Backup Flash Drives With USBFlashCopy

Download USBFlashCopy to Automatically Backup Flash Drives

Taking backups of files and folders from portable devices manually on systems will seem like a very challenging task, especially to those people who do not have sufficient technical know how. In order to make their lives easier and simpler, automatic backup application, for instance USBFlashCopy could be an excellent solution.

USBFlashCopy is compatible with windows operating systems, and it is a very helpful back-up instrument that is the takes back-up of all USB drives, storage data cards and other portable storage gadgets. It takes place immediately when the users plug them to their computers.

USBFlashCopy can be obtained free for domestic use. You can purchase this software for $39.95, which will have extra features. The silent mode enables backups of files and folders quietly in the background, without even demonstrating the back process.

The USBFlashCopy is quite compact in space, which is approximately 300 KB, and it does not require installation or any registry entries. You just have to download this application from here and run it from any drive or folder.

With USBFlashCopy, you just have to plug your USB flash drives to your computer, you will therefore prompted to choose on options like New profile, Use default profile, Never back up this media, Enable silent mode etc.

If you are person who uses external storages quite often, it might be a very helpful tool for taking backups. After configuring it for once, all you need to do is plug in your USB device, and the backup will take place automatically. In addition to being a good instrument for backups, it can also save you considerable amount of time.

Web On The Move – Which Internet Gadget Should I Buy ?

Web on the Move

Thanks to modern technology we can all stay connected to the web while we’re on the move. Mobile broadband has transformed the way many of us stay online and with services becoming better all the time there has never been a more suitable way of enjoying what the web has to offer.

Picking the right device to stay mobile with though can be a little trickier. There are now so many different gadgets that allow you to connect to the web on the move that deciding on the right option is difficult.

Which device for me?

In the last few years, the development of the smartphone has become a major force when it comes to people staying connected to the web on the move. Modern smartphones are ideally suited to getting online, as many are now as powerful as some of the full size computers we used to use. The downside is that they’re quite small, so if you need a keyboard and screen to stay productive then this could be awkward.

However, thanks to the increased competition in the marketplace, this has also meant that laptops have come down in price dramatically over the last few years. The great thing about a conventional laptop is that it gives you the extra freedom of a larger working area, so if you need a machine that will allow you to get things done quickly and easily then this can be a better way to go.

Consider too one of the many netbook deals that are on offer these days. This smaller version of the laptop will often come with slightly less power and specification than a traditional laptop but makes up for that with a design that is more suitable to staying connected on the move. In particular, you’ll find that they weigh a lot less and that’s a real bonus if you’re travelling with one.

Another option

The other route that is proving to be increasingly popular is that of the tablet computer, which first appeared on the technology scene when Apple released its original iPad device. This is something that has been designed with the traveller in mind as they’re light and functional but also offer all of the benefits of mobile internet on the move.

Of course, Apple devices are not cheap to buy, but the good news is that there has been a wealth of rival tablets released onto the market and many of them make for an ideal purchase if you want to stay connected. Lookout for tablets that run the Google Android operating system as this has a proven track record for reliability and features while also being installed on many of the cheaper models.

Which one to buy?

Before you buy any mobile internet gadget though, it’s perhaps best to first decide what you want to use it for. If you’re simply browsing the web on the go then a great deal on a smartphone running Android makes a good bet. However, if you need to be productive on your travels then either a netbook or a tablet device is an ideal option too.

No matter what you buy though, the good news is that there are now more deals around than ever, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get connected and save some money too.

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of and, the independent comparison websites for cheap mobile broadband and best smartphone deals.

Fix Gadgets Not Functioning Or Showing While UAC Is Disabled With Windows 7 Beta OS

Fix Gadgets Not Functioning Or Showing While UAC Is Disabled With Windows 7 Beta OS

While the User Account Control or UAC within Windows 7 Beta remains disabled or if it is set to ‘no notify‘, then the gadgets will stop working. There is a solution which will allow many gadgets which are to be used that are on desktop after UAC is in the disabled condition.

Just follow the simple steps that are mentioned below in order to execute the hack:

You have to close all the gadgets that are present on desktop.

Just take the ownership as well as give total control permissions to the Administrators user group for the following files: C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder:

  • settings.ini
  • sidebar.exe

Inside the folder of en-US:

  • sbdrop.dll.mui
  • Sidebar.exe.mui

Make a backup and rename those 4 files those are listed above.

