OnLive Cloud Gaming Services

Online gaming has always been a popular gaming platform that has attracted thousands of players however a fairly new platform is available to gamers. This platform was released last year on June 17 and allows players to experience a wide variety of games from their computer via a cloud based gaming platform. This new platform is called OnLive and has been a godsend to gamers with low end computers and no other gaming consoles.

The whole premise behind OnLive is to allow gamers everywhere to play the games they want on their computer regardless of their computer’s capabilities. The only thing that players need to play OnLive games is a computer that will run video and an internet connection faster than, or equal to, 2Mbit/s.

What computers/devices can OnLive run on?

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac computers
  • Android phones and iPhones
  • iPad tablets and Android tablets

So what games are available on OnLive?

Well, with over fifty different publishers offering their games on OnLive, there is a fairly extensive selection of games for players to choose from; from classic, to indie, and even modern games, all are available on OnLive.

Publishers include: Ubisoft, Epic Games, Warner Bros., Eidos Interactive, Take-Two, and more.

Some titles include: Assassins Creed Revelations, Saints Row The Third, L.A. NoireNBA 2K11, Red Faction, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider, The Witcher, Lego Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Elements of War, Fallout 2, F.E.A.R 2 and 3, and many more titles.

So what’s the cost?

Of course this amazing service isn’t free, however gamers can rest easy knowing it doesn’t cost too much either. If a player wants to own a game they can pay a bit under retail price for most of the games, however if they simply want to rent the game they pay under ten bucks for a bit under a week.

The new games will most likely cost a bit more however some of the older games are fairly cheap and quite enjoyable to revisit!

Overall opinion of OnLive

OnLive is a unique gaming platform that allows gamers to enjoy all of the games they want from a variety of devices. Another great feature is the fact that the games are stored on cloud services ensuring that no space is taken up on the devices. For the price, this service is an excellent deal.


AVADirect Nano Cube – Compact, Powerful And Reasonable – Perfect For Gaming

Here is the AVADirect Nano Cube, a personal gaming computer, assuring you high quality functioning. It contains some reasonable hardware qualities and one of the first mini ITX gaming systems that was released. It consists of hardware that goes from dual channel memory to the latest processors.

Let’s see what its unique features are, even with its compact size:-

  • Form Factor – Prior mention has been made that this is a Small Form Factor PC[SFF PC] measuring upto 8.7” X 5.1” X 13” only. Good things do come in small packages, but it is also attached with few drawbacks.
  • Processor – Users of AVADirect Nano Cube can choose between the Intel Core i7 or Core i5 LGA1156 processors. It is the i5 processor which has the default configuration, but you can opt for the upgraded one containing the i7 processor.
  • RAM[Memory] – It supports RAM upto 8GB and the default option is 2GB from Kingston. For a better performance, it is always wise to choose 4GB of RAM.
  • Graphics Card – All kinds of graphic cards, inclusive of ATI and NVIDIA are supported by AVADirect Nano Cube. The users has the choice o f selecting any card like the GeForce GT220; NVIDIA GeForce GT x 260; the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240; or the ATI Radeon TM HD 4200 graphic cards.
  • Storage – This cube is accommodative with 2TB hard drives. Here the default configuration will fetch you only a 320 GB hard disk.
  • Optical Media and Blu-Ray – It comes with a dual layer DVD burner, but it is your choice if you want to choose an upgraded option, adding Blu-Ray compatibility to your desktop.
  • Price – It is priced at $821, but with the addition of some upgrade options, hard disk Blu-ray support and much more, the price touches $1700.
  • Warranty – It has a 1 year warranty on labour and parts.
  • Now to talk of its drawbacks – There is no doubt that this small factor desktop gaming PC is quite advantageous with its great features, bit it is not all satisfying, mainly because there is no fire wire port available with this case. Also, a point noteworthy is that there is problem with Fan Wiring and Noise, maybe due to the crammed up space and internal wiring.

The Cube can be altered and designed to suit the user’s needs and the AVA technicians are well versed in bringing about such alterations. But that is only if your intentions are to satisfy your gaming needs. Therefore it is not very helpful for home users. Like we say, looks may be deceptive; the desktop may not look very attractive, but sure offers many facilities.

