E-mail Encryption Explanation and Freeware

The internet has proven to be a powerful tool in the assimilation and distribution of information. Not only does it allow businesses and people alike to find everything they need with just a few clicks of a button, but it also allows the wireless transmission of massive amounts of information via email and other messaging services. Unfortunately with the rise of the internet also came the rise of hackers.

Malicious internet users often target emails because many people feel that their emails are “secure” and they leave a lot of private information in them. This false sense of security has made it a virtual playground for hackers and the only safety people have is in numbers. For businesses however, they are a much more attractive target as the possibility that client information and financial information is being sent through emails is much greater – this is why it is essential for any business that communicates with clients via email to use an email encryption software.

Encrypting emails is a great way to ensure that any and all information being sent via email is seen only by the intended recipient.  To encrypt emails a special software must be installed and this is where things can get kind of tricky.

With email encryption software there are hundreds of various programs all that promise “maximum protection” and each and every one of these programs has a different price tag. Unfortunately many businesses may think that going with the most expensive program around will ensure that their clients personal information is kept secure, however this is not always true. On top of that, there are many small businesses who simply can’t afford to spend money on an expensive encryption software. Thankfully there are freewares.

Despite being free, these email encryption software programs are completely capable of adequately protecting emails and won’t run up a nasty bill due to the added privacy. So which free email encryption program is the best? Let’s find out which programs make our top five list!

Top Five Free Email Encryption Programs


iSafeguard Freeware 6.2

This program is a great way to secure all of your emails and files. It utilizes a strong encryption method and a digital signature to provide the highest level of security. On top of that it can be used with many different email systems. Here are the supported emails: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook (and Express), Eudora Webmail, Brinkster WebMail, Juno Mail, Hotmail, and more. Additionally it supports TXT, RTF, and HTML emails.

Download link – Click here!


This isn’t actually a program, rather it is a web based email service itself and encrypts/decrypts messages using a complicated encryption system. Additionally email attachments are also encrypted ensuring that no part of the email is susceptible to interference.

Download link  – Click here!


This program is the freeware to a paid product however it still has most of the same features except that an annoying ad window is included (something you can easily ignore though). This is also an email system that uses complex encryption and spam filters to protect clients.

Download link – Click here!

Flexcrypt free

For those who chat with clients through a variety of different sources, this is the freeware for you. It encrypts your emails as well as your files, texts, MSN conversations, and even ICQ communications.

Download link – Click here!


Last on our list is this program. This one is the most efficient out of all of them because it doesn’t require any installation, does not require anyone to sign up, and despite all of that it still doesn’t have annoying ads in the emails.

Download link – Click here!



Advanced Features PDF Reading And Creation

Nitro Reader Offers Advanced Features For PDF Reading And Creation

As a result of more popularity and usage of PDFformats these days, users are able to easily find out various PDF reader, PDF printer, and PDF creator for creating files in the PDF formats. Most of the free PDF reader, Creator and Printer are usually restrained in terms of their operations and attributes. Most versions of these, particularly PDF creator usually apply few limitations like logo, watermark on the created file. If you are searching for an effective PDF creator cum reader with comparatively less limitation with fascinating features then you should try Nitro Reader.

Nitro Reader provides more features as compared to a normal PDF reader. This free application provides complete suite of tools, which enables users to generate and convert to PDF formats along with the capability of reading these files. This application works with both windows 32 bit as well as 64 bit. Users who require an extensive PDF application, can visit the download page of Nitro Reader without filling the unnecessary information.

Nitro Reader comes with neat and clean interface, this free application contains all the features of a paid version such as full screen view, zoom in and out, navigate documents with the help of bookmark panel, view file summary like size, creation, metadata etc. Nitro Reader allows the rotation of page by 90-degrees, which enables easy reading of charts, graphs etc as they are displayed in the vertical form. The reader enables the users to complete fast preview of the PDF documents in the users’ email along with Windows explorer without having to open the actual document. Another fascinating aspect of this readership is that it provides tabbed viewing for separate PDF documents. Customers can open up as well as look at the numerous PDF documents and work among several documents inside the identical window.

Nitro Reader supplies a couple of useful resources and features in terms of PDF file development. It provides PDF file creation in more than three hundred layouts. The creation procedure is simple. Users can merely drag and drop virtually any files on the desktop icon of Nitro Reader to generate the PDF documents. Users may arrange and insert document meta-data for the PDF document, which they are intending to create.

Users are also permitted to produce remarks on the PDF documents. For example, they may add easy notes, highlight texts, increase textual content immediately onto the pages, modify pop-up records, and so forth. These features enormously enhance users’ experience by producing their particular PDF file documents. Although, it is a free software, Nitro Reader in no way jeopardizes on the safety element. This particular PDF reader can allow people to create and utilize electronic digital signature to their document while creating. Apart from this, it enables the users to consider several security methods including disabling of JavaScript to stop malevolent attacks and unlawful activity based on JavaScript.

