Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

It is widely accepted that the PDF is a best format which can be used to distribute and display documents. The PDF file format keeps the originality and quality of the documents so that it is now been used by lots of people. Today, you’ll find plenty of professional manuals, tutorials, papers; ebooks and etc over the internet in the PDF format. You could easily download these files and read them with appropriate viewer program like Adobe reader.

However, sometimes you may have face problems while copying or printing texts which are in the PDF document. The downloaded PDF files may prevent you from doing so. Now, here is a simple trick which could help you to unlock the restricted PDF file. Mostly, the original author of each PDF file tends to encrypt and impose the file along with some restrictions which is responsible to prevent you from editing, modifying, printing, copying and etc.

You’ll find couple of standard encryption techniques which are also treated as security measures for the PDF file formats. If you are PDF owner then you could select to secure your PDF file by simply applying “owner password” or “user password”. When you protect your own PDF file with password then no one can modify the protected PDF file even you could prevent it from opening. If you would like to just impose some of the restrictions such as disable copying, printing, editing of text content, you could simply place an owner password for it. By doing so, you could also disable modifications for the graphics.

The PDF files protected by the ‘owner’ as well as ‘user’ passwords are quite difficult to crack and you could use force open for these files. However, if you are still stuck with such problem then there are lots of useful applications which can help you out of this problem. Mostly, in such situations the PDF unlocker shareware is the best solution. PDF Unlocker is very useful and absolutely free tool with which you could crack the PDF file which are password protected.

After installing this tool on you system, a small icon of PDF Unlocker will be created on the desktop. What you exactly have to do is, only drag the password protected PDF file to the icon of PDF Unlocker. Immediately the software application proficiently decrypts the password of the owner and removes all the restrictions imposed. After that, you will get the new unrestricted copy of the PDF file. You will then modify, copy, print and etc without even recognizing the password.

You will find unlocking of the restriction that imposed by the ‘user’ password quite tricky. If you would like to remove the password of user of the PDF file, you just have to right click once on the link “Remove PDF Password” and then select “Edit”. Now, you have to use the actual open password of the file straightly next to the prefix ‘-sPDFPassword=’, use it without quotes. Finally close and save the password removed PDF file. This PDF Unlocker tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download PDF Unlocker

Use Freeraser To Easily Shred And Erase All Your Confidential Files Permanently

Use Freeraser To Easily Shred And Erase All Your Confidential Files Permanently

Basically, when you delete any files or folders from you computer, they gets transferred into recycle bin temporarily. To remove them from recycle bin, you have to select option such as “remove files immediately when deleted” or you have to use the “Shift-Del” key combination. You get relaxed after removing all of your sensitive data when you make your recycle bin totally empty. You are WRONG! When you clear your recycle bin wholly then doesn’t means that the data is removed permanently. Temporarily, the system moves all the files and tends to place them into the hidden folder and after that it renames all the files.

All such files and folders are stored into the hidden index file named as INFO2. These files obviously could not be recovered by the Windows OS still the contents remains in the hard drive. Only, they can be completely removed when the particular part of the disk space occupied by then gets overwritten with some other files. If you need to delete some of the highly personal and confidential files, it will be better to use one of the safe deletion programs like Freeraser. Freeraser application removes files completely fro your computer system.

This tool is quite different from other deletion tools. Freeraser is absolutely free to use and you select either for portable/standalone or standard installation. If you use some f the portable devices such as a pen drive frequently to transfer your confidential data, then you could select to install a free program it. By this, you could get plus-point of this tool to delete the data permanently.

This is a great “Shredder” application which executes many data overwriting processes with your files previous to removing them from your system. Due to this, your confidential and sensitive data gets disappeared and shredded entirely. It will prompt you to select the installation mode during the installation process. You could choose Standard or Portable installation mode.

After completing the installation process, a trash bin will be located on the desktop for temporary use. You could easily adjust and resize the transparency according to your own preference. To do so, just right click and open the shortcut menu.

Simply, by dragging and dropping the particular file into trash bin will result into the deletion of that file. A warning notice will be prompted in which you have to confirm and then your data will be deleted permanently.

 After placing the specific file in the trash bin, the specific data file will be removed permanently. Freeraser gives three demolition styles with which you could select your preferred way for removal process.

• A quick destruction (normal 1-round filling of casual information)
• A forced removal (standard DoD 5220.22M of 3 rounds filling)
• An eventual destruction (Guttman algorithm is used for 35 rounds of filling data).

Depending upon the confidentiality and sensitivity of the particular data, you are totally free to choose your preferred destruction style.

