Download / Play Digger Online For Free – Windows / Unix / DOS

I’ve been a Digger fan since my childhood. I was recently searching for a downloadable version or online version for free found these links.

You can download DOS version of Digger for free from this link:

It’s best if you can download as you can play the game even if you are offline. However, if you prefer playing it online, here’s the link:

Apart from the DOS version, they have Windows / Unix version too for free download.

Tip: To make the ‘Digger’ experience more exciting you can play the game upside down, i.e, by flipping windows screen upside down. I’m trying to train my mind to play the ‘up-side-down’ version and it’s quite a challenge. Must try I suggest 🙂

Ubuntu – Open Source OS

So what is Ubuntu?

It is a computer operating system that is based on Linux. It is open source (meaning that it is able to be changed and improved by the users through its source code) and is free. The name came from a South African phrase ‘humanity towards others’ translated as Ubuntu.

Ubuntu strictly adheres to the open source philosophy and it will remain 100% free.

What is it for?

It is for personal computers and there is also a server version, but today we’ll only discuss the personal variant. Overall there are about 12 million people who use Ubuntu on their personal computers and it is the 4th most popular web server.

Who sponsors it?

Mark Shuttleworth (a South African entrepreneur) owns Canonical Ltd. and sponsors Ubuntu. He makes money by selling the technical support and any other services related to Ubuntu.

Can my computer handle it?

Ubuntu supports both 32 and 64 bit architectures but you also need to ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements to run this operating system.

For your desktop or laptop you must have:
Processor: 1GHz
Memory (or RAM): 384 MiB
Free space on your hard drive: 5 GB

So why do people use Ubuntu?

Ya this is a free operating system, but what really does it offer? With any purchased computer or laptop you get an operating system, so how is Ubuntu different?

Well, for starters it’s an open source software. This means it is completely customizable and you can change it however you like. Even if you aren’t some elite coder or programmer there are a lot of people out there who have created unique and completely awesome add ons for Ubuntu! You can check out some of the more popular Ubuntu downloads to see some of the fantastic features that it can integrate into your desktop operating system. Go here to look at top 10 Ubuntu downloads:

On top of that, it’s free! Windows operating systems often get updated, leaving you in the dust without the fancy new gizmos so you are forced to either purchase the new upgrade or find an alternate means of obtaining that new OS.


Download Mad Monkey Game For Free On iPhone

Mad Monkey Free iPhone Game Reaches the Top 50 Rank

The latest free version of Mad Monkey game has been rolled out in the market by SKH Apps. This free game version will be available at iTunes app store.  The interesting fact about this recently released version is that it has been positioned at the top 50 kid and action games categories at the iPad store.  The simple and attractive graphics and easy handling game mechanics have made it very popular among the people. The cartoon design of monkey which throws items at very high speed and easy to use manuals are the core features of this game.

The game has a smiling monkey which throws the items while sliding forth and back.  Users have to catch the fruit using the single finger. As you start catching more and more items or objects, it makes monkey naughty and frustrated. The monkey starts throwing objects with higher speed so, you fail to catch the objects and it splashes on your screen, which makes the monkey happy. Players will get new graphics and surroundings at each level such as circus scene, picnic theme, and science lab having two cloned monkeys, oriental theme including ninja monkeys throwing sushi. Overall there are several things that keep you entertained. Therefore, this game has gained so much popularity and listed at the top of the iPad store game categories.  It is unarguably the best game to have in your iDevices to keep yourself amused.

What are the system requirements to download and install Mad Monkey game:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • The device must be running on iOS 3.0 version or advanced version
  • 6.8 MB free space on your device

What is the cost of Mad Monkey game:

This Mad Monkey game 1.0 version is completely free to download and is available at the apps store in games categories. Download it free here : Mad Monkey download link.

Our Point Of View:

We consider this particular game as a best game having similarities with classic game called, Kaboomi. However, it is a free version so users can easily enjoy catching the fruits and annoying the monkey.  There are many other free iPhone games available at the Apple store to download. Moreover, it is a family inspired game.

Download LogoMaker version 2 To For Free with Genuine License Code

LogoMaker version 2 Is Available To Download For Free with Genuine License Code

A logo symbolizes the brands name and promotion. The attractive and unique logo could be the imperative elements of any business or venture. Logo symbolizes the company identity in the market. Usually people identify the company by their unique logo and that’s why companies try to make their logo unique and attractive.
The special and innovative logo will help company to stand out from the crowd. LogoMaker is a powerful logo maker application, which provides users tools to create compelling logos without spending dollars to get it done by other firm. There are several outsourcing companies available that offer logo creating service to companies against huge amount of service charge. You can save substantial amount of money by using LogoMaker handy application.
With this application users can create unique logo from the new templates or edit the predesigned templates. Moreover, Logomaker comes with 500 modifiable logos and templates categorized by interest and industry. These all preloaded templates are professionally designed to cater for the requirement of the users.
Users can modify and edit these logos and create the new logo of their company. Additionally, LogoMaker has 2,500 objects and shapes for creating logos. Users will get all features that required for creating and designing the unique logo such as vector base shape editor, drag & drop, graphic engine for text & image manipulation, blur type, transparency, shadow, depth structure, shininess and many more.

