Blackberry Playbook In India

Blackberry Playbook In India – Design, Pre-Order And Availability

Now, your waiting is over as Blackberry is all geared to hit the Indian market with its latest tablet. This tablet has been awaited since it was launched in US on 19th April. It has been fully loaded with smart features that make it must-have gadget for professionals and non-professionals. 

The pre-ordering date of this unique gadget in India is on 22nd June.  However, people would surely like to know about its specifications and features before finalizing the decision to buy this tablet. Here we have compiled some compelling and prominent features of this device that will help you to compare it with other tablets.

Specifications and Features: This tablet has almost all required features of current technologies found in their other counterparts –  

  • It has candybar design with 194X130X10mm dimensions and 400g weight
  • It has 7-inches wide capacitive Touchscreen with WSVGA 1024X600 pixels and various sensors such as Compass, Gyroscope and Accelerometer
  •  The processor of this gadget is dual-core with 1GHz speed that works on the Blackberry OS.
  • It has 5 megapixels camera on back and 3 megapixels in front with capacity to capture video 1080 [email protected]
  • It has 1024MB or 1Gb RAM and comes with three variants – 16GB/32GB/64GB/ internal storage capacity
  • It has V2.1 + EDR Bluetooth connectivity including Wi-Fi and HDMI
  • It has standard Li-ion battery
  • Other miscellaneous features – FaceBook app, Social Networking, WebKit, Flash player, POSIX, and Multitasking

How to order Blackberry PlayBook tablet?

In order to obtain your piece of this latest tablet, you could either send a message or visit the outlets. Customers will get a free HDMI cable and leather pouch with Blackberry tablet.

  • SMS Playbook to the given number 56070 to get information on the nearest outlets
  • Now, visit the store and make enquiry about the Blackberry Playbook
  • You will be provided with a form or coupon to confirm your advance booking. Make sure that fill it up properly.
  • There is two copy of the coupon – One, you have to give the retailer for the confirmation of your pre-order booking, and the other copy of coupon will be retained by you.
  • The pre-booking has started from the 9th June, and it will continue to 22nd June. So, hurry now and book your blackberry tablet in advance and avail some free accessories
  • Now, buy your Blackberry tablet from 23rd June onwards, by showing your coupon copy to the retailers at the outlets
  • You will be sent gift accessories to the mentioned address on coupon. Therefore, fill up the coupon form carefully with accurate and legitimate information.

The estimated Price of the Blackberry PlayBook Tablet could be 35,500 INR, or it may vary a little from one retail shop to another. There are several online retail stores that offer this gadget at excellent prices. Some of them are,, and 

Conclusion: This latest gadget is seen as a big competitor for the iPad 2. Almost all the features are quite similar in both tablets, especially on browsing and speed features. However, there are some specifications that are different and unique to BlackBerry Tablet. Basically, it would depend on the user’s requirements while making the choices between them.

As far as our understanding goes, the Blackberry tablet will give a huge competition to the iPad2 with its latest features and unique design. You might want to compare their specifications on each feature, and then make your selection based on your personal needs. While the IPad2 might be a great fun gadget, we feel that the Blackberry fanatics will prefer this new toy for their official purposes.

Opera 11 Beta for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Download Opera 11 Beta for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Opera development team has always been on a constant endeavor two provide best internet browser for their users, and now they have passed another milestone by releasing their next version of their popular browser, which is the Opera 11 Beta.

The development team has just released their testing version for users to examine the new attributes prior to their final release. Just like the prior version, this version also consists of many new features, interesting improvements, and enhancements for internet users.

Features of Opera 11 Beta:


Tab Sticking: Allows users to move one tab above another tab to generate a group.

Safe Address Field: This address field conceals the complexness of lengthy URL, and provides users effective control of security while browsing.

Extension Support: it has the extension support, which allows user to add new attributes easily and customize them accordingly.

Better Performance: WebPages load more quickly, and even the complicated apps perform more efficiently.

Enhanced HTML5 Support: Facilitates new requirements and HTML5 solutions, which implies that rich dynamic web apps, and more importantly the multiplayer games could be supported by it.

