Hackers Are Having Tough Time Now

Hackers Are Having Tough Time Now

A widely expected and anticipated version of Sony PS3 firmware is now made available publicly which is more secure from the attacks of hackers and unauthorized elements to get access which were making players and gamers to get backup games and pirated compact discs.

Now all attempts of hackers to hack the game sites will be blocked with newly introduced version of Sony Playstation 3 including PSJailbreak a cracking USB dongle, a porgram of open source, one more PS3 open source jailbreak Linux kernel mobile device, and similar ports.

In past, Sony went to court to take a legal action against the distribution and release of PSJailbreak and obtained court instructions against marketing and selling of PSJailbreak USB dongle. However, the best way Sony found to stop is to fix, improve the quality by patching the loopholes being used to misuse PS3.

Some additional security features have been added to make the PS3 system more secure, which contains the security vulnerability to block PSFreedom, PSJailbreak, and PSGroove according to Sony’s recent Playstation blog.

PS3 owners can now upgrade their system through PS3 system software update version 3.42.

The owners of PS3 who wish to stay with PSJailbreak and crack the Sony Playstation 3, does not need to upgrage to firmware operating system 3.42. The bad thing for not upgrading to latest and new version of system is that it cannot be signed into Playstation Network and it is effectively ruling out multi-player gaming online.

The previous trick of DNS to bypass PS3 and the tool of Logan5 Proxy will not be able to help the hackers to break any sites as PlayStation Network will be blocked by online gaming through the reminder notice to keep this upgrade to system software by downloading new and latest version.

Get Latest Updates For Your Nokia Handset Via The Nokia Firmware Updater

Get Latest Updates For Your Nokia Handset Via The Nokia Firmware Updater

There are a number of companies today that manufacture mobile phones, but a very few of them allow customers to upgrade their phone’s software all by themselves. Nokia is the leader in this field and unlike most of its competitors it provides firmware upgrades for free.

These upgrades are essential because it enables the user to use the latest technology released with respect to the model the user is using. Nokia releases these firmware updates on a regular basis and are mostly for multimedia phones. The user needs to download these updates and then install them onto their phones.


The Nokia Software Updater or the Nokia Firmware Updater is the latest tool released by Nokia. It helps the users to get in touch with the latest updates available for their handsets. This handy tool also allows users to create backups of the existing files, as the files might get deleted while updating the software of your phone. The backup data can easily be restored on your phone after successful completion of the updates.

There are no compatibility issues with the Nokia Firmware Updater, the version for Windows 7 will be released soon.

Direct Download Links For iPod Touch and iPhone OS 3.0 Firmware Software

Direct Download Links For iPod Touch and iPhone OS 3.0 Firmware Software

Recently, a new version OS 3.0 Firmware Software of iPhone has been released by Apple. This latest firmware in now able to power first generation and second generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and iPhone 3GS. This new firmware OS update for iPod Touch and iPhone includes with plenty of new and much expected features like full Bluetooth support, Internet tethering (can be enabled with hack), MMS, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, cut-copy-paste functionality, landscape keyboard and many more.

The firmware software iPhone OS 3.0 was authoritatively announced on March 17th 2009at Mac World Expo. With new firmware software version 3.0 you could get full advantage from the new hardware of iPhone 3GS and it is going to release on June 19. Besides, firmware software OS version 3.0 can also be used and downloaded freely by 3G owners and iPhone 1st generation users through iTunes. While some of the features such as video recording capability and MMS may be disabled in the iPhone 2G models. However, to update your iPod Touch to the firmware version 3.0 you will probably have to pay $9.95.

Once upgraded, you will see the baseband of your iPhone as 04.26.08. Characteristically, the Dev Team for iPhone has been launched Pwnagetool and Quickpwn to jailbreak. Ultrasn0w has also been prepared to unlock. All these tools are compatible with iPhone OS firmware version 3.0. You have to sync your iDevices with iTunes 8.2 or newer one, check for updates for accessing the latest version.

