Download / Play Digger Online For Free – Windows / Unix / DOS

I’ve been a Digger fan since my childhood. I was recently searching for a downloadable version or online version for free found these links.

You can download DOS version of Digger for free from this link:

It’s best if you can download as you can play the game even if you are offline. However, if you prefer playing it online, here’s the link:

Apart from the DOS version, they have Windows / Unix version too for free download.

Tip: To make the ‘Digger’ experience more exciting you can play the game upside down, i.e, by flipping windows screen upside down. I’m trying to train my mind to play the ‘up-side-down’ version and it’s quite a challenge. Must try I suggest 🙂

Improve Your Gaming Performance

Tips for Improving Gaming Performance

This information guide will assist you in case you are facing problems while playing games. Few tips in this guide will be analogous to the instructions for stepping up a computer. Nevertheless, there are a couple of tips provided that specifically enhances the games performance. However, the steps mentioned below might not be of much help, in case your computer does not have the requisite system requirements for running the games.

Registry Cleaning

You might realize that your system is becoming slower over the passage of time. This is mostly due to the registry problems, stored due to installation and uninstallation of various programs, which eventually affects the windows. To eliminate these problems it is recommended to use a registry cleaner.

Close all other Programs

If you want to increase your gaming experience then you should close all the background functions.

Turning off Anti-Aliasing

This will likely reduce your games appearance. However, it can definitely speed up your games in case, you are encountering any problems.

Lowering down the Resolution and Detail levels in Games

The games on its own have numerous video options in it. You will be able to enhance the performance merely by reducing the resolution and lowering detail levels on various things.

Turning Off Window Graphics

Turning off or reducing the windows graphics is going to significantly boost the speed of your games. This tip is beneficial for older computers. You might have to forgo some cool graphics for speed enhancement.


Defragmenting will help you to increase the space by adjusting the data efficiently on the windows. When the space on your hard disks increases it will consequently enhance the performance of the computer and in turn allows you to improve the game performance.

Cleaning of your computer

The inside structure of your computer could get dusty as the time passes by. This dust will become a hindrance in the performance of the fan and the cooling system of the PC may not function efficiently. Games produce a lot of heat as a result of the stress it applies on the CPU and video cards. This excessive heat generated while playing will certainly slow down the computer. Cleaning the PC will definitely increase the speed of the computer, which in turn will enhance the games performance.

Updated Video Driver

Many companies provide updates for their video cards, which in turn increase the video cards performance so it is recommended to update your drivers.

Memory Upgradation

Many games require large memory for their better performance so it will be better for you to increase the memory of your computer according to the requirement of the game.

For better games performance make sure that your computer has the required configuration to perform well. If your computer meets the required configuration then follow all these steps one by one. Before starting a game, close all the background functions like those in the taskbar and keep your system up to date.

Enjoy Disney Jellycar3 On Apple Devices

Latest Disney Jellycar3 Game For iPad and iPhone

This is the biggest news for the fans of JellyCar series game. The latest version of the JellyCar series has been ultimately rolled out at the app store of apple to download and install on your devices. It is a universal application so you can download and install the game on your devices like iPad or iPhone. The mechanics of the game is sufficiently creative to keep you entertained. Moreover, this version has few more features that enhance the enjoyment of the game.

In this game you have to control the jelly car and drive it through the several obstacles in search of the small stop sign. Once, you reach the stop sign, the level comes to an end. Overall, you are competing against the time or the set clock. Make sure that you have to finish each level within the prescribed timeframe to win the game and earn points. The more points you earn, the more new levels will be unlocked.

As far as the entire graphics of this latest JellyCar 3 game is concerned, you will get more vivid and interesting themes to play. The obstacles course of this new version is refined and developed with latest barriers to pass. In one level you have to fly your car with balloons and in other level you have to drive car into the foam slingshot.

The controls of the game are very easy to handle, as you just need to touch the right side of your screen to move the car forward. You need to press the left side for moving your car backwards. This is the best ever iOS device game app that can give you interesting experience of playing JellyCar game.

There is a rewind feature available to correct your mistakes committed while playing the game. However, there is a limitation of using rewind feature as you can use it only up to 10 times. Additionally, you can personalize your car type and color easily. However, customizing will not improve the performance of the car.

Our Suggestion

There are several Walt Disney games available especially for the iOS devices including JellyCar2 version. You can download other Disney games from the apple store such as Tron: Legacy, Toy story, Alice in wonderland and etc. All these games are especially designed to support iOS devices without any bug and glitch. You can avail these games directly from the Apple store or other third party websites that offer these games for download. However, the best way to download genuine games is from the official store.

