Find And Download Documents Using Firefox Add-On Outwit Docs

Find And Download Documents Using Firefox Add-On Outwit Docs

You have noticed that whenever you put any keywords in search engine in order to look for documents, you will get several links as a result. After which, you’ll need to check each and every website link to find out your required documents. It is quite irritating and cumbersome process, especially when you are in hurry.

There is a Firefox Add-on named OutWit Docs, which allows you to get instant access to required documents. Now you can easily find out and download documents from any website using this useful add-on. It displays results only related to the required documents.

Usually it scans the web thoroughly looking for spreadsheets, text files, presentations in various formats such as RTF, CSV, PDF, MS Office and etc. once you installed this add-on on your Firefox web browser, you will see a OutWit doc icon beside the address bar of Web browser.


All you have to do is just search the required documents through search engine. Once results are displayed, click on OutWit Docs icon and it will start downloading document files from all websites. There is an option available in OutWit that allows you to search for any specific format file such as PDF, Text files and etc.

The latest OutWit Docs version is the first one released version of this Add-on. It supports Firefox 3.0 and above versions.  This is in Beta Version so you can provide feedbacks for further improvements. However, if you find it useful then download it from here.

Simplify Your Searching Browsing History Using History Submenus Firefox Add-On

Simplify Your Searching Browsing History Using History Submenus Firefox Add-On

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers. There is another add-on for Firefox web browser that allows you to search browsing history instantly. You might have been facing trouble to trace out the previous browsing data quickly and accurately. Therefore, this new Add-on named, History Submenus v1.32 helps you to sort out all previous history data according to specific dates, so that you can find out your required history speedily.


In order to find out the earlier browsing data, you need to navigate to History menu and you will see a few submenu options like “Today”, 2 Days Old”, “Yesterday” and etc. Once you click on the specific option, you will get access to previous browsing history with precise date and time. The History Submenus v1.32 is inevitably best solution that provides you precise and accurate browsing history instantly. It is a useful add-on especially in case, you are not able to recall the name of specific website address, you can easily jump to the specific date in order to find out the website addresses using this add-on feature.

FireFox Plugin To Upload Pictures, Images And Videos To PixelPipe

Now a new Firefox Add-on from Pixelpipe is available to help you easily upload your pictures and videos .It lets users upload their media content to their favorite social network sites, blogs and picture or video service like Picasa. It supports over 85 destinations including MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, twitter, Photo bucket and many more. It is the new Pixel pipe media uploader.

Users quite like it because it delivers on its promise though a few users complaint of facing difficulty in registration for it. It is a simple way to upload media content to multiple sites at once. It is the easiest way to distribute a wide variety of content across the internet in a jiffy.

Pixelpipe is a Social Web portal allowing the end users to publish text and upload images, video and audio files once through it which can then be distributed across over 80 online destinations. The media uploader 1.1 version offers the facility to add and amend titles and tags before a picture or video is uploaded. The drag and drop media is also supported by it.

The various services supported by it are MobileMe, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Photobucket, Nokia Ovi, Phanfare, Smugmug, vimeo, ImageShack, pikeo, webshots, kyte, FotoTime, Zooomr, Fotki,, 23hq,, 72 photos, ipernity, Viddler, Shutterfly, photobox, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, Zenfolio, Mobypicture and Gallery Menalto,, Dailymotion, DropShots, kewego, Revver, SnapMyLife, TinyPic, for phot and video upload.

It also allows upload of content to Twitter, Jaiku,, brightkite, FriendFeed, TwitPic, kwippy, Rejaw, Seesmic, Plurk,,, plerb, twitgoo,,Tweetphoto,, GTalk The social networks supported by it include MySpace, Facebook, hi5, Friendster, imeem, Vox, Bebo, Hyves .

The content can also be uploaded on various blogging sites like Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, tumbler, LiveJournal, Atom, MetaWeblog, MovableType, Drupal

Apart from these online destinations the media content uploaded through pixelpipe media uploader can be displayed on online storage sites such as, and

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