How To Avoid Deleting files Instead Of Actual Programs

When you install programs, no matter how large of a program they are, they will always create multiple files on your computer for the program data. These extra folders and files will take up a bit of space and if you think of how many programs you have on your computer already (games, browsers, Microsoft Office, picture editors, etc. etc.) you’ll realize that there are a lot of random program files floating about.

For most people, when they want to get rid of a certain program, they simply right click and select delete. This however, does not completely remove all of the little files and your computer will be left cluttered up with useless junk that you’ve attempted to delete.

So, when you want to remove a program it is essential to do it properly. Right clicking and deleting it will not work so let’s look at a few proper ways to completely remove your program and all of the files.

  1. One way to completely remove all of the program files upon deletion is to open up the actual program itself. Many will have an ‘Uninstall’ feature somewhere on their interface so that should be the first thing you should look for. If that is not there or if you can’t seem to find it then continue to the next steps.
  2. When the program itself doesn’t show an uninstall feature then you need to go work around that. First, go to your ‘Start Menu’, and then click on ‘Control Panel’. From there you’ll see several options but the one you want today is titled ‘Programs’ so click on it. Then click on ‘Uninstall a Program’.
  3. When you click on that you will see a list generated of all of the programs installed on your computer currently. This is exceptionally useful because you can sort the programs by date of last use, frequency of use, name, and more. When you sort it by frequency of use you can then see the programs that are not being used on your computer at all, and remove them. Generally if you haven’t used them in about a year you probably won’t use them in the future. If they are a paid program, you might want to reconsider deleting, but if you have the installation CD then you can safely remove that useless clutter without worry.

    So to remove it you simply find the program you want, right click it, and then select ‘Uninstall/Change’. Follow the installation prompts and poof! It will disappear from your computer completely!

You need to be sure you completely remove all of the program files when you are removing a program else you will end up with a lot of clutter that will only bog your computer down and hinder its performance. Performing these simple steps upon uninstallation of a program will ensure that you are minimizing the clutter on your computer and effectively removing all of the programs.

Recovering Hidden Files From A USB By Removing Virus

USB’s hold a plethora of important information and are used to transport data from one computer to another. Oftentimes users will run into situations with their USB’s and the retrieval of the information inside. There are numerous issues that can disrupt the viewing and retrieval of data from a USB, but today we will discuss how to recover hidden files from the USB pen drive.

First off, a virus is probably the cause of all your grief. To test this, run your antivirus and perform a Full Scan (most of them are on Quick Scan by default). If there were any viruses located on your USB then you have discovered the culprit and you need to remove it before you can continue. If your current antivirus is not able to remove it try downloading AutorunExterminator. This is a free software that will check all of your drives and look for a certain file called ‘autorun.inf’. This certain file will then be deleted if it is detected.

Now you can proceed with recovering your hidden files.

Solution 1

  • Now, go to your command prompt. Click ‘Start‘, then ‘Run‘, then type ‘cmd‘ and press enter.
  • Once you are there, type in this command in and press enter : attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.* (Note, G should be your pen drive letter, if it isn’t then replace it with the correct letter before running this command)
  • Go to your USB pen drive and check for the files.

The above solution works in most cases. In case you still have problems, try the following solution:

Solution 2

  • Go to your USB drive (this is usually G).
  • Click on ‘Organize‘ then scroll down and click on ‘Folder and Search options‘.
  • Click on the ‘View‘ tab and in the advanced settings you should see ‘Hidden files and folders‘. Under that heading there will be two options. First is to not show the hidden files, you want to click on the second option ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives‘.
  • Once you’ve got that selected, hit ‘Apply‘, then ‘OK‘. Go back to your drive and you should see your files in your USB drive

Solution 3

  • Go to your USB drive and open it.
  • At the top there will be a menu bar for you to ‘Search Removable Disk (G:)‘ (note if your disk drive is different than G it will have a different letter in this place.”
  • In that menu bar for you to search your drive, type in an asterisk (*) and hit enter. You should then see all the files in your drive even if they are hidden.

So what causes files to become hidden in USBs ?

If the files were not manually hidden then they were more than likely hidden by some sort of virus. These types of viruses are highly prevalent and can be easily picked up when moving from computer to computer. if you plug your USB into a computer with an insufficient antivirus system then you may very well get this virus on your USB drive. Luckily when you take your USB to your own computer a clean sweep with your antivirus should do the trick!

If you don’t have an antivirus then here are a few free programs that you can download to protect your computer:

  1. Avira AntiVir Personal Edition
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials
  3. Avast! Free Antivirus
  4. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Update: Enable hidden files, folders and drives in Windows.

