Combine Multiple Feedburner Feeds Into One Feed Using Google Reader

This trick is helpful for those who have:

  • Many blogs on the same domain (either in sub-domains or sub-folders) and want to offer a single feed for the complete website, and / or
  • Many blogs on different domains and want to offer one single aggregated feed

Feedburner does not allow you to combine multiple feeds into one, however, you can achieve the same with the help of various other external services.

I recommend you to do a thorough research before you decide which third party service you use. It’s very important to chose a stable service provider, as a wrong one can cost you your complete subscribers list.

After some research, I came across this post at and Amit’s solution to mix multiple Feedburner feeds.

Which service is best when it comes to Merging multiple FeedBurner feeds ?

If you quickly go through the services list in the ToThePC list, you’ll realize that some of the services don’t exist anymore. It can be a nightmare if you’ve built your business around them.

Amit explains how you can leverage Yahoo Pipes to combine the feeds. Though Yahoo! is a trustworthy brand, a brief look at Yahoo’s history, reveals a long list of closed / defunct services, and hence Google is my safest bet.

How to use Google reader to merge more than one Feedburner feeds and create a single feed:

  • Login to your Google reader account (you may want to create a separate Google account specific for this purpose, as the aggregated feed will display the ‘Name’ of Google Account being used for the purpose. This is an optional step).
  • Add the Feeds (those which you want to merge) through ‘Add a subscription‘  button situated at left top corner.
  • Once you’ve added all Feeds you want to merge click on ‘Manage subscriptions‘ at left bottom corner.
  • You’ll see all all your Feeds listed here. Click on ‘Add to a folder…‘ drop down menu next to each feed and select one common folder where all the Feeds you want to merge will be grouped (You’ll have to create a new folder the first time you are doing this).Note: Ensure all feeds are rightly placed in the same folder.
  • To verify if a ‘Folder’ is created, click on ‘Back to Google Reader‘ and you’ll see a new folder in the left hand side bar. Go back to ‘Manage Subscriptions’ and click on ‘Folders and Tags’ tab.
  • Next to the folder you created, you’ll have an option to make it public. Click on the feed image to make it public.
  • You can ‘Rename‘ the feed with the Rename link.
  • Click on ‘view public page‘ link which gets activated. The public page will open in a new window. In the right hand side of the public page you’ll find ‘Atom feed’.
  • Burn this atom feed in Feedburner and you have your merged  FeedBurner feed ready.

Can I add more feeds or remove any of the existing individual feeds ?

  • If you add a new feed to the ‘Folder’ where other feeds are, it automatically gets merged into the existing merged-feed.
  • If you remove a feed from the ‘Folder’ then the particular feed is removed from the merged-feed automatically.

Let me know what if you use any service – free or paid – to merge your feeds.

Make the FeedBurner Socialize Posting Tweets To Twitters

Make the FeedBurner Socialize Posting Tweets To Twitters

A free web based management service called Socialize is a feature from FeedBurner’s that helps in organizing a group of participants to post and distribute updates from a blog and contents to Twitter account, and it is also used to eliminate third-party service as TweeterFeed to display the contents of the feed such as comments on Twitter and posting on the blogs.

Once a FeedBurner user subscribes the Socialize Service and activates it under the Publicize tab by adding and connecting to the Twitter account, any new contents such as comments or pages, and posts are delivered through Atom feed. RSS to FeedBurner will be tweeted on Twitter automatically as a new tweet updates.

However, sometimes, Socialize application does not work or fails to post tweets on Twitter without any specific reason. In other words, the Socialize feature by FeedBurner does not work and stops posting tweet updates on Twitter account despite the latest contents of feed have been refreshed and updated daily.

There is no solution from Google that has been provided so far for the Bloggers or Webmasters who have faced the error message, ‘Socialize not tweeting to Twitter on new feeds‘. The worse thing faced by the users is unable to delete or change their Twitter accounts which are activated using FeedBurner.