Download Wondershare Disk Manager For Free

Free License Key To Download Wondershare Disk Manager

Wondershare Disk Manager Free is a unique easy to use disk and partition manager portable tool, which has been designed for assisting both beginner and professional users. As the name clearly suggests, this tool takes care of hard drive partitions and re-structuring of Hard Disk.  This is a perfect application for manipulation virtual drives, and it boasts with comprehensive wizards to execute numerous partitions activities.

Main Features if Wondershare Disk Manager

  • Create partition
  • Resize partition
  • Recover partition
  • Hide/unhide partition
  • Delete partition
  • Convert partition
  • Copy/backup disk
  • Set partition active
  • Copy partition
  • Format partition
  • Delete all partitions

Wondershare Disk Manager is a freeware, but if you want to enjoy the complete functions, then you will have to obtain a license code. For promoting Wondershare Disk Manager, the developer company is providing the full version along with the license code free of charge.

To grab a free license you just have to go through the promotional site and register your name and email id to receive it.

Use Freeraser To Easily Shred And Erase All Your Confidential Files Permanently

Use Freeraser To Easily Shred And Erase All Your Confidential Files Permanently

Basically, when you delete any files or folders from you computer, they gets transferred into recycle bin temporarily. To remove them from recycle bin, you have to select option such as “remove files immediately when deleted” or you have to use the “Shift-Del” key combination. You get relaxed after removing all of your sensitive data when you make your recycle bin totally empty. You are WRONG! When you clear your recycle bin wholly then doesn’t means that the data is removed permanently. Temporarily, the system moves all the files and tends to place them into the hidden folder and after that it renames all the files.

All such files and folders are stored into the hidden index file named as INFO2. These files obviously could not be recovered by the Windows OS still the contents remains in the hard drive. Only, they can be completely removed when the particular part of the disk space occupied by then gets overwritten with some other files. If you need to delete some of the highly personal and confidential files, it will be better to use one of the safe deletion programs like Freeraser. Freeraser application removes files completely fro your computer system.

This tool is quite different from other deletion tools. Freeraser is absolutely free to use and you select either for portable/standalone or standard installation. If you use some f the portable devices such as a pen drive frequently to transfer your confidential data, then you could select to install a free program it. By this, you could get plus-point of this tool to delete the data permanently.

This is a great “Shredder” application which executes many data overwriting processes with your files previous to removing them from your system. Due to this, your confidential and sensitive data gets disappeared and shredded entirely. It will prompt you to select the installation mode during the installation process. You could choose Standard or Portable installation mode.

After completing the installation process, a trash bin will be located on the desktop for temporary use. You could easily adjust and resize the transparency according to your own preference. To do so, just right click and open the shortcut menu.

Simply, by dragging and dropping the particular file into trash bin will result into the deletion of that file. A warning notice will be prompted in which you have to confirm and then your data will be deleted permanently.

 After placing the specific file in the trash bin, the specific data file will be removed permanently. Freeraser gives three demolition styles with which you could select your preferred way for removal process.

• A quick destruction (normal 1-round filling of casual information)
• A forced removal (standard DoD 5220.22M of 3 rounds filling)
• An eventual destruction (Guttman algorithm is used for 35 rounds of filling data).

Depending upon the confidentiality and sensitivity of the particular data, you are totally free to choose your preferred destruction style.

Make Your Photo Editing Job Simpler With Image Tuner

Make Your Photo Editing Job Simpler With Image Tuner

You must have noticed that when you try to upload photos to social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook etc. or when you try to send images via email, you face trouble while resize and selecting a suitable image format. However, you can now make your image editing task easier with Image Tuner, the latest Photo Editing Software.

Image Tuner allows you to edit images and digital photos within Windows platform with an intuitive interface which is quite user friendly. It efficiently resizes images and renames them. It allows you to watermark the images and convert them to various different formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG, GID and TIFF.

Apart from this, Image Tuner contains preloaded templates which you can use to edit your images and photos that you wish to transfer to your iPhone, ipad, DVD or display in Twitter and Facebook. It also allows you to make advanced configuration with plenty casino online of options and settings.

Key features of this freeware:

1. Offers the best image resizing algorithm.
2. Helps you resize, watermark, rename and convert images/ photos in bulk.
3. Supports over 20 different image formats including the new ones like Targa/Wireless Bitmap, DICOM etc.
4. Supports camera RAW files like ORF, X3F, DCR, NEF, RAW, CR2, CRW.
5. Offers ample of settings and options for sophisticated users.
6. Resolution ratio/ compression are configurable.
7. Allows saving and loading of image lists and settings.
8. Offers an easy-to-use interface.
9. Tiny installations file of just 2MB.
10. Compatible with both 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions of Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, Vista, XP and Windows 7.

Image Tuner v1.1 offers enhanced speed and loads image previews in no time. Moreover, being a freeware, this excellent application can be easily downloaded free of charge.

Easily Synchronize Files With FileMyster Freeware

Easily Synchronize Files With FileMyster Freeware

Normally, we tend to try the copy and paste work to synchronize the files in between two PCs. However, this task is one of the much tedious tasks. Now, here is the helpful administration tool namely FileMyster which makes this job done easily. FileMyster is a freeware with which you could manually or automatically synchronize all data between two folders or two computers. This administration tool supports media files such as movies, music files and other documents.