All New Features in iPhone OS 3.0 Update

  • Push notifications
  • Receiving and sending MMS messages
  • iPhone can be rotated to landscape for using larger size of keyboard mailing, Notes, Messages, and Safari
  • Function like Cut, copy and paste are quickly performed from application to application
  • Widespread search to search all of your email, contacts, notes, calendars and all the things in your iPod
  • Use voice memos to save a meeting, memo or any other audio recording anytime and anywhere. Built-in iPhone microphone or mic on headset would be used to record Voice Memos
  • Enhanced Calendar (CalDAV)
  • Get quicker performance; fill user names and passwords automatically.
  • Share Internet connection along with computer or laptop with the help of Internet tethering feature via USB cable or Bluetooth
  • Connect Bluetooth stereo headphones car kits and some other accessories easily
  • Support the connection for peer to peer with Bluetooth
  • Automatic Wi-Fi login
  • A2DP support
  • Parental control
  • Support to sync all your notes from your iPhone to your PC or Mac.
  • Simply shake your iPhone to shuffle various songs the music library.
  • Supports 30 languages
  • Includes 40+ keyboard layouts.
  • Remote Wipe has been introduced to easily locate your iPhone when you lose it

For safekeeping, if you want to download the software upgrade, just go through the following link to download the .ipsw firmware files. Learn how to upgrade and update iPhone to firmware OS 3.0 or use hack to upgrade iPod Touch to firmware OS software 3.0 for free.

Download Links For iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update (Build 7A341)

iPhone 2G OS Firmware 3.0: iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

iPhone 3G OS Firmware 3.0: iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

iPod Touch OS Firmware 3.0: iPod1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

iPod Touch 2G OS Firmware 3.0: iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

Upgrading Iphone Operating System Firmware To Version 3.0

Upgrading Iphone Operating System Firmware To Version 3.0

IPhone operating system software 3.0 has slammed the market. It was one of the most awaited software, which is the latest version of the Apple’s iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and also the iPod touch series. This new version is worth upgrading since it contains many new enhancements and a lot of new goodies.

The list of enhancements added contains features like support for Multimedia Messaging service, also facility for editing like cut, paste, copy etc. iPhone 3G is available factory installed with this new operating system but the users of the older generation of iPhones need not feel disheartened.

The previous versions of iPhone operating system like OS 2.2 and 2.2.1 can be easily upgraded to OS 3.0 by following just a few simple steps.

  • Before you do so, make sure that you have iTunes 8.2 installed on your computer, without which it is not possible to upgrade your iPhone.
  • Simply connect your mobile device to the computer and run iTunes 8.2 in your PC.
  • After this just go to the option Devices and select the option iPhone under it. You will find this option in the left pane in the Source List.
  • Update to the latest operating system by check marking the option Update which is given under iPhone Summary tab.
  • Now choose the Download and Install option. You must not disconnect your mobile device from computer until the update is finished.

After the completion of previous step, the iPhone 3G or iPhone will run the firmware operating system 3.0. Upgrading to the latest OS 3.0 is free for the users of iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G, but the users of iPod touch need to pay a small amount of $10 for upgrading it. However, there is an alternative hack option also available.

USB 3.0 RAID Drive Now Works At Higher Speeds With Latest Super Talent Firmware

There is always a tough competition especially in the computing world. So when you hear of a new launch, it is not really exciting news! At the same time, you can’t avoid viewing any of this latest improvement from Super talent Technology. You may wonder what Super Talent Technology is? It is a player in the Flash storage mode and DRAM modules ands has earlier had a USB 3.0 RAID DRIVE in the market.

It is interesting right now that this quick device has been made faster with a firmware update, to add a bit to the tough competition out in the market. Even if the USB drives are not so common and are updated, it is rather a unique feature. It looks like they have utilized it to the maximum, using the 2nd generation USB 3.0 technology host controllers making it possible for the RAID DRIVE to transfer date at surprisingly fast functioning speeds of 370 Mb/sec.