For users who encounter with the error message, ‘FeedBurner not posting to Twitter‘, should workaround or try the following to find out the solution for this issue by deactivating the Twitter

Integration and re-activate the Twitter posting:

Login to the Twitter account->Go to Settings->Connections.

Click on the “Revoke Access” link under the Google with description of “Google/Twitter Integration” to eliminate the linkage and grant the access to FeedBurner.

Brief Introduction Of The Useful WordPress Plug-Ins

Brief Introduction Of The Useful WordPress Plug-Ins

WordPress is an award winning, powerful and used widely in blog publishing as an open source. Many Web developers, designers and bloggers are now familiar with WordPress applications. The WordPress is one of the useful tools that provide simplicity for various activities in Blogging. Fully loaded plug-in features architecture in WordPress helps the developers and bloggers to improve and boost the base functions.

Below mentioned are some popular plug-ins that you can utilize while using this blog publishing tool for the first time:


For security purpose the powerful spam filter tool named as Akismet is provided, and it efficiently blocks the overflowing spam. The spam TrackBack pings and the spam links from the blog comments are filtered by this tool. It has the ability to verify these pings and comments next to the Akismet web service to confirm about the spam reality of comments. It is highly recommended to add Akismet to your WordPress so that you can stay away from those irritating spam, and most importantly you can save your time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The very useful tool called Google XML Sitemaps Generator is used to generate an acquiescent of Google sitemaps XML – sitemap of your blog in WordPress. When you add the comment or post, the sitemap will be automatically updated. As a result all sitemap protocol supporting search engines for example Google, MSN,, Yahoo etc will be informed on scheduled update. Your blog will be optimized in search engines by using this plug-in and hence your post will be indexed effectively.


You keep track of your blog activities by using different tools. For example, the tool Popularity Contest helps you to check and monitor, with which you can know which one of your posts is the most well-liked, most often viewed, etc. All you have to do is download the Popularity Contest.

One more tool FeedBurner FeedSmith helps you to control RSS feeds, and you can also keep track of your subscriber base. This is one of the most recommended plug-ins. With this, you will be able to identify every method to provide your feeds.  Furthermore, it redirects them toward your FeedBurner feed, thus you can keep in track all probable subscriber.

Reader Interaction:

To make your blog extra interactive and exciting, bloggers can endeavor a few of these plug-ins in the WordPress. For example, you can conduct reader review, polls and quiz. Presently there is countless plug-ins which allows of the bloggers performing all the activities mentioned above. Additionally, you may attempt these: survey WordPress plug-in, polling WordPress plug-in and quizzin WordPress plug-in.

To promote readers in a direction to put forward their comments and share the ideas, you may try some more plug-in in the WordPress. The Show Top Commentators plug-in can be used to show names and the number of top participants and also shows their comments. This will recognize their endeavor in order to persuade more feedback from other readers.


For security reasons, it is very important to save the backup of the central database, so as not act from any data missing and data files getting corrupted. To save backup of the database, you could use the WP Database Backup. It is a dependable backup application and will make sure that you if you have perfect backup plan in if in case things go out of hand.


The most essential WordPress plug-in named as Global Translator the plugin, which you can’t afford to discount if you wish to globalize your Blogs. This Global Translator plug-in provides the translations into different languages for example French, Chinese, German, Italian, plus Arabic, along with others.

Publishing Tools:

There are lots of publishing applications, with which you can make you publishing work greatly easier in the WordPress. It is recommended to use EasyTube while adding videos into your blog. EasyTube permits the WordPress users to embed YouTube and Google Videos easily along with a simple tag. All you have to need is placed a preview image of the YouTube videos embedded within your RSS feed connected to that video.

In order to provide trouble-free navigation, make use of the plug-in named as Evermore. This plug-in will reduce the size of very post automatically when all the posts shown on top of a multiple-post page, for instance the central page of blog.