Download Mad Monkey Game For Free On iPhone

Mad Monkey Free iPhone Game Reaches the Top 50 Rank

The latest free version of Mad Monkey game has been rolled out in the market by SKH Apps. This free game version will be available at iTunes app store.  The interesting fact about this recently released version is that it has been positioned at the top 50 kid and action games categories at the iPad store.  The simple and attractive graphics and easy handling game mechanics have made it very popular among the people. The cartoon design of monkey which throws items at very high speed and easy to use manuals are the core features of this game.

The game has a smiling monkey which throws the items while sliding forth and back.  Users have to catch the fruit using the single finger. As you start catching more and more items or objects, it makes monkey naughty and frustrated. The monkey starts throwing objects with higher speed so, you fail to catch the objects and it splashes on your screen, which makes the monkey happy. Players will get new graphics and surroundings at each level such as circus scene, picnic theme, and science lab having two cloned monkeys, oriental theme including ninja monkeys throwing sushi. Overall there are several things that keep you entertained. Therefore, this game has gained so much popularity and listed at the top of the iPad store game categories.  It is unarguably the best game to have in your iDevices to keep yourself amused.

What are the system requirements to download and install Mad Monkey game:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • The device must be running on iOS 3.0 version or advanced version
  • 6.8 MB free space on your device

What is the cost of Mad Monkey game:

This Mad Monkey game 1.0 version is completely free to download and is available at the apps store in games categories. Download it free here : Mad Monkey download link.

Our Point Of View:

We consider this particular game as a best game having similarities with classic game called, Kaboomi. However, it is a free version so users can easily enjoy catching the fruits and annoying the monkey.  There are many other free iPhone games available at the Apple store to download. Moreover, it is a family inspired game.

The Hottest Electronic Device On The Market: Xbox Kinect

When it comes to innovative technology, Microsoft and Xbox hit the ball way out of the park when they launched their newest product; the Xbox Kinect. Their catchy slogan “You are the controller” speaks the truth and defines their product very well. With the Kinect, you literally are the controller and there are numerous options, combined with the amazing hands free technology, which appeals to a wide variety of consumers.

From gamers, to fitness seekers, movie watchers, and advent TV viewers, the Kinect has features that appeal to them all, making it one of the best consumer electronics available. The games combine movement with stunning video graphics and deliver an intense experience that gets everyone off the couch and on their feet. The completely hands free technology means that your every move is recorded and it also recognizes your voice so that you can give verbal commands from anywhere in the room.

For the people in the house who are not ‘gamers’ they can also benefit from the Kinect being installed. It gives you completely hands free control of your television. Allows you to sort through your movies, play live TV, and so much more! The versatile features on the Xbox Kinect make it the perfect product to market.

The Xbox Kinect has been one of the fastest selling electronic products in history. In the first 60 days of its release, the Kinect sold an amazing 8 million units. As of March 9th of 2011, there have been 10 million units sold. Those numbers are mind boggling. As I type this Microsoft is already working on new ways to expand the features of the Kinect so that it appeals to an even wider range of people. Facebook, Bing, Fun lab, and tons more new and inventive features are on their way for consumers!

Use Vacuum Magic To Easily Download Free Magical Games

Use Vacuum Magic To Easily Download Free Magical Games

Vacuum Magic one of the sweet satisfaction where the game lovers or the professional gamers drain off chocolate gratis falling from the sky and shoot it at evil bees and other equally threatening creatures. The Vacuum Magic consist suction-like vacuum mirrors. It seems baby-like movements of sucking and fulfils Freud’s theory which states that adults not at all got adequate of it.

This game is for those who like spitting and sucking. You can spit bees at other bees, if you are good and swift at sucking even you can spit at the evil bees by maintaining toxic candy. Candy sucking has requested to both females and males, where as shooting may please some primitive instinct in males seeing as our post-natal days. While in exceptional timed boss fights and challenge rounds you will get extra nutrients in the online casino form of a protective shield by swallowing other complements to the main staple.

Navigation keys are the control keys and are simple to master where as arrow keys are used to navigate movement forward and back or up and down. If you have swallowed ammo in the shape of bees or candy, Space key for fire away. Change tracks (Run away) if you don’t have anything in your mouth! Vacuum magic is simple and fun. Even though this game is open-source and free, still it is in the developmental stage. It is runs on Vista and it is downloadable. The game requirements are 3-D Video Card and 128MB RAM.

Download Vacuum Magic 0.13

A Social Networking Game For Ipod Touch And Iphone

A Social Networking Game For Ipod Touch And Iphone

The publisher and leading developer in mobile games, PressOK Entertainment launched the mobile phone version of the popular PC game Bumper Stars. The game has been specially designed for Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone. The mobile version too promises the same level of fun and excitement as its earlier version.