The raise in the speed can be above 55 Mb/sec. A number of tests were done with the help of the latest Fresco Logic FL1009B and as usual all the USB 3.0 drives are reverse-friendly with USB 2.0 ports at USB 2.0speeds. The technology firmware has been patented under US patent #7457897. Super Talent has a variety of USB 3.0 flash ranges from the economical Express DUOTM to the RAID DRIVE, the quickest of the group.

Of course, it may take a while before the competition picks up pace. Also Super Talent’s RAID DRIVE is bound to be super fast giving a solid 370meg/second. This may be a great reason to rejoice for this is something truly fast and can shift the whole content of a DVD as quick as within 15 seconds. Agreed it was able to reach these speeds even earlier, but with the help of USB controllers of that time it was forced to bring down the speed to 300meg/sec. now with this latest controller, the firmware is capable of upgrading so that its total power is utilized.

There have been discussions of the RAIDDRIVE creating quite an eruption which is yet to be seen for experts are doing their job of testing RAIDDRIVE’s creating a hotter wave, promising extra quick speed. It is priced at $30.58 for a 54 gig drive.

Boxee Box’s First Firmware Update Fixes All Previous Bugs

It is quite common for any new device to be affected by bugs and this product is no exception. Users notified the company about the bugs and the Company in turn took up the task well. It has now published an update which looks like it has got rid of all the bugs through its release of the first firmware update carrying built # The Boxee carries out its routine checks for updates automatically, although it can be done manually too.

Some time back, when Boxee Box was introduced by D-Link, it had not been sure of the response it would get. It has brought out a ‘soup to nuts’ solution for web related content from Netflix, YouTube, CBS and ABS together with streams from NAS devices USB drives. It had vouched to act as the center for media playback. While this update is being launched, news is already out that the Company is working on future updates too, proving that Boxee is indeed determined and dedicated company aimed at its customer’s best.


  • Black screens in web browser when playing back 1080: content.
  • HD .avi content low frame rate.
  • While playing no video was noticed for files with .m4h content.
  • .rar files with subtitles could not be opened.
  • Dropout of audio from flash videos in certain online videos.
  • Inconsistency in MPEG1 video playback.
  • While playing HD audio problems of buffering.
  • BluRay playback issues.

Listed below are a few instances which could be fixed in the latest update:-WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY ISSUES:-

  • -Display levels of wireless signals.
  • -No support for some WiFi encryption schemes.
  • -WiFi did not accept $ sign in passwords.
  • -Wrong passwords resulted in wrong messages.


  • On Non-Secure network shares repeated requests for credentials.
  • Inability to access network share through Windows Live on Windows 7 platform.
  • Intermittent crashes.
  • Repeated disconnects of network shares from MacOSX.
  • Pompt for user name and passwords when assessing different shared folders-a real pain.


  • Empty screen appeared when filtering shows by channels >TED,Engadget, when Geo lock is enabled.
  • Faulty DNS configuration when using VPN causing a Boxee network disconnect.
  • Not returning to the selected item library screens after item selection.
  • Leave/stay prompt shows up multiple times for some online content.
  • Searching for applications with spaces in their titles [i.e, funny or die] doesn’t show the application in the results.
  • When creating a new user, username text box is not visible, when the email contains the word’boxee’.
  • Repositories screen buttons activation and adding toggle state is wrong.
  • Web browser screen size was wrong, not compensating for over scan.
  • ‘Resume from’ does not always show.
  • Browser loading progress bar does not always set up correctly.
  • Boxee weather application doesn’t use the Temperature Scale Configuration at Settings > general > Location.
  • Sian fonts display in the browser.
  • ‘Friends feed’ from Facebook is not ordered correctly.
  • TV OSD does not always work.
  • Browser loading progress bar does not go in certain cases.


  • Support .mkv with header compression.
  • Support switching from PC black level to video black level.
  • Default over scan is now 3% on all borders.
  • Add a global subtitles toggle, set to off by default.
  • Support for showing the last letter typed in password fields.
  • Support local thumbnails: .tbn.support/folder.jpg.
  • Enable external subtitles for BluRay and DVD ISO/folders.
  • User selectable sideshow for the screens.