It results in placing <!–more–> important ones to the first section of each post. All tags regarding to HTML and formatting are conserved in the shortened post.

There are a few thousand plugins for WordPress. What we have discussed is just a small portion. These plugins are pretty useful, especially for those new kids who are just venturing into Blogging.

How To Find The Actual / Real Feedburner Subscriber Count Of A Blog

Feedcount is one of the ways of analyzing how popular, a blog or a site is. You can get a free account from and use the tools within to analyze various statistics related to your feed subscribers, from which articles they read / prefer reading to what tools they use to subscribe to your blog – whether through emails or if they use any other feed subscribe services.

Feedburner also gives you tools, to show to the world, the number of visitors who have subscribed to your blog. This Feedcount can also act as a bench mark to advertisers, as advertisers can analyze how popular the site is, depending on the number of subscribers.

But, some bloggers, outrageously lie about their feed count and showcase wrong numbers. This is very easy to implement if you know basic HTML editing. This post will whip all those, unethical bloggers as you can find out the acutal subscriber count using this technique.

First get the feed URL of the blog or site. The feed URL will look like:

Now add ~fc/ to the above URL after .com, so the URL becomes something like :

This will show you the real RSS subscriber count for any blog.

However, this will be available only if the author of the blog has enabled the chicklet display service if not you’ll get a message saying :

FeedCount is not enabled for that feed
Error 403

Why is Feedburner Subscriber Count Important ? How Can I Increase My Feedburner Subscriber Count? Does Blog Design Play An Important Role In Subscriber Count ?

Why does anyone care about Feedburner Subscriber Count ?
For some bloggers, it is a way to ‘show off’ their authority and let others (competitors mostly 😉 ) in the blogosphere know how many readers like/liked their blog. For some, it’s another way of generating traffic, repeat visitors are very valuable!

How Long Does It Take For Me To Get 50 – 100 subscribers to my Feedburner ?
Frankly, this depends on your capabilities and how dedicatedly you blog. If you write great content and if you do it often, readers will be interested to read more articles from you and will subscribe, done by habit.
It also widely depends on your target audience and niche you deal in. If the niche you are dealing in has a lot of audience, then expect more subscribers.

I’ve seen a lot of feedburner subscriber count contest ? How do bloggers manage to get so many subscribers so quick ! ?
There are a few bloggers who have built their reputation in the industry over a period of time and it is easy for such bloggers to win such contests as they have hoards of traffic coming in.

Some bloggers take time and request fellow bloggers and friends to spread the word, use different marketing tactics like giving away a surprise gift to new subscribers during the contest period and such, and try and win the contests.

But there are a few smart souls who know how to fake their feedburner subscriber count.

For those who believe in hard work and taking the real route, read this article to learn how to attract more rss subscribers for real.

Does A Blogs’ Design Really Play An Important Role In Getting Me More Subscribers ?

One important aspect what bloggers seldom forget is that their blogs’ design plays an important role in getting them more subscribers. You need to strategically place your RSS subscription form/Feed button in the right place where it gets maximum exposure, ‘the profitable triangle’ in marketing terms. When they don’t find ‘IT’ how do you expect them to subscribe? Now this doesn’t mean that throw it right at your readers face, that’s the reason I mentioned Strategically Placed !

Most new bloggers want to make money right from the word go. But season bloggers first build a strong base of readers and then monetize their blogs. And building RSS readership should be high on ‘The must do’ list of any blogger who dreams to grow big.

If you are a new blogger and do not have a professional design for your blog yet, Mayank of Blog Design Studio is running a blog design contest, where you have a chance to win yourself a custom design by Mayank and team. Earlier I mentioned how bloggers try to spread the word across, and you can see Mayank has organized for some amazing prizes by Daily Blog Tips and Blogging Tips as well.

PS : I hope to win this contest, my blog badly needs a makeover 😀 … (Mayank if you are reading 😉 .. )