iOS 10 Features that you should know

In less than 2 weeks from now, Apple will show us the iOS 10 at WWDC 2016. The iOS 10 is the next major update for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod. A lot of new features, revamps and updates are expected. Here are the iOS 10 features we can expect.

iOS 10 Features

iOS 10 Features We can expect

  • Siri Will be Smarter and powerful

While Apple has made minor improvements to Siri over the years, it still feels limited compared to Google Now. Now, Apple is working on an SDK for Siri that should make it smarter and powerful. It is also expected to have better HomeKit integration.

iOS 10 Features_3

  • Standalone HomeKit Application

It is rumored that Apple will be launching a standalone HomeKit app with iOS 10. While this has been the focus for quite some time, Apple never got around to making a standalone application. Now, things might change. It will offer a better and easier way to control all your HomeKit enabled devices from one place.

  • Revamped Apple Music

The revamped Apple Music is expected to have a redesigned user interface to make for a better display. It will make extensive use of 3D touch. The ‘For You’ section will have a simplified UI as well as provide lyrics integration.

iOS 10 Features_2

  • Photo App Revamp

With the current photo app being a little too clunky to use and navigate, it is expected to get a revamp with iOS 10. Major updates expected are annotation features like ability to add captions, draw shapes etc. The markup feature which is currently only available in the mail application could be integrated with the Photo app. A couple of pro-editing options are also expected.

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  • Improved iMessages

Apple is expected to make improvements to iMessages to keep up with other popular messaging services such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger.

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  • Control Center Improvement

The control center has not seen much upgrades since its introduction in 2013.  Major updates would include the ability to customize shortcuts as well as add additional shortcuts.

So, that is a few of the updates that are expected in iOS 10. We will bring you more updates and tweaks that you can expect from iOS 10 tomorrow!

iPhone 7 Features You Need to Know

The word on every Apple lover and fan is the upcoming iPhone 7. While there have been a lot of rumors doing the rounds on the internet, here are some of the things that we know would be present on the upcoming iPhone 7. Read more to find out about the iPhone 7 features you need to know.

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iPhone 7 Features You Need to Know

iPhone 7 Features You Need to Know

  • 3GB RAM

It has been rumored that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have 2GB of RAM. The iPhone 7 plus will have 3GB of RAM. With Android devices having 4GB of RAM and sometimes even 6GB, it is not entirely unexpected for Apple to upgrade the RAM capacity on their flagship device

  • 256GB storage

The flagship iPhone 7 should boast of 256GB of storage, upping it from the 128GB of storage on the current iPhone 6 series.

  • Lightning port

Headphone jacks on iPhones are going to be a thing of the past, thanks to a thinner lightning port. A smart connector is also rumored to be exclusive for the 5.5 inch model of the upcoming iPhone.

  • Speakers

The upcoming iPhone 7 will boast of 4 separate speakers, if rumors are to be believed. There is supposed to be 2 speakers on top and 2 at the bottom. All the better for your music requirements.

  • Dual cameras

The iPhone 7 Plus is rumored to be available with dual cameras with improved low-light performance. This would be one of the biggest upgrades on Apple’s flagship device, considering that they patented a dual camera system with one standard wide angle lens recently.

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What do you think of the features that are reportedly available on the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Are you excited for the new iPhone? Let us know in the comments below. Share this exciting news with Apple fans and iPhone lovers to let them know!

Web Servers – Features and Prices

What is a server?

A server is simply a program running on a computer that computes the request of other programs. These requests generally come from a client and that client can use the same computer or connect to the server via the internet from a remote location.

What kinds of servers are there?

There are numerous servers available and each one is defined based on its uses. Servers range from game servers and file servers to proxy servers and web servers with numerous others in between.  Since almost every action on the internet requires the user to interact with some sort of server, you can imagine how important and diverse servers are.

Which server should I need for my website?