Download Free Image Format Converter To Convert Image File Formats

Download Free Image Format Converter To Convert Image File Formats

An image converter is one of the useful tools with which you could convert any of the image file to several image file format. Now, here is the new tool named as Image Format Converter which could be greatly used to convert one image file format to multiple popular image file format. The advanced algorithm functioning has been used to develop this application. Image Format Converter has insightful GUI. The popular image file formats such as gif, bmp, jpg and also bmp, tiff, icon, png, gif, jpg, psd have been supported by this tool.
In addition, you will find most of the useful image editing features in it such as blur, rotate, lighten, sharpen, darken, resize, move, set transparency, merge, use special effects and use a picture-frame or filter on any image.

Following is a list of main features of Image Format Converter:
• Able to convert an image to any format with a single click only
• Offers the facility to change image characteristics like brightness, quality, color, contrast and more
• Includes the feature to resize image on scale or using the custom size
• Feature to rotate images.
• Works well with all windows based OS and supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows
• Saves time with easy and fast conversion feature
Standalone tool and no other tool is needed to carry out the process
Absolutely free to use

Download Image Format Converter

Easily Synchronize Files With FileMyster Freeware

Easily Synchronize Files With FileMyster Freeware

Normally, we tend to try the copy and paste work to synchronize the files in between two PCs. However, this task is one of the much tedious tasks. Now, here is the helpful administration tool namely FileMyster which makes this job done easily. FileMyster is a freeware with which you could manually or automatically synchronize all data between two folders or two computers. This administration tool supports media files such as movies, music files and other documents.

 You will find the following features in the FileMyster administration tool.
• Capability to synchronizes all new files
• Offers two way or one way synchronization process
• Contain exactly similar files with half mirror (destination only) and full mirror (source/destination)
• You could specify the file type which has to be exclude or include in the sync process
• You could schedule the synchronizations monthly, weekly or daily according to your own preference
• Saves deleted or overwritten files automatically after the configuration
• Displays the log having full details of each synchronization
• You will be able to configure every slot individually with infinite slots.
• Active Directory Accounts has been integrated with Auto-synchronization service
FileMyster is very useful application and it works well on Windows Server 2003, XP, Server 2008, Vista and 7.

Use the following two links to download FileMyster.


FileMyster (Portable Version)

Securely Hide the Pictures and Video Files in Your Computer

Securely Hide the Pictures and Video Files in Your Computer

Securing video and pictures file in your computer is not really a difficult task to do. If you use windows operating system, then there is by default feature for protecting your video and picture files, in order to prevent others from accessing them. However, that feature is not really trustable and does not secure your personal files completely.

In widows you can secure your files using hide folders option. However, this is not entirely designed to encrypt your personal data and secure it from other people’s reach.
One can easily bypass these settings and get access to your personal folders that you had previously hidden. Therefore, you’ll need to get third party utility tools that help you to secure your personal details, which is with password protection. It means using third party utility tools you can protect and hide your personal files and folders.


1. Through this tool you can encrypt your personal files in a secure way
2. It is very user friendly. You just install it and start using
3. It is completely free, there is no need to spend single penny

Cryptainer PE Encryption

1. This tool uses 448bits blowfish encryption to protect and secure your data
2. It has customizable and powerful file shredder
3. Even you can encrypt your emails with this tool

Program Lock

1. It is more powerful tool. In this you can secure your chat services, clients MSN messenger
2. You can secure multiple files at a time
3. This is completely free to try.

Download AxCrypt , Cryptainer PE Encryption or Program Lock to hide your personal data on your system.


Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

It is not really difficult to convert your file into PDF format file. However, extracting the images from PDF file is a different thing altogether, and requires different procedure to extract.

Your search for finding ways for the extraction of images from PDF file should end here. Following these simple steps you can extract images and save it on your computer in different formats. You get to choose what kind of image formats you want to save on your computer.


1. Open PDF file – Click on the open file option to browse PDF file to extract images

2. Now you need to define output selection – You can choose best suited output option from the left panel. In simple words, you need to

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select the format of your extracting images. Output directory is that place where your extracted images will be saved

3. Now just hit the start covert button to extract images from the PDF file.

4. Once you complete this process your all favorite images will be extracted in your defined folder

With these are simple steps, people can get their favorite images from PDF file instantly and according to their required format like JPEG, TIFF, TGA, PBM, and GIF. Image extraction is not really a complicated task. Most of the operating system supports this procedure, so you do not need to worry about installing 3rd party tools in your computer to get instant images from PDF format file.

Download PDF Image Extract v 1.5

Steps to extract ISO files

Steps to extract ISO files

ISO file is a type of image file which has to be burned on DVD/CD in order to access those files. Whenever you download ISO files or any file having extension .iso, you must understand that you have downloaded a file meant for burning.

However there are many tools available in the market to open or extract ISO file without burning it. Nevertheless most useful tools are MagicISO and WinRAR. You can use any one of them to open your ISO files.

