How To Change Firefox Toolbar Size / Page Size (Resize Firefox Toolbar / page)

Settings To Resize Page Content And Toolbars In Firefox 3
After upgrading Firefox 2 to Firefox 3, the users of Firefox Version 2 may feel themselves a little puzzled regarding to the changes in toolbar size and page content as well as the menu text. It seems little awkward having bigger size of texts in Firefox version 3.

In order to restore back Firefox 3 to the normal size, there are few configurations that you’ll need to set. These configurations will without doubt assist you in restoring your Firefox 3.

Configuration: –

1. First of all, type “about:config” within the URL Location bar and then hit Enter button. When you type “about:config” (without quotes) into the location bar, there will be a warning massage as usual, which says “It will void your warranty!”. Then click on “I’ll be cautious, I assure” or something like that, to carry on the configuration procedure.

Then type “layout.css.dpi” in the Filter option.

2. In the ‘layout.css.dpi’ selection:

  1. Edit it by simply double clicking.
  2. Just enter “96” for value and click on “OK

4. In the “layout.css.dpi”, preference do not display or appear, you have to Right-click. Simply keep the “Ctrl” key pressed when you click anyplace in the grid, then select “New”, then choose “Integer” from the menu.

5. When it prompts you to enter Preference name, you need to type, ‘layout.css.dpi’ and then click “OK”.

6. Next, just enter the integer (value) 96 manually and hit the “OK” option.

7. From that menu, at the top most end of Firefox Window-bar, choose FileFirefox and after that choose the “ExitQuit” and “FirefoxQuit” menu item.

After the completion of the above process you may restart Firefox. The page content and toolbar will be replaced back to the normal sizes that are previously known to you.

Clear / Reset Firefox Zoom Level Which Otherwise Is Remembered

A Hacking trick to Reset Zoom option to normal level on Firefox

Firefox provides zoom options on all web pages by using either combination keys Ctrl + keys to zoom in and Ctrl – keys to zoom out or by using commands from View –> Zoom menu. The zoom features on Firefox3 help in magnifying or reducing text and image sizes.

Firefox3 also remembers the last zoom level for every domain used previously. It automatically opens any webpage from its domain with the previously used zoom level. Its like if you had used zoom in option on to increase the text and image size, then next time you open, Firefox3 remembers the zoom option and opens Gmail with the previously set zoom in option.

Sometimes the user wishes to temporarily use zoom option for a particular page and will not want the zoom option to be made available for all subsequent use of the related pages from the domain.

To display the zoomed in page with normal zoom for subsequent use can be done using a hacking trick. One has to type in the Location Bar about:config and then locate a preference name called ‘browser.zoom.siteSpecific‘. After this one needs to open this preference and change the value from true to false.

If all the above hacking steps are followed sequentially, then every new page on Firefox browser is made available with normal zoom.