When it comes to websites, you will always need some sort of hosting. This ensures that your site is always up and can handle the traffic/queries/ and requests from the visitors. Web servers are used for this service and can be hosted on server computers from anywhere in the world.

You can find free servers and free hosting for your site, but it is recommended that you use a paid server if you plan on having a successful site or if your site has a lot of data or traffic.

Different characteristics of Web servers:

  • Bandwidth – is a bit rate measure of available or consumed data communication resources expressed in bits/second or multiples of it (kilobits/s, megabits/s etc.). This is a measure of data transfer and it is expressed in bits per second (bps). Good bandwidth for a server would be unlimited.
  • Hosting space – this is the amount of room you are allotted for the files stored on the server. You can easily find servers with unlimited hosting space.
  • Email accounts – For servers this is where you can make as many email accounts as you’d like on your server and read them from the Control Panel.
  • Domains – Quite a few servers offer unlimited domains for their users.
  • MySQL databases – MySQL is a relational database management system that helps you manage all of your data for the server (like registered users).
  • CPanel – This is a user interface for the admins and owners of the server so that all of the features of the server can be managed.
  • Uptime – Servers sometimes crash, go offline, or experience other technical issues. This can be a problem when visitors come to visit your site and they are not able to access it. Making sure you have a reliable server is essential.
  • Customer Support – Having a server that comes with 24/7 customer support is very handy as you will sometimes encounter issues and a quick resolution is necessary.
  • Support of a variety of scripting languages (ie php and perl) – This is excellent for programmers and scripters who prefer to use a different scripting language.

Where to get a web server

So you decided you want a server but need to know where to find one, well below is a list of the top sites that offer these services. Also included is the price they charge and some of their features.


Features – Unlimited Space & Bandwidth, Host Unlimited Domains, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, Free Domain, cPanel, Google Adwords credit, Free Site Builders, WordPress, No outsourcing.

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Price – $7 per month, specials at $4


Features – Unlimited disk space and bandwidth, Free site builder, Control panel, Free website templates, 99% uptime guarentee, 24/7 support, Google Adwords credit

Price – $4 per month

Latest Features and Improvements in Windows 7 Beta

Latest Features and Improvements in Windows 7 Beta

There haven’t been any new releases by Microsoft since Windows 7 Beta officially released for general public to free download. However the development and improvements of this operating system are still being conducted. There are working on it to develop and improve features of Windows 7, which is according the feedback of multiple users.

Finally list of improvements and new features has been posted officially.

The senior program manager of Microsoft, Chaitanya Sareen, mentioned 36 amendments on an Official Blog that include Windows 7. The summary of those 36 changes that will be added in windows 7 is given below:



Desktop Experience

  • Windows Flip (Alt + Tab) with Aero Peek 
  • Users can still toggle between current open multiple windows using Alt + Tab keys. However if you want more in-depth window information then Aero Peek will appear.  This will be launched by the time delay of your pressing keys through open windows.

  • Windows Logo + “#” Keyboard Shortcut 
  • Users can use Windows logo + “#” (where “#” refers to an item’s sequence in quick launch) keys in order to switch or launch programs that are currently showing in quick launch, taskbar.

    For example, if you need new instance of any open tab such as for IE, just press SHIFT key + Windows Logo + “#”.  You can jump to list of any program by pressing Alt key + windows Logo + “#”.  You can go back to any last active window of a specific program by pressing Ctrl + Windows Logo + “#”.

    Check out all Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts.

  • Needy State 
  • In order to get the 7 flashes in your Windows 7, users initially need to change flashing animation curve then use bolder orange color. Finally you can double the frequency of flashes which is already set at three.

  • Taskbar “Open With” 
  • By pressing and holding SHIFT key drop the selected file on desired program.

  • Taskbar Scaling 
  • Users can squeeze or compact items in 24-39% before taskbar scrolls. However it is depends on resolution, default notification area, and icon size.

  • Newly Installed Programs 
  • All newly installed programs will be surfaced at bottom of the start menu automatically. Users can easily access to them and drag them to the taskbar for quick access.

