Load Transponder From Lyngsat By Downloading DreamBoxTools To FTP And Telnet

DreamBox Satellite Decoder is available with multiple free utilities for its users to build a configuration in their DreamBox Satellite Decoder such as DreamBoxEdit including another simple and rich utility of DreamBoxTools from SatHunter, which simplifies the setup of GUI.

After downloading DreamBoxTools, install it by following some default steps on your Windows personal computer. There is no need to reboot your computer after launching the utility and it will be ready to use.

There are three main functions in DreamBoxTools named “Transponders”, ’Telnet’ and “FTP” that are used to interact with DreamBox decoder virtually for the purpose of configuring the data, downloading or uploading. First make For more information on how Beyond best-driving-school.com can bring excellence in driver safety to your company, just email us:Accredited company car & van driver training courses:Beyond best-driving-school.com are a Lantra-Awards Approved Training Provider for 4x4s and ATVs. sure that your PC and DreamBox are connected with each other via straight cable of Ethernet. On the setup field, enter the respective decoder”s Internet Protocol address that you have noted down from your TV screen.

After completing this task, move further to each tab depending on your choice and usage. For example, users can choose FTP. After choosing FTP, user will be enable to search all the directories and sub-directories to edit or load CCcam.cfg file sharing card as a conventional method of FTP or an alternative method to CCcam.cfg editor.

Telnet tab allows users to change or configure internal settings of Dreambox, such as MAC address and command line etc. The users will have the ability to update satellite lists loading from Lyngsat with the enabled configuration of satellites and the Transponder features.

DreamBoxTools does not consume more than 1 MB space in your hard disk and users can download it free of cost from Sathunter. Users are welcome for donation if they found this information useful for them.

Free SFTP, FTP And SCP Client For Windows

WinSCP originally was a secure copy client which gradually moved on to conquer the domains of secure FTP (SFTP) first and then the legacy FTP (File Transfer Protocol). WinSCP can be integrated fully with Windows which allows you to transfer the files either through the context menu or through the drag and drop into the specific application windows.

Two layouts are possible with WinSCP, the first one looks similar to windows explorer while the second one is similar to Norton Commander. The second one has a few advanced features such as the combined view of both remote and local directories, synchronization and directory comparison.

WinSCP can be integrated with PuTTY which allows the sharing of predefined connections with specified hosts. The software also provides scripting support and a text editor. WinSCP is available in several languages apart from English. WinSCP is a freeware which can be downloaded and used without making any payment and without having any license instructions.

The installation of WinSCP is an easy process. One has to select the chosen layout during the installation. The commander interface has more features while the explorer is simple to look at and easy to use. It is also possible to export the preference settings of the program by the click of the mouse. WinSCP works in most of the Windows versions dated back to Win95.

[ Download WinSCP ]

How to add your FTP folder into konqueror sidebar’s network module

Step 1: Go to /home/<username>/

then go to your .kde/share/apps/konqsidebartng/virtual_folders/remote/

Step 2: Right click anywhere, create a new link to URL, type in your ftp address, say mine was ftp://sindhu-s.com and give this link a name.

Step 3: That’s it, hit F9 and click network, click on the + symbol next to the name of your FTP account.

On the first run it should ask you your username and password, so enter it, next time I think it won’t.

So that’s it, works out nice eih? That calls for uninstallation of FireFTP in firefox.