Then download the

After performing the extract and copy those contents present in ZIP file into their respective folders: C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder, thus overwriting and replacing the existing files if at all applicable.

Lastly re-add gadgets on desktop.

While using Windows Sidebar when the operating system is Windows Vista, the sidebar bar can be seen on the left/right side of your desktop as seen commonly in Windows Vista. Those users who want to have everything that relates to Windows 7 may try to use modules from Windows Sidebar in Windows 7 instead. However, it did not seem to work while we were testing it out.

Adding A Mini Calendar Gadget In Gmail

Adding A Mini Calendar Gadget In Gmail

A mini calendar is a pretty useful thing which helps you to organize you events or schedule events, but this task will be more effortless if you refer it from the same window. In addition, it works as alerter or reminder of the dates for workaholics. It helps the peoples who frequently forget all when they start to work.

Now, to smoothen your work some more, Google has been made up with a mini calendar application which is especially designed for Gmail users. All you have to do is a small activation process. After completing the process a mini calendar will be added into the main Gmail screen.

There is a step by step activation process which will take less than 2 minutes to complete.

  • Log in to your Gmail account and go to “Settings” tab which is present in the right top of the screen
  • Click on the “Labs” option. When it opens, just scroll down the screen and try to find Google Calendar Gadget.
  • Finally, enable the application and save the changes made.

Now, your main Gmail screen will be displayed along with the Google Calendar. The Google Calendar will be displayed in the left most column. Just, go to the Google Calendar window and open “option” tab. Mark on the button named as “Show Mini Calendar”, it will activate the mini calendar.

Multipurpose Utility Tool Twitter Gadget Let’s To Tweet On Gmail

Multipurpose Utility Tool Twitter Gadget Let’s To Tweet On Gmail

The Recent launch of new utility tool called Twitter Gadget has attracted a mass of gmail users. This is a multipurpose utility tool, and it supports gmail users to simultaneously stay connected to their twitter account and gmail account.

Gmail users can easily tweet on their twitter accounts while checking the mails on gmail account. This gadget is one of the gmail’s advanced lab feature, it displays a tiny icon on your Gmail account’s left side navigation bar. From here users can easily login to their twitter accounts and remain connected.

Users can easily post a new formal public statement or read other users public statements from any exclusive connection. To log on to their twitter accounts users need to simply enter their account information such as login-username and password under the provided space, then just hit enter on your keyboard you’ll be automatically connected to your twitter account on gmail’s platform.

Now, once logged in, users can send or read mails and also they can send or read twitter announcements in same window, and that too from their “Gmail-Account”.

In order to make this twitter gadget functional, users don’t have to either download or install any application on their respective computer systems. As this gadget is a simple platform or base for twitter users (Web Version2.0AJAX).

So, just enjoy the benefits of gmail’s-lab-feature and utilize twitter on your Gmail account.

The important features of twitter gadget are:

  • Users can toggle-thumbnails to ON/OFF.
  • Users can get time-stamps with proclamation sources
  • Users can send and receive fresh tweets
  • Users can get rapid loading and auto-refresh by default for every 3 minutes.

Guide to enable twitter gadget on Gmail account are as follows:

  • Firstly, users need to login to their gmail account.
  • Now, navigate through settings option and select the option “labs”.
  • Now, just enable the “add-gadget-by-URL” option.
  • Now, save the settings made.

After the preference settings are stored as mentioned above, just follow the steps mentioned underneath:

  • Again navigate through settings option and select the new option namely “gadget”.
  • Now, enter the web link mentioned underneath, in the “Gadgets-text-box”.
  • URL:
  • Now, save these settings to start utilizing your twitter on Gmail.

Henceforth users can see their twitter gadget displayed as a small icon on their gmail accounts left side of navigation bar on and they can remain connected to their twitter account on gmail platform.

Now Direct Customers To Your Office Website Using Google Directions Gadget

Now Direct Customers To Your Office Website Using Google Directions Gadget

The crucial thing while marketing the product over the net is directing customers to your official website, so that they could directly visit your services or products. If such directions to your company place are too vague or unclear, then it will surely affect your business. Now, Google has been rolling out all the new service that helps businessmen.

Directions Gadget is that new service from Google which particularly helps you to post much clearer directions to your company place in your websites. This service allows you to put in modified Google Maps directions into your business websites.