Automatically Save All the Files with AutoSaver

Automatically Save All the Files with AutoSaver

There are several software and applications, which does not incorporate the feature of automatically saving of those files on which users works on, and they are not even able to recover the unsaved work of earlier session. It implies that when user does not possess power backup with him at the time of power shutdown, failure, and unintentional exit while running of the software or unexpected PC shutdown, all of the unsaved work will be closed down and sacrificed. Therefore, if users are searching for a simpler solution to immediately save the alterations subsequent to every specified period inside a file, then they can achieve this by using this application names as AutoSaver.

AutoSaver is a portable and handy window based utility tool to immediately save the changes to an opened file. It works on those applications, which supports the Ctrl S hotkey to save the changes.

.NET Framework 3.5 is required to use this application.

Use following links to download the AutoSaver

Download zip file
Download EXE file

Scan Your Documents In PDF formats Using WinScan2PDF

Scan Your Documents In PDF formats Using WinScan2PDF

There are several scanners available in the market that offers users to scan their PDF or other format files directly. However, few scanners provide only limited features and limit the users to save file into image format. After scanning users need to scan the pdf files via pdf printer or other compatible scanners.
This is a bit tedious and time consuming process for most of the people. In order to simplify the process, users can try this handy and powerful application named WinScan2PDF.

This application will consume only less space (40 kb) of the disk space of your computer. This portable application enables users to scan documents and store them on computer in PDF format using any installed scanner. THe interactive user interface of this handy application features users to scan document directly to PDF format easily.
It saves the substantial time of the users by getting rid of the conventional method of scanning. Users just need to download and install this application on computer and select the required file to scan quickly in PDF format. If you find it very useful then download the WinScan2PDF application directly from the given link here without any trouble

Send Large Files in Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2007 Add-on

Send Large Files in Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2007 Add-on

The maximum size allowed by most of the free e-mail service providers is 10 MB, so cannot send large files above the limited size of 10MB using email services. Now, with an Outlook add-on in you don’t have face such problems at all. You can send large files having size up to 5GB with the help of Outlook 2007 without any limitations.

When you install this add-on, an additional tab will be displayed in the Outlook, This additional tab contains few buttons for selection such as “Insert Link from”, “Upload File and Insert Link”, “Sign In”, “Preferences” and “Insert My Meeting Room URL”.

Before proceeding with file uploads, you should create an account on and then sign to your account. After that, you will be allowed to upload files to web server of It will contain the URL of the file which you have to compose in your message, thus recipients can directly download the files using the given URL.

There are two options with which you can configure the uploaded file as “Open Access” and “Restricted Access”. When you select “Open Access”, the recipient can download that file without having to log in their The “Restricted Access” needs the recipients to login to their account to download file.

Outlook add-on of can only be used with Outlook 2007. It is not compatible for usage with Outlook 2003 or older versions of Microsoft Outlook. You can download Outlook add-on using the following link Here.

Search Engine To Search For Just PDF Files

Free Dedicated Web Search Engines to Locate PDF files only

Nowadays, most of the enlightening tutorials, magazines, e-books appear in Pdf formatted files. These Pdf files are mostly being utilized worldwide as they are quick, convenient and safe.

Due to the ongoing rise or demand of these Pdf files on web, frequently newer Pdf search-engines are getting established. Pdf search engines are the only committed “search engines” to locate Pdf files.

Individuals cannot get any other files from these Pdf search engines, because their database accumulates information only about Pdf files and downloads web-links that are PDF based.

Hereafter individuals do not have to rely only on other web-search-engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. Start utilizing these Pdf format based web search-engines to locate PDF files quickly.

One among the best PDF file locator is “P.D.F Search-Engine”. It is completely devoted to Pdf files, e-books and PDF document related search locator.

It has a huge database of at least 2, 85,000,000 E-books and is continuing to add numerous files to its album each day. It’s very unusual for not getting PDF files on PDF search-engines.

Individuals are just required to type in the values or name of the Pdf file that they are trying to locate and click on the “Search-Books” option. It will automatically display the catalog of search leads.

Users can either wish to download PDF files and save them as html files or PDF file for future use. Theirs no limit on downloading the number of files, so users can download any number of files

Easily Convert PDF Files To Text Format With A-PDF Text Extractor

Easily Convert PDF Files To Text Format With A-PDF Text Extractor

Presently there are lots of freeware for example PDFTextOnline, Free Ease PDF to Text Extractor with which you could convert a PDF file into text format. However, if you would like to try some other alternatives then A-PDF Text Extractor could surely be one of the best solutions.

A-PDF Text Extractor is very handy tool and it comes with user friendly interface. Once installed, you just have to browse for the particular PDF file format for conversion. To make it more convenient, it includes some other options with which you could customize the extraction process with your choice. You could select to extract odd/even pages, all pages or selected pages only.


