Download Free Video Editor And Compositor

Zwei-Stein is an extremely versatile and multi-feature driven video editor and compositor. It offers an absolutely unique interface that gives ease to the users at changing and experimenting with varied key frames to incorporate effects in the video. By all fair means, this is one of the best software that introduces users to a large variety in effects that makes their video composting and editing experience absolutely innovative. Apart from the editing effects, you also avail of the email and context sensitive help.

With this application you can edit to generate file in format outputs like .rm, .avi, .bmp, .wav, .jpg, .input, .bmp etc. By downloading Zwei-Stein you can implement and experiment with various effects to produce unique and innovative tracks. You can easily generate a video with a resolution of 8X8 which is equivalent to 200 Megapixels. You gain a fully automatic control over the effects in your videos with the optimization of key frames.

Zwei-Stein editor works towards the absolute cross integration of both video and audio. You will notice the looping of video and audio signals, using this application, which produces a good quality output. You get access to as much as 16 different audio channels per track. You can navigate and tamper with the flow of the music by gaining access to forward, backward, rewind, speed down and speed slow buttons. You can further group these audio and video tracks in forms of sub-groups and edit them further by incorporating various effects. You can easily manipulate these sub-divided video tracks and treat them as single track.

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