  • Anchoring Taskbar Thumbnails 
  • This update will display users more clear and hot-track effect, when mouse will be over any thumbnail.

  • Jump List Length 
  • Currently jump list shows only 10 items automatically. With this update users can easily customize jump list settings.

  • Enhanced Pining Flexibility with Jump list 
  • Users will be able to pin programs to jump list easily. This update will increase flexibility of jump list.

  • Desktop icon and gadget View Options 
  • This update will allow users to hide their icons or gadgets separately, by having independent control.


  • Aero Peek for Touch 
  • The show desktop button is improved and allows users to peek at desktop easily. Now with taskbar’s thumbnails support touch option, you can drag finger across the UI and launch Aero Peek.

  • Multi-Touch touch keyboard 
  • Multi-touch feature allows users to have realistic experience of pressing multiple keys on the touch keyboard.

  • Multi-Touch right click 
  • Now users can simply touch any item using one finger, and tap on the context menu with another finger.

  • Drag/Drop selection 
  • Now users can easily drag and drop selected items with touch. This optimized feature is developed for two common actions – Dragging left to right and scrolling up-down.


  • Feedback of Internet access 
  • Latest overlay icon is displayed when local connection is available without internet access.
  • Control Panel – User Account Control

  • There is prompt on every modification made to UAC control panel before implementing.
  • Locking a machine without any screensaver.
  • Faster and quick access to High Performance Power Plan
  • Custom Theme Improvement 
  • Windows Media Player 

  • Improved Internet Radio Playback
  • Improved Playback support for video data from digital cameras and camcorders
  • Clearer Playing View
  • Filtering feature which does not allow content that cannot be played
  • Resume from Sleep
  • Quieting windows Media Player Synchronization relationship
  • Quick access to advanced Settings option
  • Media player jump list improvements 
  • Device Stage 

  • Improving device Stage environment 
  • Sound UX

  • Improving headphone experience
  • Enhanced Audio reliability 
  • Windows Explorer and Libraries 

  • Advanced Header
  • Lesser confusion in Drag/drop
  • Enriching familiar entry points
  • FAT32 supported Libraries
  • Arrangement View enhancement
  • Performance

  • Data oriented performance enhancement

Panasonic Lumix Phone Availability, Price, Review, Features

Panasonic has brought out the Lumix, their initial venture, in succession to its line of cameras. Speaking about the connection with cameras is a hint to depict the 13.2 mega pixel CMOS sensor camera and a 3.3″ VGA LCD. It bears almost the same weight as the iPhone, but double its thickness at 17.7mm. Characterizing a mobile version of Panasonic’s Venus Engine image chip, you can consider it a neat competitor to Nokia’s N8.

It was released on Oct 5th at the CEATEC 2010, electronics show in Japan, and probably may be restricted to Japan only. But as nothing is finalized as yet, it should not be an obstacle for people eagerly awaiting its release, to possess one of the top ranked MP cameras with a digital zoom obtained on any mobile cell phones. It has some regular features inclusive of Wi-Fi. Nowhere has mention been made about its video recording capacity, so it is ideal to wait and watch!

Panasonic is cleverly trying to capture the people’s interest by releasing a site, but withholding most of the details. The phone does weigh a little more, but that’s the trick of the trade. It has not disclosed any secrets of the form factor of the phone, a look alike of the Lumix camera. You can see a lot of questions directed towards a clam shell shape, the answers to which was revealed only on 5th Oct, with the official release of the device!

The interesting news is that this device appears to be a camera with a built-in cell phone, instead of the reverse. It also facilitates uploading pictures to Flickr and many other services as well as geo tag your photos instantly. The best part is that you would never forget to charge it each night, considering it a cell phone. You can notice new strategies, where electronic companies have made it customary to introduce new phones in the name of their already well known TV or cameras.