Additionally, you could also select for arranging the extraction process follow the order of original PDF file format. You could rearrange text depending upon the position. The output text can be further rearranged with specific positions to use it with some other applications. After selecting your option, simply by clicking on “Extract text” option, the PDF document will be extracted instantly.

One notable thing is that, you would not be able to extract the PDF files which are protected by security measures. This software utility is absolutely free to download and just go here to download it.

How Can I By Pass Downloading Waiting Time, Limitation On Rapidshare

Downloading Unlimited Files from RapidShare without Creating a Premium Account

Premium users of Rapidshare, the most prominent file hosting and network sharing website (Zshare Download is equally good)are permitted to download concurrent and unlimited files every time. Rapidshare’s auto-capping feature stops normal or free users from downloading more files concurrently (you’ll need an username and password for rapid share account). Also one has to wait for a small period to start downloading other files, but this can be done on succession of the previous file.

If a user wishes to perform parallel or concurrent downloading of few files, then one has to pay to become a premium user (earlier there were ways to get free premium Rapidshare account). A hack can solve the above problem and help users to download more files without registering for a premium account.

Every single IP address is logged by Rapidshare so that it can restrict free users from downloading more files simultaneously. It normally registers an IP while a user is downloading and it starts checking for all former downloads.

If Rapidshare figures out that a user has downloaded a File sometime back then it stops the downloading of a new file. One can utilize Rapidshare downloading accelerators or perform some tricks on the PC to bypass the limitation and waiting period

Steps to bypass downloading waiting time, limitation, on Rapidshare:

Every time you start your PC to browse internet, an IP address will be assigned by the internet service provider. If the address provided by the ISP is dynamic, then this address can be changed at every system restart. As Rapidshare is always looking for IP addresses to trace their history, a free user cannot download files beyond a limit. To overcome this problem, a user needs to reset their IP and obtain new IP address. The steps provided below show how one can procure a new IP.

  • Click Start, select Run.
  • Now enter cmd in Run window
  • Command prompt window opens. Type the commands provided below in the same sequence, and then hit enter button on the keyboard.

    @echo off

    Ipconfig/ release

    Ipconfig/ flushdns

    Ipconfig/ setclassid

    Ipconfig/ registerdns

    Ipconfig/ renew


  • Your PC will be awarded with a new IP address.
  • Browse the Rapidshare website and start downloading your selected file. Now you will be capable in downloading the selected file in spite of you having downloaded large files just few minutes ago.
  • Repeat this process every time you wish to download few files from Rapidshare website.
  • This completes the process.

The above hack is very simple and everyone can set it easily. Save the commands provided above in a notepad file for future use.


1> Download multiple files from RapidShare at once.

Trick to Download Files from Megaupload without Timer limit and Word Verification just like Premium Member

Trick to Download Files from Megaupload without Timer limit and Word Verification just like Premium Member

There are many people who depend on Megaupload in order to download and upload several files. There is no doubt that Megaupload is the best online file sharing and hosting website. However, you need to have some specific subscription to transfer files with Megaupload at faster rate with no waiting time. Therefore tech-freaks create tricks to download files as a premium member without waiting for time and word verification limits. 

This latest trick does not require any kind of third party application, you just need to recreate download link manually in order to bypass all limits.  You could download files easily using your regular web browser.



Normally Megaupload download link looks similar to this: Now you just add mgr_dl.php before “?” Symbol and you will get final download link that would look something like

You are done, now you can download your required files on your computer directly without going through timer limit and word verification. Do remember this trick is only for bypassing timer limit and word verification. You can not bypass Megaupload IP limit check. It means you just have to do simple work to download files easily form Megaupload.

Track The Changes In Files Download Directory Monitor

Track The Changes In Files Download Directory Monitor

Often we had to share the desktop usage with a third party though we keep confidential files in our system. Generally those confidential files or folders are locked away with Hide Folders or My LockBox so that not one could browse through those secret files.

We can also track the changes made in those files, such as any kind of modification of the files, addition or deletion of any old or new files. In this case the tool that comes handy is Directory Monitor. It monitors all the network drives and even local drives and track down all the changes that have been made with few simple steps.


In the beginning you can add specific directories that you want to be monitored. Other than this you can customize the folder checking, balloon tips in the interval, refresh directories, create any backup, and even ignore certain patterns of files. While working on Directory Monitor you can run any application if needed.

Every tool has some or other drawbacks and this one has only one shortcomings. In order to make the tool work perfectly on your computer’s, you need to have both Windows Installer version 3.1 along with service pack 1 of .NET framework version 3.5.