 You will find the following features in the FileMyster administration tool.
• Capability to synchronizes all new files
• Offers two way or one way synchronization process
• Contain exactly similar files with half mirror (destination only) and full mirror (source/destination)
• You could specify the file type which has to be exclude or include in the sync process
• You could schedule the synchronizations monthly, weekly or daily according to your own preference
• Saves deleted or overwritten files automatically after the configuration
• Displays the log having full details of each synchronization
• You will be able to configure every slot individually with infinite slots.
• Active Directory Accounts has been integrated with Auto-synchronization service
FileMyster is very useful application and it works well on Windows Server 2003, XP, Server 2008, Vista and 7.

Use the following two links to download FileMyster.


FileMyster (Portable Version)

TeamViewer For SmartPhones iPhone, iPad And Android

TeamViewer – one of the best commercial / free desktop sharing software is available for Smart Phones ! This makes life more easier for those who are on the move and still want to assist their friends, family and clients remotely !

With TeamViewer releasing software for smartphones, all you need is :

1> An android based smart phone, and / or

2> An iPhone and / or iPad, and

3> Internet connection.

Download Teamviewer for smart phones from here.

I’ve listed a few common TeamViewer Problems. If you encounter any strange problem, do post it here. We can try to find some solution !

Download Power Meter Plus to get Exact Information of your Laptop Battery

Download Power Meter Plus to get Exact Information of your Laptop Battery

Normally, you depend on the battery meter of your laptop which is placed on the tray area of laptop to get the details. However your battery mater shows incorrect information and details sometimes. Therefore, you cannot really rely on the battery meter of your laptop which is provided by the operating system.

Therefore, you must use Power Meter Plus freeware which gives you entire details and information of laptop battery. This freeware manages entire functions of laptop battery such as showing power meter, remaining time to charge it and many more.

This freeware is especially designed to show the full information of laptop battery. It displays transparent vertical bar on the screen. The less battery charge the clearer display would be. It means if the visibility of transparent bar increased then it is time to recharge your laptop battery immediately.

When you insert the charger plug in the cord the vertical meter bar of Power Meter Plus will be green. It is fully customizable, which means you can customize its color with the matching color of your theme. Power meter plus displays charge availability in percentage, and it consumes only 135 KB space of your hard disk.

Can We Stream And Watch Movies On Teamviewer ?

Teamviewer is one of the BEST remote desktop software that is available for free. One of the visitors asked me if she could use TeamViewer to watch and share movies (with her boyfriend, she wanted to make it as Romantic as possible since they both are into a long distance relationship) with someone else sitting at the other end of the world. Honestly, it is a really romantic idea to watch movie that way, but TeamViewer is not the right choice !

Teamviewer is meant for remote desktop sharing, for trouble shooting. Even if you manage to watch the movie, you may not enjoy the whole experience …

How Can I Watch Movie With My BoyFriend / GirlFriend On Remote Computer ?

If you plan to have a Romantic e-date, then there’s nothing to worry as technology is so advanced that you pretty much have a solution for anything you need ! For those who want to watch movies with their partners sitting in remote position, download a free software called VLC. We have, in the past, written an article which explains how you can use VLC as a streaming server.  Engadget too has a detailed article which explains the same !

To make it more romantic, you probably can order, online, some delectable food from the nearest restaurant and have a remote E-Dinner / E-Lunch ! 😉

“Stardock Fences” Freeware For Organizing and Grouping Shortcut Icons on Windows Desktop

“Stardock Fences” Freeware For Organizing and Grouping Shortcut Icons on Windows Desktop

Do you have a habit of creating shortcut icons of your favorite applications on the desktop for easy access? If yes, it is very important that you properly group and arrange the desktop items before your desktop starts looking messy. Moreover, as you tend to add more and more shortcut icons to your desktop, you will find it difficult to locate a desired application.

However, you can take care of this issue with the help of Fences, a grouping application by Stardock. This free Windows enhancement helps you organize your desktop shortcuts effortlessly by grouping the shortcut icons into fenced blocks with labels. You can add shortcuts to the suitable block and arrange them accordingly.

For example, you may create a block “Microsoft Office” and include the shortcut icons of MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Word into this group. You may also create a block named “Games” and fence all your computer games into it. With Stardock Fences, you can basically enhance the look of your desktop along with the accessibility.   

Stardock Fences is simple to use and extremely flexible. For creating a fence, you need to right-click on the desktop and simply drag your mouse pointer to draw a rectangle. It is also possible to resize or rearrange the fences as and when necessary.

Although the desktop shortcuts are better organized into fences, if you still feel that your desktop looks crowded with lot of fences and icons, Stardock Fences offers another feature “Quick-Hide Activated” to deal with this. This feature is able to hide/ show all the shortcut icons with a simple double-click on any blank space on the desktop.

Quick-Hide Activated feature in Stardock Fences also allows you to keep some selected fences or icons visible while you quick-hide the others. For doing so, you need to right-click on a fence and select the option “Exclude from Quick-Hide”.

This application can be downloaded free of charge from Here. Stardock Fences supports 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions of Windows Operating Systems such as Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.