs and features” option.
  • Now, on the top left hand side of the window pane select the option “turn windows features on or off“.
  • Now, a new window will open-up with a list of varied installed programs either to be “turned on or turned off”, an individual can select and carry out the option for preferred programs.
  • Now, select the programs to be turned on and unselect those to be to turned off
  • Finally select on “OK” option to make the changes effective.
  • Excellent the process to turn-on and turn-off is completed.

An individual can get this easy turn off feature while beginning with windows. It will enhance the computer speed, making it more accurate and faster.

Beneficial Feature On Google Talk Chat Messages (Gtalk Auto Reply)

Beneficial Feature On Google Talk Chat Messages (Gtalk Auto Reply)

Individuals can setup an auto reply feature for their Google talk for inbound chat messages using Google mail’s “Auto-Responder”. To set this up, individuals are required to download a utility tool called as “gtalk-auto-reply”.

“Gtalk auto reply” is a freeware which can be used to set a self customized message for all Auto-replies. Just download “Google talk auto reply” utility tool and type in Google talk login information to utilize this feature.

Individuals can create a customized message in the provided space and store it. Once Google talk auto reply is been enabled, it will commence replying the saved message as Auto-Reply to all inbound chat messages.

This is very beneficial when individuals are not available on their desk. The same can be conveyed to their google talk chat messengers as auto reply notification with their customized message within the duration of the time they come back on the messaging line again.