By using the Directions Gadget, you could avoid the problems in preparing and updating the directions for your website. All you have to do is just make use of this service, pre-fill the destination as your preference under the “To” space. After that, you have to set the language, and then embed the obtained gadget to your site.

Once the process is completed, all the customers or visitors could fill in “From” field obtaining the directions, which are indicated under Google Map. You could thence, either print out or view these directions for effortless reference. To avoid the doubts, you have been offered with the suggestions, which improve the accuracy of the address, incase visitors go to any vague address.

Over 23 languages are integrated with this service. Google Directions has a user-friendly feature that makes it useful and handy to both, the end users and webmasters.

USB 3.0 RAID Drive Now Works At Higher Speeds With Latest Super Talent Firmware

There is always a tough competition especially in the computing world. So when you hear of a new launch, it is not really exciting news! At the same time, you can’t avoid viewing any of this latest improvement from Super talent Technology. You may wonder what Super Talent Technology is? It is a player in the Flash storage mode and DRAM modules ands has earlier had a USB 3.0 RAID DRIVE in the market.

It is interesting right now that this quick device has been made faster with a firmware update, to add a bit to the tough competition out in the market. Even if the USB drives are not so common and are updated, it is rather a unique feature. It looks like they have utilized it to the maximum, using the 2nd generation USB 3.0 technology host controllers making it possible for the RAID DRIVE to transfer date at surprisingly fast functioning speeds of 370 Mb/sec.

The raise in the speed can be above 55 Mb/sec. A number of tests were done with the help of the latest Fresco Logic FL1009B and as usual all the USB 3.0 drives are reverse-friendly with USB 2.0 ports at USB 2.0speeds. The technology firmware has been patented under US patent #7457897. Super Talent has a variety of USB 3.0 flash ranges from the economical Express DUOTM to the RAID DRIVE, the quickest of the group.

Of course, it may take a while before the competition picks up pace. Also Super Talent’s RAID DRIVE is bound to be super fast giving a solid 370meg/second. This may be a great reason to rejoice for this is something truly fast and can shift the whole content of a DVD as quick as within 15 seconds. Agreed it was able to reach these speeds even earlier, but with the help of USB controllers of that time it was forced to bring down the speed to 300meg/sec. now with this latest controller, the firmware is capable of upgrading so that its total power is utilized.

There have been discussions of the RAIDDRIVE creating quite an eruption which is yet to be seen for experts are doing their job of testing RAIDDRIVE’s creating a hotter wave, promising extra quick speed. It is priced at $30.58 for a 54 gig drive.

Portable Pico Projector From AAXA Technology With Upto 800 x 600 Resolution

It is sure good news that AAXA technologies is speeding towards bringing to people more and highly advanced Pico projectors. It was the success of their first model L1, which led to the launching of an improvised version –the L1v2 Pico Projector. This updated design enhances the functioning of L1v2, by improving the thermal efficiency of the PCOS laser light engine.

Its special 3-colour laser light source allows it to produce images with great colour saturation that can always be focused. It is specially created for professionals and entertainment, as it binds a revolutionary laser light source proprietary despecking technology, and a LCOS images together to obtain a 20 lumen output without any of the pixel headaches noticed in few other projectors.

You can consider it as one of the tiniest Pico projectors measuring 4.2inch X2.1inchX 1.2 inch, whose weight is just 170 gms and hat is inclusive of the battery. There may not be another suitable example for ideal portability. Further it also features 800X600 and 20 lumen output from 3 colour lasers bringing sharp deeply saturated images in any given condition, including bright ambient light.

The advanced v2 uses focus free projection of images up to the size of 50 inches onto any other surface, not leaving out curved surfaces, from all angles and simultaneous distant/close by surface projection. The battery capacity can be sufficient to keep the projector going for at least 1.5 hours. It also features audio streams for the MP3, AAC, and WAV formats, ad images in .jpg, .pug and .bmp formats.

It can also mange documents in .doc,.xls,.ppt and .pdf extensions. A USB drive can be used to feed such source files to the projector. You can avail accessories to connect the device to Microsoft Zune, Sony Playstation Portable, iPhone/iPad and various cell phones as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and LG. to book for this wonderful handy pocketsize device go to, and enjoy the benefits of its prior-launch price at $399 which would otherwise cost USD $499. It is available from December 1st 2010. True HD and 1080: functionality will be obtained in future releases only.