Prominent features of LogoMaker

• Text and object editing effects: Transparency, shadow, gradient, 3D, reflection mirror, blur and etc.
• Interactive interface
• Polygonal, regular, wavy, projective, and concave text
• Advanced alignment tools
• Image adjustment tools such as grayscale, emboss, and invert
• Complete layer control
• Attractive, transparent and solid color background
• Export to JPG, PDF, TIF and other file formats
You can download LogoMaker 2 for $29.99 with genuine license key.

Download Free Image Format Converter To Convert Image File Formats

Download Free Image Format Converter To Convert Image File Formats

An image converter is one of the useful tools with which you could convert any of the image file to several image file format. Now, here is the new tool named as Image Format Converter which could be greatly used to convert one image file format to multiple popular image file format. The advanced algorithm functioning has been used to develop this application. Image Format Converter has insightful GUI. The popular image file formats such as gif, bmp, jpg and also bmp, tiff, icon, png, gif, jpg, psd have been supported by this tool.
In addition, you will find most of the useful image editing features in it such as blur, rotate, lighten, sharpen, darken, resize, move, set transparency, merge, use special effects and use a picture-frame or filter on any image.

Following is a list of main features of Image Format Converter:
• Able to convert an image to any format with a single click only
• Offers the facility to change image characteristics like brightness, quality, color, contrast and more
• Includes the feature to resize image on scale or using the custom size
• Feature to rotate images.
• Works well with all windows based OS and supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows
• Saves time with easy and fast conversion feature
Standalone tool and no other tool is needed to carry out the process
Absolutely free to use

Download Image Format Converter

Download Free PhotoFilmStrip And Create Video From Your Photos Quickly

Download Free PhotoFilmStrip And Create Video From Your Photos Quickly

There are lots of ways to showcase and present our artwork in front of others. Compiling and converting all of our favorite photos in a video in

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one of best way amongst all. It gives you more enjoyment and enhances the mode you share your favorite photos with your friends, family, colleagues, and etc. Moreover, you could play such movie on any event and also upload it over the net and share it online.

After all, the compiling process of chosen photos for making an extraordinary feature film video is not a boring or difficult job. With the help of some helpful software applications, you could easily create your own movie from photos. For instance, you could use your childhood photos, travel photos, wedding photos, and etc to create video easily within minutes. Now, here is one of the best software applications which exactly work for you. Named as ”The response, titled “Believing in immigration reform,” didn’t shy away from a few cheeky references, however. PhotoFilmStrip, a photo-to-video conversion application helps you to create movies with your selected photos in few simple steps.

You will get this software absolutely free under GNU General Public License. The PhotoFilmStrip software application works well with all Windows based operating systems. This application is very easy to use providing a simple user interface along with few simple yet important tools.

You could create your video from the selected photos with this application at much faster speed. All you have to do is, just go to Tools and then Import. Select and upload your favorite photos. When you finish the uploading, you will be then allowed to insert effect, put in subtitles, set duration and modify the motion path. You could also select a specific portion from the photos which you want to display into the video.

When you feel that your masterpiece is ready to produce now, you could as soon initiate to rendering the video. You could choose different video formats like SVCD, VCD, and DVD up to FULL-HD. Moreover, you could select video formats, set the video length according to your own preference and insert audio files.

Download PhotoFilmStrip for free

Download Perfect Utilities For Free To Optimize Windows OS Easily

Download Perfect Utilities For Free To Optimize Windows OS Easily

Most of the times, we have to use numerous utilities programs to find out and resolve the exact error in the Windows OS. Now, here is a new tool namely “Perfect Utilities” which is the best alternative for the existing utilities tools. Perfect Utilities is a user friendly tool which has simple user interface. With this tool you could easily optimize your system and fix almost all errors such as deadlock errors, blue screen, slow speed and etc. It as well greatly maintains system security and stability, gives you a smooth system performance.

As the name implies, Perfect Utilities is really perfect optimizing solution for any computer. It includes over 20 systems cleaning and optimization tools along with Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, System Information, Memory Optimizer, Safe Uninstaller, Registry Backup Tool, File Encryption Tool, File Recovery Tool, Duplicate File Finder, Disk Defragment Tool, File Shredder and etc. All these tools have been efficiently organized into categories and offers graphical statistics.