You may find other gaming options but this mini gaming console AVADirect Nano Cube has earned a great fan club for itself. To put it in other words, this gaming PC integrates the power of a gaming notebook at the price and value of a desktop and thereby bringing to you the benefits of both worlds.

It is handy/portable enough to easily be carried to any friends house or a party, but powerful all the same, enough to mesmerize your friends and win the game. Small in size no doubt, but big in features. It has options for wireless-N network and all the current technology like Blu-ray and amazing large 2TB hard drives.

In order to obtain best results, opt for a solid state disk SSD for the quickest read/write speeds of any hard drive. But change is always welcome, and alterations can be made accordingly!

Connect Sony PlayStation 3 To TV Without HDMI Cable

Steps to connect TV with Play Station 3 without the help of HDMI cable

Sony computer Entertainment As we all know is popular for its gaming console called Play station 3, and it brings all new gaming experience for gamers. You need three things to run a play station 3 and they are HDMI cable, TV and obviously a play station.

There are some TV sets which don’t have HDMI ports and thus it makes it difficult to run Play Station 3. There are some tricks that will allow you to run Play station 3 on TV.

The best known connecting device is obviously HDMI video cable. Being a single cable it gives best performance in both the aspects of audio and video.

Things you should do to run Play station 3 on TV without the HDMI cable connector:

  • Component AV cable: it is a video cable with 5 points. Those 5 points or jacks should be plugged in in your TV as well as Play station 3. You can surely expect a HD quality of audio and video. It comes along with the Play station 3 for free.
  • S video cable: This connector has 3 ports which should be connected with TV and PS3. It serves a standard quality.

Call Of Duty – Black Ops – Breaks All Records – Best Selling Game Of All Times

Well I was really wondering, when I got the list of Top 10 games for the month of Oct, why Call of Duty was not in the list. Well may be, there are other reasons than it being popular !

Call of Duty, has managed to create a ‘record of sorts’ because it has surpassed all earlier records in game sales to touch a figure of over $650 million with 5 days of its launch only. It earned $360 million from the retail sales in a mere 24 hours in the US and UK only. It can boast of being the most popular as no other game has reached anywhere close.

It would not be wrong if you say it has created a history of sorts by pushing all other games way behind! It is well known that Black Ops is a continuation of the all time loved Modern Warfare 2. this maybe the best of the Call of Duty series and projects highly enhanced clear graphics, exotic weapons, sophisticated game play and on the whole a greater distinction than earlier versions.

Over 7 million units were sold, 36% for PS3 and 59% for Xbox 360 (this may be coz more Xbox has outgrown sales compared to Sony PS3 / Wii). It was the solution for the high urge for improvised feelings by giving deeply attractive audio visual effects along with thrilling game play ideas creating an astounding atmosphere to hold the gamer’s attention. ‘There is a soldier in all of us’ is the title the game says and it has been proved right too. It is an M-rated game.

Presently basking in this unexpected super success, the team of game developers have done a great job and should be given due credit for. Resources report that Call of Duty has become the first entertainer to create history of setting 5 day launch records for 2 successive years in all form of entertainment. Yet another piece of information says that with a record breaking performance on Xbox LIVE, which house the world’s biggest Call of Duty gaming group, Call of Duty: Black Ops has already created a legacy of its own as one of the biggest video games in history.

Though the game was initially opened on Xbox, it is fast gaining popularity on the Sony PlayStation 3. It has also earned the title of best selling video game launch of all times on and at Game stop. Call of Duty: Black Ops boasts of the largest number of pre-orders of any video game till date, which bodes very well for sales especially during holidays. The percentage of people playing online games and the hours they spend on it, exhibits how important online gaming is and how it has become a vital source of entertainment. A big drawback however in the video gaming industry is the poor titles that are being released. But with Call of Duty: Black Ops, that drawback has also been proved wrong!

Xbox 360, Sony PS3 Or Wii – Which One Has Maximum Sales

It is not astonishing that the Xbox has bagged the top position on its sales considering the superior quality that it brings out. This has enabled it to over-power Sony PS3 and Wii, shooting to the top position of gaming consoles. Latest Microsoft reports say that sales have surpassed 3.5 million units until October and has been on a steady increase even after that. It has managed to maintain the same position for 5 months now.

This constant increase depends mainly on the availability of the gaming software. It is also the area where Microsoft has earned bonus points over others, because it has 6 out of the top 10 console games obtained for the month, along with such popular games like Halo: Reach and Fable111. This is enough to show that without sufficient software even the best of gaming stations can take a back seat.

If this is the status of gaming hardware[ a downfall], the gaming software on the other hand is on a rapid increase of sales and with Microsoft holding most of the top gaming softwares, Xbox can be at no other position than the top. In gaming, the user always looks for more thrilling games which is proved in the greatest Call of Duty: Black Ops. Xbox 360 supposedly gathered 59% of the Black Ops market in comparison to the 36% of PS3.

Sony and Nintendo have more cause to worry for the tough competition thrown by Xbox 360 Kinect’s popularity. And unless they can come up with better ideas, Microsoft has all the chances of remaining at the top. In October, the sales were prominent with Microsoft at 325000 units against 250000 units of PS3 and 232000 units of Nintendo Wii, speaking volumes for itself.

This result makes Microsoft the only console to have sold more units every successful year. It is important to note that these figures have been obtained before the launch of Xbox 360 Kinect which claimed to have sold over 1 million units in one day. The competition gets tougher with the approach of Christmas, for the new releases by Xbox360 Kinect and Sony PlayStation More, will determine their positions too.

On the whole, sales of video game hardware all over the industry has fallen by 26% to $280 million for October, while video gaming software sales have risen by 6% and accessory sales have shot up by 18% to reach a target of $142 million. Constant updates can be obtained through Twitter and Facebook Fan page.

Check the top ten games for the month of October !

Call Of Duty ‘Black Ops’ Rejected By The Cuban Government

Cuban Government has surprised the developers of ‘Call of Duty’ with regards to theirs latest single shooter game’s most recent version ‘Black Ops’. In spite of the fact that the game has won over many a heart, with a record sales of 5.6 million copies within one day, yet they seem to have incurred the wrath of the Govt, who has specifically expressed their displeasure about the game because the game’s initial plan and story is all about a mission of secret operations to kill the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro.

It has angered the Govt to such an extent that it has curtly expressed it through their official website Cubadebate (the post is in Cuban, you’ll have to use Google translator (link) to understand, unless you know Cuban :)). It says that the US Govt is aiming at its goal through video games by supplying players with war weapons in the military missions on the land of Cuba. The very first mission asks the players to assassinate Castor, which goes back to the John F Kennedy rule. Further, the game also supports violence naming the game ‘doubly perverse’ and also supports anti-social behaviour in the American teenagers who happen to form a majority of the people playing this game.

Although it is true that the game can bring about some violence in the behaviour, it is not yet proved that it has turned the youngsters into anti-social elements. It is considered an M-rated video game set in Cuba, the Soviet Union and Vietnam and is a very unrealistic cold war game where the players match up with the Bay of Pigs invasion in order to succeed in their bloody mission of killing young Fidel Castro.

The Cuban authorities feel that the Americans are trying to live out their fantasies of assassinating Castro through their video games. They also express that the US is trying to achieve what they could not do for in the past fifty years. All this was brought out by their official website Cubadebate. The mission in the game is set to takes place with John F Kennedy in the white house at the time of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, which also gave rise to the nuclear Armageddon.

How To Control The Kinect’s Motors From Windows

HaxOrs have found out how to manage the Kinect’s motors ( official website)from Windows, a huge leap in the direction of the entire control of the latest Microsoft Gaming Product. This demo describes the functions of motors within kinect responding to a tiny app on the desktop. You never know, it might turn out to be just the opening for the $20,000 reward offered for an open-source kinect!

But it is not the love of money which provoked the hacking! It is believed that the person behind this is the same person who was responsible for the hacking of Play station Eye in 2008 and he has already managed to obtain video streams from both cameras to output to his PC. But there has been no word of his releasing the code. It was tracked just 3 days after its releases in the US and it is not yet launched in UK!

Watch the video here:

Via CrunchGear.