Try Out Way2SMS Desktop Client For Sending Free SMS To Indian Mobiles

Try Out Way2SMS Desktop Client For Sending Free SMS To Indian Mobiles

Various websites offer free SMS service to mobile numbers within India. However, the task of messaging becomes much simpler if you download a desktop client. Way2SMS is one such internet messaging website which offers a desktop client to allow you to send free SMS to all Indian mobile numbers.

This free utility offers group messaging service using which you can send a text message to multiple people simultaneously. You need to install Microsoft. NET framework on your system before you use Way2SMS desktop SMS client, as it is coded in C# programming language. This SMS client comes with a simple, user-friendly interface.



If you already have a Way2SMS account, you may login to Way2SMS desktop client by using the same login details. You may easily download this SMS client from the internet and instantly start sending SMS or group messages to mobile phones in India, free of charge.

Use Kuripo Txt For Sending Free SMS To International Mobiles

Use Kuripo Txt For Sending Free SMS To International Mobiles

There are many websites which provide you with free SMS facility using which you can send international SMS to various mobile numbers. While these websites claim to offer free SMS facility, many of them keep a limit on number of message characters and some websites ask you to input your credit card details.

Although the limit of SMS characters in a normal international SMS is 160, most of the websites only allow a maximum limit of 80 characters in order to include some advertisements. However, Kuripo Txt is one SMS service that genuinely allows you to send international SMS free of charge.



Kuripo Txt supports most of the countries in contrast to other websites which support only a few selected countries and operators. With Kuripo Txt, you can send free messages to any international mobile operator.

Kuripo Txt comes with a clean interface which is pretty user-friendly. You need to simply input the mobile number of any person to whom you wish to send a SMS, type in the message with not more than 160 character and click on the button “Send”. The person will get the message on his/ her mobile within a short time.

Send Free SMS / Text Messages From iPhone

Free Text Messaging Services for US and Canada iPhone users

iPhone users with AT&T contracts are provided with 200 free text messaging every month. The new iPhone 3G does not come with this free package. Subscribers have to cough up $5 per month for 200 SMS and $20 for unlimited SMS services.

Looking at the above text messaging plans, many vendors introduced free text messaging services for all iPhone 3G and iPhone users to satiate all their texting needs. Few vendors offer unlimited texting services with replying services too.

The free text services are provided for iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch, MAC notebooks, PCs, Windows Mobile smartphones. These services are offered free to all cellphone users located in USA and Canada only.

Below is the list of some of the popular providers that offer free text messaging service:

  1. Web-based text messaging service from txtDrop
  2. textPlus from Gogii.
  3. DurgleSender for US cell phone users
  4. HTML client interface – TeleFlip
  5. Instant Messaging from AIM with iChat
  6. Emailing to Text Service from Mobile Network Operators

Web-based text messaging service from txtDrop

txtDrop has come up with a web-based text messaging service and has made it available for free to firms from USA and Canada. The firms which are using the free web-based text messaging are Unicell, Verizon Wireless, Suncom, Cingular Wireless, Fido, Edge Wireless, Rogers Wireless,T-Mobile, Cellular South, Cellular One, Bell Canada, Nextel, Dobson, Alltel, Boost Mobile, Sprint PCS, Centennial Wireless, Virgin Mobile and Metro PCS.

One can use this text messaging service from iPod Touch or iPhone browser by going to

Text message receivers can post their replies via txtDrop. Messages will be delivered to the broascaster’s email address. txtDrop can be used only if the device is equipped with internet connectivity.

textPlus from Gogii

Another text messaging and SMS service for all iPod Touch and iPhone users. TextPlus also supports group chatting feature.

DurgleSender for US cell phone users

DurgleSender is an exclusive webapp for iPhone users of US network which allows anyone to post text messages. DurgleSender uses WiFi or EDGE to shoot texts without deducting from the monthly allotment of text for iPhone users. All one needs to do is to enter the target mobile number for sending the text. For more information on this browse

HTML client interface – TeleFlip

TeleFlip is also providing iPhone and iPod users with a text –messaging service built on HTML email client interface. All users have to do is sign up for an account for their devices to utilize this service. Apple Computers has provided a guide on How to install and use TeleFlip service on its products. For sending and receiving the emails AT&T provides a free outgoing mail server available on, if the user does not have either the IMAP or POP3/SMTP servers. A reply is received only by EDGE connection users.

  1. Create a fresh empty email message.
  2. Type 10 digits with the appropriate area code using the format [email protected] in the To: box. An example is provided for your reference [email protected]
  3. Write a message to be send to any of your contacts (family members, friends or colleagues)
  4. Once the message is written, press the Send button.
  5. This email is delivered to the recipient’s phone via the TeleFlip’s Email-to-txt gateway. All further replies are mailed to the sender.

Check Apples guide.

Instant Messaging from AIM with iChat

America Online offers SMS services for free to all its cell phone users in the US. All iPhone and iChat users can utilise AIM client for receiving and sending free text messages.

Emailing to Text Service for free from Mobile Network Operators

Mobile Network Operators have come up with utilities like MobileMail or SMSemail which allows users to send SMS as emails to mobile phones. Many mobile service operators support this feature. To use the above services one has to create an email account either in iPhone, notebook, PC, iPod Touch or Laptop.


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