Download Free Flight Simulator From Google

Google Earth is one of the most used services to locate places via the means of satellite images of terrains and places. However, this service brings to you an element of surprise. This service has an innate Flight simulator that takes off a virtual plane from your city’s airport to the place of your choice. In order, to access the flight simulator, you need to first download the latest and free version, of Google Earth. Then, to launch the flight simulator, press ctrl+alt+A. Doing this introduces you to your plane, city airport and the destined run way. Then click on “Go” to fly your plane.

There are some tips to follow to ensure a smooth flight. Like, holding the page upwards for a few seconds will increase the thrust value to the maximum level. Once your plane has been accelerated with enough velocity, you can push the arrow keys to commence the take-off of your flight. When your plane is on a high altitude, you can stabilize it to a straight path.

After your first flight has been completed, you can re-enter into the flight mode by selecting one of the options from the tool menu. In this menu, you will notice plenty of shortcuts to decide the control of the plane. Once you get the hang of these keyboard shortcuts, you can easily fly your plane to the desired destination. Users have experienced the interface of this game fairly easy. And the thrill of flying your plane over real satellite images of terrains is unmatchable.

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Where Can I Download / Play Free Flight Simulator Game?

Yes, if you always wanted to fly your own plane now you can do so on your computer and for Free !

F-22 Raptor and Cirrus SR 22 are the two planes that are available in this free flight simulator.

You can play Free Flight simulator on Google Earth. You probably already have Google Earth on your machine and if you don’t download it from here, but may be you did not know that you could play games with it. This actually is a hidden feature, or may be some feature which has not be spoken about much.

To get the flight simulator up in Google Earth press Command Option + A (Capital A) or Ctrl + Alt + A if you are on Windows Machine.

A dialog pops up like the one shown below here:

Where Can I Download / Play Free Flight Simulator Game?

Select the aircraft of your choice. If you are playing for the first time, pick the Cirrus SR 22, as it is easier to handle when compared to the F-22 Raptor. If you select Current view which happens to be one of the option, then your game starts in Air as shown in the image above, else you can start from a particular airport, by selecting the airport of your choice.

You can use either joystick or keyboard / mouse to play this game. You can find the user guide in this page.

Click on Start Flight and start flying.

Where Can I Download / Play Free Flight Simulator Game?

The beauty of this game is that everything in this game is real, I mean the places and co-ordinates, so you actually fly in real time on all places that are on Google Map.

Happy Flying 🙂