Key Features
• Able to fix more than 99% of the errors such as blue screen, deadlock and enhances the potential performance comprehensively.
• Efficiently optimizes memory, hard disk and the entire Windows operating system providing maximum performance from your computer.
• Reduces the chances of the errors like deadlock, pops and some other errors to boost up computer’s efficiency.
• Free up hard disk space by removing all the junk files and boosts the overall performance of the system.
• Efficiently fixes all the bugs which are the main reasons for IE malfunction
• Removes the IE history for protecting the privacy and also boosts up data transmission to get the best web surfing experience.
• Removes all of your computer history to prevent your confidentiality and private data like Credit Card Number, Password, Account and other vulnerable data from getting public.
• Keeps Windows secure and fast by managing all the startup process.
• Uninstall the applications which you don’t need any more to save disk space while maintaining your system unproblematic and clean.
• Undo and Backup option are provided with which you could simply recover some changes and re-establish the Windows Registry to earlier state.
• Scan the entire system for updates and displays update options which helps to take benefit from latest advanced technologies.
• Facility for Full Optimization with a single click so that you could quickly get faster performance, unused files removed, extra disk space and all the errors fixed.
• Cleans the content form your RAM, optimizes and boost performance of the system up to 200%
• Displays all the data abut memory usage, CPU information and data about running applications.
One-Click Maintenance feature has been introduced.
• An all-in-one tool for system maintenance is able to optimize, repair and protect the system to pick up overall performance.
Perfect Utilities is absolutely free to use and works well with Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP and Windows 7.

download Prefect Utilities • Link for Perfect Utilities v2.01 (en) and • Link for Perfect Utilities v2.01 (zh_CN)

Here’s Your Chance To Win A Free Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (Only Indian Residents)

My good friend Keith has arranged a give away contest. He’s giving away one Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, priced at 32,000 INR, to one lucky contestant.

To participate in the contest visit Techie-Buzz. It’s a pretty simple contest and you’ll not spend more than 5 mins. A great deal if you end up being the lucky one !!

You can find full specification of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc here.

See Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Hands On video :

Free Video Converter To Convert, Split, Merge And Edit Movie Files

Use Free Video Converter For Converting, Splitting, Merging And Editing Movie Files

Free Video Converter by Extensoft is a powerful application that offers quick and easy video conversion and movie editing. With this Free Video Converter, you may convert, merge, split and edit your movie files quite easily. It comes with a user-friendly interface using which you can effortlessly execute your basic conversion jobs.

Free Video Converter supports a wide range of video formats as well as high definition movies which are captured using latest HD cameras. You may also join and split movie clips and perform batch conversion of movies in a single step.


Key Features of Extensoft’s Free Video Converter

  • Supports latest high-definition H.264 high quality format and offers multi-pass conversion for enhanced quality allowing you to create high quality movies at smallest size. 
  • Has the ability to open and convert from various file formats including FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4, MPEG, RM, MTS, RMVB, WMV, QT (QuickTime )and many others that are supported by your system.
  • The Interface is simple and easy-to-use and has a timeline, movie preview area, editing area and video-clip management area.
  • Has an ability to convert to the output formats such as MP4, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV and QT (QuickTime). Can save custom conversion settings.
  • Supports batch mode which allows quick conversion of multiple movies/selections to one or many output files.
  • Allows you to select movie sections and split and merge multiple videos.
  • Offers predefined conversion settings which help you make instant conversion to various movie formats which are supported by iPod, iPhone, YouTube, Web pages and HDTV.
  • Supports movie resizing or scaling, deinterlacing and altering frames-per-second.
  • Able to create HTML pages for playing converted videos in the form of Flash movies (FLV) to make it simple to publish to the web.
  • Allows you to save and load movie conversion projects.
  • Can be downloaded free of charge.

Download Free Mobile AntiVirus For SamSung, Nokia, Corby, Pro, RIM, Apple Etc

It is quite common for mobiles to be affected by viruses and spyware. Then, what is the solution to that? Well, here is something special for you, as antivirus solution for your mobile. BullGuard Mobile Security is now reachable to all major platforms and branded mobile phone manufacturers. It performs dual functions of safeguarding your phone from cranky softwares or threats and also let’s you track and safeguard your personal details if your phone goes missing.

In addition to lock, wipe, backup, SIM card protection, alarm and GPS functions, BullGuard Mobile Security brings in many more interesting features too. It furnishes you with a web based interface that allows remote address to your phone when it is missing or stolen. It has the facility of real time detection and getting rid of spyware and viruses that come from direct download SMS, MMS, e-mail, Bluetooth, Infrared, making this software very special.

Other features are – parental control, anti-theft, spam filters, firewall and basic back-up facilities. It can be obtained for Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Black berry and various other devices and BullGuard claims a 24/7 support to its customers all over the world. If you wish to download this software, then go to the promo page, enter the email address and click on the continue button.

The license key will be generated in a few seconds. Then click on the ‘install manually’ button and enjoy a registered mobile security. New Year time is meant for rejoicing; hence BullGuard Mobile Security is given out for free! It also includes back up to save your contacts and calendar to your account online and even restores them if the device is damaged/lost or stolen.

It hardly matters what device you use as these malware can catch you unawares, hack your calling services even before you know it. Without your consent they send messages, steal and exploit personal information as data from credit cards, passwords and telephones numbers. The mobile security is the only answer because a smartphone without enough protection is worthless.