How To Use Google Earth In Iphone 4 / Ipod / Ipad

Earth at your finger tips using Google Earth Application in your IPod touch and IPhone

Universe is built up with satellites and other objects revolving and rotating in this space. As far as human knowledge and evidences go, earth is the only place where the human life is sustained.

Many people are truly fascinated to find more about the things around the earth, and about places and matter. Google launched an interactive and useful application called Google Earth. Now you can download Google  Earth application for your iPod and iPhone.

How to use Google Earth

This application mainly uses the functionality of GPS (Global Positioning System). User can find a location using GPS functionality and fix the destination and narrow down on the precise locations.

For IPhone and IPOD touch users, after the destination is fixed, the Google earth will provide an interactive experience. There is a feature with IPhone and IPOD users, which is that the user can tilt the phone for horizontal and vertical grid views, for more interactive application of Google Earth.

Feature of Google Earth

  • Compass view to provide directional calculations.
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out for more accurate location view.
  • User can rotate Earth using two fingers on a touch enabled IPOD.

Interactive Knowledge

Using Google Earth user can check photos of important location using Wikipedia and Panoramio linked with the places.

User can search for a local business with Google Maps to find the directional maps. This helps in development of tourism related activities. This application is free of cost and everyone should wisely think and load it in their Apple Machines, in order to experience the most interactive mapping of planet Earth.

How Google Earth Can Help Cops Find Drug Rackets And Criminals

Google earth took a step to protect country.

Google’s another service called Google Earth is taking serious actions against criminals by helping the police. They provide accurate information and location to anyone about anyone. There are lots of hopes and expectations from this service, and till now they have shocked everyone with their unexpected evidence Google Earth provided in a case. More days are passing by, and this tool is gaining huge publicity and getting better along with it.

Once they bring the live feed, then they will be the promising company. Starting from road cameras to security eyes, everything will be withdrawn and will solely depend on the Google tool, Google Earth.

[ Download Google Earth ]

Closest Image Of Earth On Google Maps And Google Earth

How close can you Zoom in Google Earth or ? Have you ever wondered what is the closest distance you can get to earth while using the zoom feature of Google earth or

If you haven’t ever wondered, have  a look at this:

Closest Image Of Earth On Google Maps And Google Earth

I was really surprised. The image above was taken from You can have a look at it here : Closest Photo Of Earth In Google Maps.

Now I wanted to know if this was the closest or if we could drill down further. It so happens that you can drill further !! For that you need to have Google Earth downloaded (which can be downloaded for free from here) and installed on your computer. If you have Google Earth installed, then open Google Earth and enter this value in the search box:

15.298499 19.429727

Once the image loads up, zoom in to see how deep you’ll go and you’ll be surprised too !! Tracking people like in Minority Report or Eagle Eye will be reality soon !

If you have any such interesting pictures that you have seen on Google Earth, do let us know in the comments so that we can put them up as well !