Extended auto-update: New auto-update technique makes sure that extension and opera apps will remain up-to-date all the time.

Plug-ins On Demand: An option has been added to posses plug-in like Flash player only with click.

Enhanced Email in Browser: The new Email control panel provides users with the option of control over the email listing order.

Faster Installation: Opera 11 Beta is 30% smaller when compared to the previous version Opera 10.60, and therefore the users can download it rather quickly.

The Opera users with be totally fascinated with this new version, as it offers them with enhanced functionalities and advanced security options

Download Opera 11.00 Beta for Windows

Download Opera 11.00 Beta for Mac OS X

Internet Explorer9 VS Adobe Flash Player "Square"

Internet Explorer9 VS Adobe Flash Player “Square”

Beta version of IE9 of 64-bit (x64) has recently been introduced publicly and after the release of IE9, it is tremendously getting popularity among the web users. The x64 edition of IE8 could not grab much attention in its operatioan as it is lacking a support in plug-ins and add-ons and compatibility issues although it was already containing a 64-bit version with regards to programs of 32-bit with Adobe Flash Player which need compatibility layer to work.

Adobe has recently released a trial version of Adobe Flash Player named “Square” with the combination of functional release of IE9 with native support for all major web browser of 64-bit desktop OS as Windows, Mac and Linux.

As per the information available in the , Flash Player “Square” has been improved and enhanced version of Internet Explorer to support directly and for faster delivery of hardware-accelerated graphics and is actively user friendly. Flash Player version of 64-bit is available for MAC operating system X platform and Windows and is compatible to all of its contents.

However, it is notable that the trial version of Adobe Flash Player “Square” is to enhance IE9 support and highlight 64-bit in Flash Player. There is no specific release of “beta version” of Flash Player. Users need to install the updated version of the Flash Player manually for keeping the “Square” branch up to date from the download page of Adobe Labs of “Square” as they will not get any notification for updates for final versions of Flash Player in future. Moreover, in future, if users want to install the finally updated Flash Player version, then in order to do so, they need to uninstall Flash Player “Square” manually.

In the middle of the 2011, Flash Player will be getting formed into a legal corporation of these IE9 and 64-bit hardware yielding support to stick to the released official version of Flash Player.


Chrome OS, Availability, Pricing, Reviews – Will It Be In India Anytime Soon?

I’m sure many of you are eagerly awaiting Chrome OS from a very long time. It was Acer which heralded the news of Chrome OS being launched soon. Well, Digitimes says that it will be released this month before the holidays. The information was leaked out by ‘component players’ the middle men, who are busy working on iPhone 5, and still can find time to make such comments.

News is out that the Google will be launching a self-branded device and has its mobile OS slightly better suited for bigger screens. But all this is yet to be seen! Although Chrome OS cannot be obtained as a download to install, it can only be shipped on other hardwares from Google’s partners. Due to the fact that the sole application on the device will be a browser through a media player, Google Chrome OS targets those who are at their PC most of the time.

Google Chrome is initially meant for secondary devices like netbooks, rather than for user’s PCs and will run on hardware using an x86 or ARM-based processor. It utilizes one-sixtieth of the drive as Windows 7. Considering the fact that Chrome is an open source project, it is sure interesting to view the Google Code page often, to be aware of the changes that take place.

In can be technical most often, but they do come up with a few interesting features/designs as well. Its main aim is to give us a light weight Linux distribution for a great web browsing feel.

Some of the software features are:-  GNOME 2.30 desktop environment, Google Chrome 8.2.552 web browser, Flash Player 10.1 plugin, Google Picasa 2.7 photo manager, Wine Windows emulator 1.2, Open 3.2 office suite, GIMP 2.6 image editor, Pidgin 2.6 instant messenger

Chrome OS requires a processor –[Intel Pentium, Xeon or newer, AMD Duron, Athlon, Sempron, Opteron or newer], RAM – min.256 MB; Hard disk-min 1GB; and Graphics card which supports most of the latest graphic cards!