Backup Flash Drives With USBFlashCopy

Download USBFlashCopy to Automatically Backup Flash Drives

Taking backups of files and folders from portable devices manually on systems will seem like a very challenging task, especially to those people who do not have sufficient technical know how. In order to make their lives easier and simpler, automatic backup application, for instance USBFlashCopy could be an excellent solution.

USBFlashCopy is compatible with windows operating systems, and it is a very helpful back-up instrument that is the takes back-up of all USB drives, storage data cards and other portable storage gadgets. It takes place immediately when the users plug them to their computers.

USBFlashCopy can be obtained free for domestic use. You can purchase this software for $39.95, which will have extra features. The silent mode enables backups of files and folders quietly in the background, without even demonstrating the back process.

The USBFlashCopy is quite compact in space, which is approximately 300 KB, and it does not require installation or any registry entries. You just have to download this application from here and run it from any drive or folder.

With USBFlashCopy, you just have to plug your USB flash drives to your computer, you will therefore prompted to choose on options like New profile, Use default profile, Never back up this media, Enable silent mode etc.

If you are person who uses external storages quite often, it might be a very helpful tool for taking backups. After configuring it for once, all you need to do is plug in your USB device, and the backup will take place automatically. In addition to being a good instrument for backups, it can also save you considerable amount of time.

A Biometric USB Flash Drive Which Has Interactive OLED Display

Ennova Direct Corporation {DBA ION Technologies}, has come out with a USB flash drive with OLED display (read more about OLED technology) with its own unique features, most important being the retractable USB connector and an integrated biometric finger print scanner on the OLED screen.

You can save your important files, and by chance you loose it, it cannot be used by anybody else, as the retractor will scan for the right finger print. Now that’s putting technology, data security and biometrics to use in one product. With this flash drive, you can always be sure about your data, even if in case you accidentally loose the drive, or if the drive ends up in wrong hands.

This finger print scanner also enables color changing upon the success or failure of each swipe of the finger. The OLED screen has an interactive interface, which allows the user to select specific files and initiate certain functions, without having to go through the computer’s interface.

This might prove to be one of the coolest USB flash drivers till date. You do find other USB flash drivers also, bit this one is definitely unique as it features a built-in cover to protect its OLED screen.