Let’s understand how to extract files using WinRAR tool

Mostly this tool is being used in extracting RAR, TAR, and ZIP archives. However you can extract ISO files also by following these simple steps:

• If you As written, the plans stop gambling online companies from offering sports bets and random number generator (RNG) games on the internet, departing just live casino games and poker competitions open to non-OPAP companies. have already installed WinRAR then open it on your computer.
• Go to Options> Settings> Integration
Tick the box next to the ISO option.

• Click on OK” button to implement changes.
• You have completed the process.

Now you just right click on ISO file and choose “Extract here” option from drop down list.

Open ISO extension files Using MagicISO

This tool opens many archive files. This one is totally handy and easy to use.

• Launch MagicISO.
Browse to choose the ISO file to open.

• Now select the specific location to store extracted files.
• Click on extract button and save extracted files in specified location.

Download Winrar, MagicIso


Mapping the Drive Letter for the Most Used Folders in Windows

Mapping the Drive Letter for the Most Used Folders in Windows

It is very irritating to always go to the frequently accessed folder which is situated deeply inside the hierarchy of various folders. Additionally, searching any folder which is placed deeply inside the ladder of folder structure is a very time consuming job.

Therefore, instead of clicking the folders one after another, you can simply make shortcuts in your desktop to get direct access. On the other hand you can assign letter to folder, so that you will be able to access that folder directly from drive letter. 

General perception of people about drive letter is that mapping drive letter is used for getting folders from other computer by making drive letter. However you will be amazed to know that you can map drive for folder which is located in your computer.

There are 2 basic methods available to create map drive letter for folder:

Through subst utility

Virtual subst utility allows people to create map virtual drive to frequently access folders instantly.


The process is very easy to follow:

  • Select drive letter as you give priority
  • Now click on the magnifier glass to browse for folder
  • You can make that choice if you want that folder to be mapped every time when your computer restarts. If you want it then tick ‘Apply virtual drives on Windows startup’
  • Click on the plus shaped icon (+) option to add ands save drive mapping
  • Click on a cross shaped icon (x) option to delete drive mapping
  • If you want to change drive letter for existing drive mapping, click  virtual drive and select from the list


You can download this utility from the internet on your computer.

Through command line

It is another method in which you just have to use command prompt to map drive letter

  • Start command prompt in your computer
  • §         Subst [drive letter] [folder path] is the syntax of mapping drive for example if you are mapping the G drive for C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My documents\ my music drive, then you have to give syntax subst G: “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My music”
  • §         To create list for all drive letters type subst and press enter
  • Subst [drive letter] is the syntax to delete drive mapping

Extract and Save Images From Power Point Files Easily

Extracting and Saving Images from Power Point Files is no more Complex Task

Some people didn’t find difficulties when extracting pictures from PowerPoint files. If anyone would like to save specific pictures from power point slides then he/she has to follow complex process to save it. However now there is no need to follow that complex process. It takes to much time to extract images from power point files. Here you will get tips to explore and save your favorite files from power point files easily.

  • There is a key on the keyboard “PrintScreen”. Once you press that key your favorite image or picture will automatically save on your desktop. 

If you want to extract a lot of pictures then this process will be a headache for you. Pressing again and again PrintScreen button consumes much of your time and effort. Even quality of images will be low because in this time consuming process.

Extract and save images using HTML exporting option:

  • Run your power point slides on the screen
  • Navigate to File>Save As to save file as a web page(*.htm,*.html)
  • Now locate that folder where you saved your favorite images in HTML format.
  • Here you can get your images and pictures
  • Finally you have completed the task of exporting images from power point files. 

These two ways of exporting HTML files from PowerPoint files in order to enable the user to get their images quickly. All you need to do is just follow these simple steps to extract and save images in your preferred location.

Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Having unused files and programs in your computer slows down the computer speed. Normally, we download various software and programs frequently and use them only one time, or for a couple of times.

However we might forget to delete them after completing our job and the programs remain in our computer. Similarly those music files, videos, image files that are not being used by us frequently, consume hard disk space and memory resources as well.

In layman language these files and data are just like system garbage that affects computer performance in the negative way. Therefore, we must try to keep our computer clean and free from unused application and files.


We can use CCleaner in order to clean our computer and to keep it free from unused files and data.  This is a freeware tool that optimizes our computer performance by deleting unused and unnecessary files. In other words, we can call it computer performance optimizing tool that frees up our disk space.

Key features of CCleaner tool

  • User friendly interface to operate.
  • Easily removes unwanted files and data from computer
  • Clean up entire computer and free up disk space
  • Compatible with windows XP, 2000, Vista and windows 7.
  • It cleans registry files from the computer.