JBS The Desktop Slide Show Rotator

JBS The Desktop Slide Show Rotator

Windows 7 users are equipped with a Desktop Slide show feature which rotates automatically and alters wallpapers of a desktop at regular intervals. Other operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server are not equipped with this feature. A Desktop wallpaper rotator or switcher, JBS – John’s Background Switcher provides many rotating wallpapers freely.

This application software is seated in a system tray called as notification region which frequently switches wallpapers on a PC’s desktop at periodic intervals. The primary characteristic of JBS software abbreviated as John’s Background Switcher allows one to utilize photos and images from many sources. These photos are then used as wallpapers. Images and photos can be obtained from any of the following sources:

  • From a personal computer
  • From “My Pictures” folders
  • From websites like Flickr, by choosing photos according to a person, sets, and tags or picking them randomly.
  • From “Phanfare” albums on web.
  • From few image galleries like smugsmug.
  • From “Picasa” albums. Select from a few specified albums or according to typed in text search.
  • From Facebook – extracting photos of friends and families to a user’s desktop.
  • From Yahoo! photo search.
  • From any RSS feed – select images from different websites like Photobucket, DevianArt, Zooomr, LOLCats and many more.

There are many more options available with John’s Background Switcher software, which can be accessed from “more settings” option. An option which displays quarterly calendar on the desktop is available with JBS. This option displays backgrounds in sepia color; it also shuffles photos from folders. It also changes the background at startup every time, provides support for multiple monitoring, offers battery saving settings, and supplies varied effects for softening and many more.

This software can be downloaded freely. The present John’s Background Switcher version available is 3.6 and can be easily downloaded.

Create Backup Of Flickr Image Albums

Create Backup Of Flickr Image Albums

There are several websites that allow users to share their images online. One of the most popular Image sharing websites is Flickr, powered by yahoo. It allows users to keep their photos organized and customized properly. If you are wondering on how to manage your Flickr images, then you must know that Flickr albums are similar to your PC folders.

It means you can easily categorize your images according to your tastes and preferences. Since there is constantly fear of getting your account hacked, it will be better to create a backup of your images timely. Once your account is hacked, you will no longer be able to access those images.


Generally, Flickr doesn’t provide any official method to backup your photo albums, so you will have to choose the third party applications. There is a third party utility named, FlickrEdit that allows users to create backups and download them on your computer. It is fully java based application which uses Flickr platform to save and edit photos.

However, there are two ways to get this application, either you get access to java based editing environment or download the FlickrEdit executable file from here for Windows. You will also get the user guide page along with this application.

How Can I Download Bulk / All Photos From Flickr At Once

Flickr is one of the best online photo management, storage and photo sharing application complete owned by yahoo.

You can see what others are uploading, share your uploads with world / friends and family. With a free account you can upload up to 100 MB of photos every month. A yearly subscription of $25 on a prorated basis lets you upload more photos without any sort of restriction.

Great business model as everyone gets what they want and most reliable as it is backed up by one of the IT giants.

How Can I Download Bulk / All Photos From Flickr At OnceFlickr has a set of tools which assist users to upload pics in bulk. Saves a lot of time when users have more than one photo to upload. But Flickr does not have any tools for bulk downloading photos on to your PC. I have no idea why they haven’t thought about it ? or is it that they have thought about it and have not done anything about it with a specific reason – not waste their bandwidth ? May be – May be not.

But that’s nothing to worry about. If you want to download all your photos from Flickr at once, you can use GreggMan’s FlickrDown. A great piece of freeware utility helps you download all the photos you want in few clicks.

It’s a simple utility software Gregg wrote for himself and it comes with no warranty. But having used FlickrDown, I must say it does everything you want. You can download all the photos that have public access, select only those photos which you want or everything by checking the last option which says ‘All Photos’.

[ Download FlickrDown ]