Merge PDFs For Free Online, No Download, No Install

Consolidate Multiple PDF File into a Single File Using Free Online MergePDF

Currently most of the important documents are being uploaded over the web in PDF format because of its stability and ease in reading. However, sometimes it creates trouble and inconvenience for users, especially when users want to combine two separate PDF files into a single master PDF file.

There are many tools and applications available over the web that will definitely help you to merge or consolidate two separate PDF files, but you have to pay money for those applications. It means you have to purchase license software.

There is good news for users as now you can compile two or more separate PDF files into a master PDF file with free online service named MergePDF. It is a completely free web service.

The best thing about this service is that you do not need to install this. All you have to navigate to MergePDF page and browse PDF files that are stored in your computer that you want to consolidate into one master PDF file. However make sure that you can put only 10 files of up to 5 MB size to be combined at a time in one master PDF file. You just click on “Pick files” then “Merge PDF” and you are done. Isn’t it so simple?

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Compile Many Links Into One Link Before Mailing

Compile different Links into One Master Link Using 1link Free Online Service

It is very obvious that sometimes you need to send links to your friends while you are saving some website information. However, when you need to send them multiple website links, usually you send them one by one, and that could be more irritating and tedious work for you.

Now you can simply consolidate all links into one master link with 1link free online web service. You can simply send these files through email or instant messaging. It is quite useful from every perspective, as it makes your sending process easier and it also makes the entire process easier for the recipients as well.

It means this online web service help you to send compiled links to your counterparts or friends instead of sending them separately. All you just need to open 1link webpage and put all links respectively in opened tab of 1link.

Users can attach as many links as possible there is no specific limitations. However, please be reminded that when recipients get the master link embedded with different links, then all links would be open simultaneously.

Therefore do not add irrelevant and unnecessary links in master link. Once you finished adding process click on “1link”, it will generate master link which is ready to be sent instantly. Users can also set password in order to secure it from unauthorized access.