The game as described by its manufacturers is a mixture of pool, shuffleboard and pinball. This launch of the mobile version of Bumper Stars helps users enjoy the games on their iPhone and iPod touch. The game can be played in both multi player and single player mode.   

The Vice President of the Business Development Center of PressOK Entertainment quoted that the company always looks forward to launch more and more interactive games that allows the user to stay connected with his handset and enjoy the benefits of playing an adventurous and interactive game.

The company along with the games provides Facebook Connect, a tool that helps users to challenge their friends on Facebook directly from their phones. They can instantly play against them and beat them.  You can also update and break highest scores and then update them on to your profiles.

Wade Tiney, Large Animal Game’s founding member and CEO quoted that Bumper Stars has got the best support in the iPod Touch and iPhone. This mobile version enables users to challenge and play with their friends from wherever they are. It also gives an opportunity to those who haven’t played the game on the computer before.

The mobile version of Bumper Stars can be downloaded from iTunes Application Store for a price of $2.99. The company plans to launch the version for Android, Blackberry, BREW and J2ME platforms. Currently iPod touch and iPhone users can have a full feel of this game and have an exciting gaming time.

Tip To Load Your Farmville Game Faster

Tip To Load Your Farmville Game Faster

I bet, you surely have heard and played Farmville game on the Facebook social networking website. This one is the most popular online game. There are several persons who are addicted to this game and love to play every time. However, you have noticed that Farmville game takes too much time to load next level.

If you are thinking that it is mistake of your computer or lack of high speed internet then you are heading in wrong way. Although, you have high speed internet, Farmville will take substantial time to load next level.  

Since there are many files and scripts have to be loaded to start next level so Farmville takes too much time. Every problem comes with the solution so as here is the solution to make Farmville load next level faster.

Here is the simple trick to load your next level faster

Probably you will be surprised to know this simple trick. Simply, you hide or sell your few animals to lessen the time period to load next level. You just need to click on the animal and choose the option from the drop down list. You can either choose to sell or hide them.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with Game Booster

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with Game Booster

It can get really annoying and frustrating when you’re in the middle of an exciting stage of the game and it halts due to low resources of your computer. It hurts more when you’re about to complete or overtake a record and it switches off. The first thing that strikes in your mind is to kick that idiotic machine.


IObit has introduced an interesting process which has been designed for ardent gamers to provide them with uninterrupted experience of gaming. Game Booster, the free application from IObit enhances your gaming experience.


Game Booster enhances performance by cleaning up the Random Access Memory (RAM), shutting down the background processes temporarily and it also intensifies the performance of the processor. It also maximizes the performance of your computer by keeping some features of the operating system on standby mode and activates them when required.

This application enhances the gaming conditions without changing or formatting the Windows Registry or system settings. All the previous and present versions of Windows are compatible with Game Booster and can be easily downloaded onto your systems.

Get your systems boosted up by this application from IObit and enjoy uninterrupted and enhanced gaming experience. Boosting up your gaming experience is just a download away.

Call Of Duty ‘Black Ops’ Rejected By The Cuban Government

Cuban Government has surprised the developers of ‘Call of Duty’ with regards to theirs latest single shooter game’s most recent version ‘Black Ops’. In spite of the fact that the game has won over many a heart, with a record sales of 5.6 million copies within one day, yet they seem to have incurred the wrath of the Govt, who has specifically expressed their displeasure about the game because the game’s initial plan and story is all about a mission of secret operations to kill the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro.

It has angered the Govt to such an extent that it has curtly expressed it through their official website Cubadebate (the post is in Cuban, you’ll have to use Google translator (link) to understand, unless you know Cuban :)). It says that the US Govt is aiming at its goal through video games by supplying players with war weapons in the military missions on the land of Cuba. The very first mission asks the players to assassinate Castor, which goes back to the John F Kennedy rule. Further, the game also supports violence naming the game ‘doubly perverse’ and also supports anti-social behaviour in the American teenagers who happen to form a majority of the people playing this game.

Although it is true that the game can bring about some violence in the behaviour, it is not yet proved that it has turned the youngsters into anti-social elements. It is considered an M-rated video game set in Cuba, the Soviet Union and Vietnam and is a very unrealistic cold war game where the players match up with the Bay of Pigs invasion in order to succeed in their bloody mission of killing young Fidel Castro.

The Cuban authorities feel that the Americans are trying to live out their fantasies of assassinating Castro through their video games. They also express that the US is trying to achieve what they could not do for in the past fifty years. All this was brought out by their official website Cubadebate. The mission in the game is set to takes place with John F Kennedy in the white house at the time of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, which also gave rise to the nuclear Armageddon.