Just as Sony [Bravia] and Sharp [Aquos] have named their phones after their products, likewise, Panasonic gave their name Viera the brand name of its flat panel TV, to some of their advanced technology phones. Although it will initially be restricted to Japan only, Panasonic will gradually reach the European and US markets. It is largely depending on the promise of their Jump Picture Technology, for easily squirting shots to your near and dear ones!

How Can I Improve, Enhance, Make Better Browsing Experience With Internet Explorer

Tweak Internet Explorer to Enhance Speed

Most Internet Explorer (IE) users complain about its slow speed, and how much time it takes to start up, and load web pages. However, a few tweaks will ensure that your IE experience becomes twice as fast. This article will tell you how to carry out these minor modifications – all you have to do is follow the steps listed out below.

IE Tweak 1

  1. Launch Internet Explorer, and select the option Tools -> Internet Options.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Settings field, scroll down to the heading called Multimedia. There, you have to clear the check-boxes next to the following options (as per your preference):
    1. Play animations in webpages
    2. Play sounds in webpages
    3. Show pictures
  4. Click on Apply, and then OK.

However, the problem with this tweak is that it will greatly restrict your internet experience – all at the cost of speed. This might not be an attractive option to many.

IE Tweak 2

  1. Again, open the Internet Options dialog.
  2. Select the Content tab.
  3. Under the AutoComplete section, click on the tab that says Settings.
  4. Clear the check-boxes next to the Forms and User names and password on forms options.
  5. Click on OK.
  6. Click on OK at the Internet Options dialog.

IE Tweak 3

  1. Open the Internet Options dialog, and select the Security tab.
  2. Under the Security level for this zone section, click on the tab that says – Custom Level…
  3. In the list that you see, select the Disable option for any (or all) of the following:
    1. ActiveX controls and plugins
    2. Java
    3. Scripting
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Click on OK in the Internet Options dialog.

This tweak too, like Tweak 1 above, will greatly limit your internet browsing experience and you might not like it. However, if you want speed at all costs, it might be worth it.

How To Test Cross Browser Compatibility Online Freely

With so many browsers fighting to gain superiority, developing websites has become a tough task for web designers. A developer has to keep a lot of things in mind while developing a website, one of the most important concern being cross-browser compatibility.

It is very important, as a developer for you to know, what the website you are developing will look like in different browsers, as each browser does not render the same effect for the underlying code, and there will be slight changes. The same can be said about different operating systems.

To make the life of a web developer easier, there are a few websites that provide with a facility to check how the designs will appear to customers and visitors when viewed on different browsers running on a combination of different Operating Systems.

Some of the best sites for Cross-browser testing are :

1> Browser Lab from Adobe :

This is a new service rolled out from Adobe and is yet to be tested by the developer community. A lot more testing has to be done before saying anything about it.

With the Browser Labs, a developer can see what the pages / website looks like in real time, has the option to customize the test settings and the best part is integration of Dreamweaver CS4 , which lets the developer view different state of interactive pages, all in real time.

The current list of supported Browsers and OS are:

* Firefox 2.X and 3.X (Windows XP and Mac OS X)
* Internet Explorer 6.X and 7.X (Windows XP)
* Safari 3.X (Mac OS X)

2> BrowserShots : (My favorite 🙂 )

Test Cross Browser Features Online Free Firefox Internet Explorer Google Chrome Safari

One of the best, and freely available service in the cross-browser testing industry with a wide range of browsers and operating systems to select from.

It takes a little while before all the screenshots are generated and you also have an option to download the screenshots on to your system. If you do not download the screenshots within 30 mins after running the query, they’ll be deleted automatically.

3> Cross Browser Testing :  Another decent service, but has limitations while using the free service as they give complete access to paid customers. If none of the above two solutions work for you, then you should make use of the free service by Cross Browser Testing.

Each free session lasts 5 mins, and if you want to run longer sessions then you have an option to upgrade to be their paid customer, where in you’ll be given a lot of priority and the sessions will last however long you want them to.