Connect Sony PlayStation 3 To TV Without HDMI Cable

Steps to connect TV with Play Station 3 without the help of HDMI cable

Sony computer Entertainment As we all know is popular for its gaming console called Play station 3, and it brings all new gaming experience for gamers. You need three things to run a play station 3 and they are HDMI cable, TV and obviously a play station.

There are some TV sets which don’t have HDMI ports and thus it makes it difficult to run Play Station 3. There are some tricks that will allow you to run Play station 3 on TV.

The best known connecting device is obviously HDMI video cable. Being a single cable it gives best performance in both the aspects of audio and video.

Things you should do to run Play station 3 on TV without the HDMI cable connector:

  • Component AV cable: it is a video cable with 5 points. Those 5 points or jacks should be plugged in in your TV as well as Play station 3. You can surely expect a HD quality of audio and video. It comes along with the Play station 3 for free.
  • S video cable: This connector has 3 ports which should be connected with TV and PS3. It serves a standard quality.

Top 10 Games For Xbox, Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC

I wrote how Xbox has more sales, when compared to Sony PS3 or Wii in one of the previous post. I was curious to see what games folks are playing. Though this data is subjected to change, a compilation will not hurt. Given below are the top ten games for October:

1]NBA 2k11 – Xbox, Wii, PS2, PSP,PC.

2] Fallout: New Vegas – Xbox, PS3, PC.

3] Medal of Honour –Xbox, PS3, PC.

4] Fable 111 – Xbox.

5] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 11 – Xbox, PS3, Wii, PC, NDS.

6] Halo: Reach – Xbox.

7] Just dance 2 – Wii.

8] FIFA Soccer 11 – Xbox, Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP, NDS, PC.

9] Madden NFL11 – Xbox, Wii, PS3, PS2, and PSP.

10] WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 – Xbox, Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP.

Wait a second now, wondering where Call of Duty is in the list ?? Did gamers decide not to play as the Cuban govt would not like it ?? 😉

Search Engine To Download Music, Games, E-Books

It is always very simple and easy to download music, games, e-books and much more through latest search engine Goofind; which is best suited to utilize Google’s wide range of database to look for the files to match you r search. In spite of improvised search methods and parameters, which can be used on the Google search, while downloading files, Goofind too functions much on the same lines baring the fact that it limits the result to certain pages that connect to the files that tally with the enquiry.

Here it is important to note that the highest record of results come from unprotected user servers or directories. Generally speaking, users have their own special space to save data required, when they take help from a certain server or directory.

But then, many directories do come unprotected and even if the search engines do ultimately find their texts, they land up with search engines’ entire index, including what they do not require. Therefore, to find directories with required files, simply enter a search term in the form and press the search button. Goofind will then publish all this, with light advertisements on the sides.

Goofind’s duty is to broaden your search results by giving you details of the unprotected server data too, making your search a much more effortless one. You need to enter and enter the search details. Goofind will come back with 10 hits/page along with a great many ads too on the sides. Google Chrome users can utilize the Chrome extension as well.

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What’s The Price Of Panasonic – The Jungle ? Where Can I Buy It In Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Madras, Kolkata

The present gaming market is being monopolized by iPhone and iPod Touch giving cause for marketing supremos like Sony and Nintendo to rack their brains, to try all ways to retain what best they can. So ideally speaking, it may not be the right time to enter the gaming arena at the moment. But Panasonic has not only dared to enter, but has also proved to be a strong competitor.

About 15 years ago [3D gaming console], Panasonic had tried their hand at gaming, but were not very successful. But now they have ventured with double the enthusiasm to introduce their latest Online Gaming-focused business termed Panasonic Cloud Entertainment in short PCENT, focused on introducing their one device THE JUNGLE. But it looks like Panasonic are still being a bit secretive about this project.

Now coming to the most important bit – The price of Panasonic’s The Jungle and availability in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Madras, Kolkota and other places in India… They haven’t yet released the price band and no one knows about the availability. Do not worry, I’ll keep you updated about it!!

This is how it should look. The Jungle is not just the title given to the handset, but also stands for the brand comprising of few other things. This is in addition of video content creation, which they have collaborated with to launch a new weekly show-Online Underground. It also includes working with third party developers.

If everything works as planned, the Jungle should be a clamshell, more like a dual-touch sensitive-D-pads, the display on the upper segment and a touchpad and keyboard. Concentrating on an online gaming and ‘content in the cloud’ is their main area of interest. They have been able to confirm only one game –Battlestar Galactica Online. BSG: Online is made by Big point- the creators of Flash based online games.

This device boasts of a 3.5mm jack, a micro USB port, a Mini HDMI port, and many more. The handheld is directed specifically at giving MMO [massive multiplayer online] players a way to get their game going and bears QWERTY keyboard, high-res display and a touch sensitive-d-pad and buttons. It has been created with the intention of taking MMORPGs [massive multiplayer online role playing games] along with you wherever you go. It may be running atop a custom linux build. Appearance wise, it seems to be to be a bit clunky, may have a touch of Nokia’s N-Gage gadgets. You can san The Jungle is more like a tiny PC, the first time MMORPG freaks will be ever going outdoors to play and level up their wizards.

Watch the video: