Disable Gmail Threaded Conversation View

Tips for Disabling Threaded (Grouped) Conversation View in Gmail

Email threading Or Conversation view is the pioneer feature of Gmail, the main function of this is to group the emails of the same topic collectively. Conversation view keeps the mailbox uncluttered, which otherwise will be disorganized without this feature. The email threading and grouping furthermore makes it easy for reading and replying to an email.

When Gmail made its debut way back in 2004, conversation view was mandatory without any option for turning it off or disabling the threading feature. Along with the passage of time, new features have been added in Gmail and now this is not a mandatory feature, you have the ability to disable it if you do not want email in grouped view.

Here are the steps for disabling or turning off the conversion view in Gmail.

Login to Gmail account

Go to Settings

In the General tab, find Conversation view section

Select the radio button of Conversation View Off

Click Save Changes button

The changes to the mailbox will be made immediately after following the above-mentioned procedure where the conversation view will be turned off and all the threaded messages will be split into separate messages.

Auto Advance Feature of Gmail for Effective Email Archiving or Removal

Auto Advance Feature of Gmail for Effective Email Archiving or Removal

Usually Gmail goes back to your Inbox once you have done with email removal

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or archive, which is not successful particularly when it involves multiple emails processing. Consider, how you can successfully archive or remove emails in Gmail without having to shuttle in between inbox? With “Auto-Advance” function from googlemail lab, it is possible to enable the function according to your usage and preference.

From your Googlemail account (assume that you have logged in) go to the setting, which is positioned at the upper right corner of your screen.
Then go to select Labs, and scroll downward to Auto-Advance. To enable this feature click the enable button. Now to save the settings click “save setting.”
Now once again access the setting, within General tab, browse to “Auto-Advance” and then select the desired setting. For example, users can easily alter it to next(newer) or previous(older) conversation.

Make Calls to Mobile Phones and Landline (Free calls to US and CANADA) with Gmail

Make Calls to Mobile Phones and Landline (Free calls to US and CANADA) with Gmail

Google has officially launched its new service called Google Mail phone call, with free of charge phone calls to CANADA and US locations. With the help of this service, customers can dial phone as simple as dialing a normal phone and have the ability to make call to people almost anywhere across the world via internet. This new phone call service differs as compared to Gmail chat, Gmail video and Gtalk voice, which requires two persons to remain online at the same time signed into any of these on their PC. The name itself suggests that phone calling offers to make call to the person directly on their mobile and enables users to utilize their headset and microphone.

To use this service you just have to to install the voice and video chat plug in and follow the below mentioned process:

• Go to Voice and Video chat feature site.
• Download the Voice and Video Chat Plug in.
• Close all open browser windows and then install the Voice and Video Chat Plug-In.
• Sign in to Gmail and the setting up is done.
• Once finish install just click “Call phone” at the top of your chat list and dial a number or enter a contact’s name

Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail (smtp.live.com) In Gmail

Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail (smtp.live.com) In Gmail

Now, the new feature has been introduced in the Gmail which allows you to send mail with a custom domain SMTP server. This feature in the Gmail helps you to send mail with the custom “From:” Your actual Gmail e-mail address could now be concealed with this feature. The recipients will see the different email address having the domain name other than Gmail.

If you would like to configure your Gmail so that it would send the mail via outbound SMTP server of Windows Live Hotmail, then just go through the following Hotmail SMTP settings.

SMTP server: smtp.live.com
Port: 25
Username: [username]@hotmail.com
Password: [password]

Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail: Yes (Check)
Sometimes, when you add the above given SMTP configuration intended for Hotmail in Gmail, you’ll be most likely prompted with the following error massage:

“Couldn’t reach server. Please double-check the server and port number.”

If you try to change the SMTP port to 587 will also pop out the same error. When you add a port 465 try to connect, Gmail will hang for a while when it goes to check credentials. After that, it finally displays the following error massage:

“Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later, or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information.”

After all these errors we could finally note that there is an issue or a problem with Gmail service so that it can’t connect and access to smtp.live.com via SSL. Therefore you have to fallback with the unsecured connection of Windows Live Hotmail SMTP server having the port 25.

So, to send the mail with your custom Hotmail identity you should untick and uncheck the setting of “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail” and then ensure that the SMTP port is 25.

Gmail to receive and see mail that you have received in other email accounts

Use Gmail to receive and see mail that you have received in other email accounts too

Now days most of the people uses more than two email accounts according to the preferences. When it comes to check the emails in different email account, the problem arises then. You have to login in to different email service provider to check your mails and this is one of the tedious thing to do. Make your Gmail account as the only client to receive and send mails via Gmail.

Now let us see how to do it with an example.

Let say you have three different email accounts by the name of

Now let us see how to integrate.

  • Open your Gmail account by login in to it.
  • Go to settings.
  • Get in to accounts tab.
  • You will have an option to add another email account under the option named “Send Email as”,
  • You will be asked to fill in the details of the new email account.
  • Now all you have to do is to add [email protected] and [email protected].
  • After you have added all the email accounts, valid ones, you will receive a verification mail from Gmail. You have to verify the email ID you have integrated and you are done.
  • From now on all the mails from different email account will be present in your Gmail account.

Move contact list from Microsoft outlook to Gmail or Vice Versa

How Easy to Move contact list from Microsoft outlook to Gmail or Vice Versa

It might be possible your maximum contacts are saved in company’s Microsoft outlook and you want to keep your contacts with you always. Now you are planning to get access of your important contacts while you are out of the office. For that you have to merge contact list of Microsoft outlook into Gmail account so you will get access your important contact whenever you want. So there are few steps to make your wish fulfill.

Copy list of the contact from Microsoft outlook to Gmail:

  • Start Microsoft outlook open file>import and export.
  • Choose “export to a file” and click next button

  • Select “comma-separated values” and click on next

  • Navigate to your list of contact and click on next
  • Give the file name and save it. This file will be in .csv extension

  • login to Gmail account
  • Click on the “contacts” on left pane and select “import” at right top corner
  • Browse to locate .csv extension file which you saved earlier
  • Now click on import to start importing contact from Microsoft outlook into Gmail account and save it with new name.
  • Once the process of importing completed you will get option to save it or not. Either you merge it or ignore if already contacts exist.


Copy list of contacts from Gmail to Microsoft outlook:

  • Open your Gmail account page and click on “export
  • Now select the contact list which you want to export
  • Click on export button to start the process. The file automatically will be named as contact.csv and save it.
  • Open your Microsoft outlook and move to import and export option. Select import option and click on next button to proceed this process

  • select “comma-separated values” and click on next
  • Browse to locate file created in Gmail account to export into outlook. In the new tab you will get option to deal with duplicate entries and reduce redundancy if required. You can choose the option to do not import duplicate files in outlook account.

  • Now click on next button to forward this process to its end. And finally you got your contact list merged.

Gmail Feature To change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

Converting feature of Gmail enables users to change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

A little while back Gmail labs introduced new feature in Gmail which helps you to convert contents of Gmail into Google Doc. You can also publish or share it through your own blog.  The main important characteristic of this feature is that it saves your time and effort.  There is no more worry to copy contents and paste email contents into word document and attach in email to share with your friends.

All you need to do is just enable Google Doc option in your account by following these steps. Open Gmail account go to settings>labs> create document>select enable to enable this feature.

Now just click on save to save these settings. It is so easy to enable this feature in Gmail accounts.  If you are working on internet explorer then make sure that you are using internet explorer 7 version and above, as old version of IE does not support view labs feature.

Your Gmail contacts can be integrated with Gravatar

Your Gmail contacts can be integrated with Gravatar

With the help of greasemonkey script add-on in Mozilla Firefox you can integrate Gravatar with Gmail Contacts. Because of add-on, every individual’s gravatar icon is displayed on the left of the email ID.

This Gmail Hack is made by Jon Fox. The graver icon is displayed only while reading a single person’s mail; it doesn’t work with multiple messages. This is a whole new and fresh idea. To make this trick happen a person should have a gravatar account.

You can try this trick with your Gmail and for that you have to download the hack.

Fix The Error Related To Full Browser Cache In Gmail

How To Fix The Error Related To Full Browser Cache In Gmail

Gmail users must be familiar with the error message that appears occasionally while logging into their Gmail webmail interface. The error message which is prominently displayed over the mailbox warns the user that the browser cache is fully filled and is likely to interfere while he/she is using the Gmail Webmail.

To get rid of this message, Gmail presents you with two links, “Fix This” and “Hide”. The link “Fix This” directs you to the “Gmail Help Center” and the other link “Hide” makes the warning disappear temporarily. The warning however appears again the next time you sign in to your Gmail account.

According to Google, the solution to this problem is to clear your web Browser’s cache (In internet Explorer, it would be Temporary Internet Files). But sometimes, you may need to clear the cache several times and restart the PC to totally resolve the issue.

Incase of Internet Explorer 6 and 7, users tend to come across this Browser Cache full issue time and again even if they try to delete the cache (i.e. Temporary Internet Files) several times. The error message keeps displaying every time the user reloads his/her Gmail webmail interface.

Web Browser’s cache is used by Gmail to prefetch the contents of the mails including the attachments, especially on Gmail’s AJAX-intensive view. There are a number of different solutions that are believed to resolve the issue, but they work for a few users while do not work for others.

Below mentioned are the potential solutions to resolve the cache issue with Gmail. Try out these solutions and see which one suits you to ensure the best mailing experience with Gmail always.

Solution 1: Set your Browser to Automatically Check for Latest Versions of the Pages Stored

In Internet Explorer, set the option for checking if newer versions exist for the stored pages as “Automatically”. Other alternatives available are to check each time a user visits the webpage or each time the user starts IE.

Solution 2: Reset Temporary Internet Files (or cache) in Internet Explorer

  • Create a folder (a temporary one) at any location as per your preference (For e.g. C:\TempCache).
  • Open Internet Explorer and go to “Tools”. Click on the option “Internet Options” from the tools menu.
  • Within the tab “General”, under the section “Temporary Internet Files” (incase of IE6) or “Browsing History” (incase of IE7), click on “Settings” button. Click on the button “Move Folder” under the section “ Temp Internet Files Folder” and in the “Browse For Folder” dialog box, choose the temporary folder that you had created earlier (C:\TempCache).
  • Click on “OK” to finish. Log off your PC and log on again if you are prompted to do so and close all the dialog boxes.
  • Go to “My computer” or “Windows Explorer and delete the existing folder “Temporary Internet Files” and create new folder at the same location and give it the same name.

The folder is normally found at the location “%systemdrive%:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files” incase of Windows XP and at “C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files” incase of Windows Vista.

  • Repeat the above mentioned steps again and go to “Move Folder” under the section “Temp Internet Files Folder”. From the “Browse For Folder” dialog box, choose the newly created folder “Temporary Internet Files“which is also original but empty.

Solution 3: Access Gmail on a HTTPS Secure Connection

The Browser cache issue is mostly encountered if you try to access your Gmail account on a HTTP connection that is non-secure, i.e. using the addess http://mail.google.com/. It is noticed that the cache error does not show while accessing Gmail through a secure (HTTPS) connection i.e. via the address https://mail.google.com/.

Apart from resolving this browser cache issue, HTTPS URL offers encryption, which takes care of the security and safety of your emails. Therefore it is recommended that you access your Gmail account using HTTPS URL.