Restart The Crashed Applications In Windows Automatically

Restart The Crashed Applications In Windows Automatically

Most of the computer professionals face the common problems of applications crashing out suddenly without getting restarted automatically. You have to check and update the applications periodically. Sometimes, you would not know that the application is corrupted until you actually get the need to use it.

This is not efficient in any way because you are not able to notice the corrupted applications in real time instance and restart it right away. Now, a freeware utility “Application Monitor” will assist to check and restart the applications instantly and automatically, if crashing out of system is detected.

  • You have to tick the checkbox to initiate monitoring for the added applications. If not, it will be seen only added in a list, with no monitoring.
  • The applications which are added in the monitoring list should be ended by *.bat, *.exe, *.scr, plus the extension have to be in small letter.

The test out time is the monitoring a reminder service, which is utilized to analyze how common you are interested in running the Application Monitor to supervise the pre-defined operating applications. To create a better effect, it lets you to enter an email address to receive automatic notifications. You will receive an e-mail whenever the software detects any kind of inaccuracy, in order to restart the monitored applications without you having to intervene manually.

 All actions that occur throughout the monitoring time are stored as output in a log file, and therefore you can look at the log file to evaluate the application crashing and auto restarting number of times.

Application Monitor is extremely useful mainly for those serious applications for example web server, mail server, client applications, database that exists in local computer environment.

This application will undoubtedly assist you to restart automatically without any delay whenever the application crashes, and hence it prevents negligible or apparent downtime for the end users. The service is compatible with the operating systems like Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows NT4 (SP 5), 2000, XP and Vista. However, you will need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher version in your computer.

Use CopyChangedFiles Tool To Easily Backup Changed Files

Use CopyChangedFiles Tool To Easily Backup Changed Files

The data in our systems is sometimes worth much more than we can imagine. Our lives can become miserable if we lose the data during system crash or if the files get corrupted. Even virus attack can result in data corruption or data loss.

In such situations, the backup copy of your data can come very handy, especially if we have to restore our systems. Now, if you would like to use an easy backup tool to create backups of your valuable data, then CopyChangedFiles application is one of the good solutions.

CopyChangedFiles is a freeware that could be used to save the backup of all your files, and you can also use them to move files and folders from one directory to other.

This tool is quite straightforward and has an easy to use interface. What you have to do is quite simple. Just choose a source directory from where you want to save the backups, and then select the destination directories for the backed-up data.

After this, you have to define the options for changed data, like incase you want to overwrite or preserve the old files too. If you just need to make a backup of specific file types, then you could simply list down the type extensions of the file. This will help you from saving the backup of entire source directory, especially if you have space constraints on your systems.

On the other hand, you could select the append date to directory, so that the destination folder would be created and named by current date format. This feature is pretty useful when you want to track all the file versions which you have backed-up. CopyChangedFiles saves the backup of the subdirectory together with the source directory, which means that it maintains the directory structure.

You could download this software absolutely free, and it comes as an executable file. After downloading, there is no need to run the installation process, as it is a plug and play executable file.

To run this program, you need Microsoft.NET framework 2.0 or greater version installed into your PC. Use the following link to download CopyChangedFiles.

Customize USB Menu Using Symenu Utility

Customize USB Menu Using Symenu Utility 

Storing data and files to removable and portable USB device is the best way to carry your information from one place to another. If you have stored multiple files and data on your USB device unorganized, then it will be messy and you will find difficulty to search any particular file or folder.

Therefore, you need to organize the stored data properly. To help you with this issue, a special utility named, SyMenu is available, which organizes contents and the data of your USB device. You can easily get quick access to your required files and folders after organizing the sequences of stored data and files. 

It is an USB application menu, which is used to organize USB device properly. You can easily personalize it by adding your links to USB programs, files, folders and commands. However, make sure that all files and folders have been stored only in the USB device.

SyMenu is completely a free utility application and supports almost every Windows operating system such as Windows 2003, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. In order to run SyMenu properly, you need to have .NET 2.0 frameworks or higher version of this one on your computer. If you will not install .NET framework, SyMenu will prompts error messages and prevent this application from running.


Impressive Highlights of SyMenu

  • Start Search Bar:  It allows users to search any system configured file on the menu quickly.
  • Windows Start Menu Wrapper:  It displays the results through Search bar of all program that are inked in host windows Start Menu
  • Extension Manager: It allows users to replace current Windows extension associations with SyMenu extension associations.
  • Autoexec: It allows users to start System custom list at startup of SyMenu application
  • SyFolder: It allows users to organize system in hierarchical manner.

Official Links To Download Microsoft .NET Framework Offline Installers

Official Links To Download Microsoft .NET Framework Offline Installers

One of the most useful applications Microsoft .NET Framework is essential for lots of tools and applications to run properly. To download and install .NET Framework on your system, you must use online installer of Microsoft. Therefore, you must have an active internet connection on your system.

Now, you can download offline installer of .NET Framework to install this application on your system. This offline installer does not require internet connection because it is available as a complete installer. Several versions of .NET Framework have been launched time to time by Microsoft Corp. Some of them are enlisted below.

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • .NET Framework 3.0
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

Following are the links with which you can download compatible versions of Microsoft .NET Framework Offline Installer.