How To Make Free International Calls From PC / Laptop Using Google Talk

Make International Calls with Talkster for Free using GoogleTalk

GoogleTalk has come up with services that allow users worldwide to make international calls without having to shell out a single penny. GTalk provides calls from personal computers to phone via Talkster which is integrated with GTalk2VoIP.

GoogleTalk allows users to make group conference calls, long distance and international calls to over 30 destinations for free This utility of GTalk has helped many people especially from countries like India, Africa, UAE.

Google Talk provides free international calling facility via Talkster. Follow the below steps to use this facility:

  • Open Google Talk from desktop if available or install Google Talk after downloading.
  • Locate Add button and run it by clicking it on Google Talk, this allows one to add new contacts to the Google Talk.
  • Now type the telephone number of the particular person you wish to call by following the format provided below.[email protected]
    • Enter the full and complete phone number with country code along with the area code. Examples of phone numbers in the UK will be assigned a phone number in GTalk as [email protected], and a number in USA will be assigned a phone number as [email protected].
  • If the above steps are followed in sequential order, a confirmation message from Talkster will be received along with a local call-in number. Both callers and receivers can use the call-in number to get information on all the free international calling features. Talkster also provides a local number to avail cheap call charges by the callers in their respective countries.
  • Now to make a international call to any of your friends for free. All one needs to do is to double click on the particular number from the Contact List of Google Talk
  • To initiate the call, just click the mouse on the Call button.
  • Talkster then immediately begins dialling out the phone number from GTalk.
  • Once the calling party replies, 10 seconds are provided to every caller to examine whether he/she is accessible for talk, informing the party to suspend the call and callback using Talkster’s local phone number from the caller’s country.
  • One has to wait for the caller to suspend and call-back the caller using his local Talkster’s call-in number. Check to see if the calling party has the correct number. If the number with the calling party is not correct, one can send the correct phone number either via email or IM. Talkster also provides a utility to SMS mobile phone numbers using Talkster’s call-in number to a cellphone. Either the caller or the receiver can call back to get connected to an international call.
    • Note: Talkster provides CallerID facility for all its users to know whom to connect the calls to, so it is very important not to disable the CallerID.
  • GTalk2VoIP utility of Talkster connects the caller as soon as the original calling party initiates the call. Both the parties are connected to a free international call and can use this facility to talk as much as they wish to.
  • One can terminate a call when the talking is complete. GTalk users are encouraged to use the call facility as many times as possible.
  • Talkster has provided local numbers to nearly 30 countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Ireland, Latvia, Argentina, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Chile, Slovenia, Canada, Israel, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, El Salvador, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Hong Kong, Peru, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

    GoogleTalk allows calling any fixed line, mobile, cell and landline phone numbers to the supported international countries through its Talkster and GTalk2VoIP utilities which is available for free. One need not have to register or sign-up or use credit card to use the calling services. It is available for free with unlimited usage without any restrictions on the usage. One can find more information on

    How Can I Check / Find Invisible Users In GTalk, Gmail Chat, Google Talk?

    How Can I Check / Find Invisible Users In GTalk, Gmail Chat, Google Talk??

    My previous post was – how to be invisible on Gtalk, Gmail chat, Google talk, to your friends. I was curious, naturally to find, if there were ways to find if any of my friends were invisible.

    I know there might be arguments saying, if someone wanted to be invisible, they probably chose to be so, and would not like their privacy being breached. However, there is a counter argument for that can be found here.

    Now coming to, if we can find if other users are invisible on Gtalk, Gmail chat, there are a few solutions I could came across when googling:

    1> Found this one on Google help forum for GTalk / Gmail chat:

    Let’s assume you suspect a friend is playing the ‘invisible’ game. First, go ‘off the record’. Then open a chat window session and send a test message (you just send a ‘Hi’). Now, if your friend is actually invisible, the message gets delivered normally, on the other hand, if the user is offline, you’ll get a message saying – ‘The user is offline at the moment and your message will be delivered when they login next time’.

    I’ve tested this to an extent and this one seems to work fine without any issue.

    2> This Perl script written by Srijith helps you find invisible users in Gmail.

    Srijith’s code works like a charm on Linux, link:

    Windows users do not have to worry as Vyompv, makes it easier for all Windows user (This was his comment on Srijith’s blog. Scroll down to download Windows version installer):

    I got it worked at last in Windows. [i tried in Windows XP]
    Guys download the perl from here [38MB file] and then from the programs menu take the command prompt from strawberry perl. And then type->cpan [ i have tried with normal command prompt it works smooth]
    install these modules: [format to type inside cpan prompt->install ]
    All will get installed without error [as it does in linux]

    After that download send-xmpp from here [download this file sendxmpp-0.0.8.tar.gz.] .Hope you already have Winrar for extracting that file. [may be it works with zip, i didnt check it]
    Extract the send-xmpp file and via command prompt go to that folder where its extracted and then do these commands:
    1)perl Makefile.PL
    3)dmake install

    Thats it. Now copy the above script [be careful while copying hope you don’t make mistake] and paste in NOTEPAD [not wordpad] and save as “” [Save as type All files and ANSI encoding. [save the file with quotes]
    and then take the command prompt to the place where you kept that file and then type->perl
    I got the result without any error 🙂 . Hope you also enjoy the output.

    3> vyompv’s Windows Installer:

    You can download the older version of the software from here, and the new version, which is named as Atiguhyam, from here.

    How To Become Invisible In Gtalk, Google Talk, Gmail Chat

    Google has introduced a new feature in Gmail chat that lets you go invisible while you still are logged into your account and are online.

    This option will be available when you click on the drop down arrow mark where in you can set your custom messages. One of the options here will say ‘invisible‘ and selecting that will make your invisible and your friends and people on you Gmail chat will not be able to see you online.

    However, there’s one funny thing I noticed here. I normally use Firefox and had selected invisible status, however, the its seems like the invisible status does not work in Internet Explorer, because the moment I log into my Gmail account Internet Explorer, my invisible status is changed to Visible.

    Otherwise you become invisible while using gmail!

    Now let us see how you can be invisible on Google Talk / GTalk:

    Unfortunately, there is no way to be invisible on Gtalk directly yet. However, if you have the labs version installed, then you have the facility to go invisible. But you should know that the labs version is not as stable as the other version available for chatting.

    Can My Friends See Me Online On Gtalk If I Remove Them From My Friends List

    Yes, your friends will be able to see your online status, even if you remove the users from your list. This is a known issue with Google Talk and GTalk team is working on resolving this issue.

    So what do you have to do in order to hide your online status from people you’d want to hide from? If you are wondering how to avoid people from seeing when you are online on Google Talk (Gtalk) – UnBlock them ! Unblocking users will avoid them from seeing your online status. Users who you unblock will not be able to see your online status, that is they won’t be able to see when you are signed in to your Google Talk and the downside is, you too won’t be able to see their status.

    To Block someone who is on our list :

    1> Right-click on the person’s name, and select ‘Remove Name…
    2> Check the box next to ‘Block this person‘ in the dialogue box that appears, and click ‘OK.

    If you want to start chatting with the person who you have blocked, you’ll have to unblock the user. To unblock the user follow these steps:

    1> Click ‘Settings‘ at the top of your Friends list.
    2> Highlight ‘Blocked‘ along the left side of the dialogue box.
    3> Find the person you’d like to unblock, and highlight his or her email address.
    4> Click ‘Unblock,‘ and then click ‘OK.

    Google Talk Is Not Accessible By All Users In Windows Vista

    If you installed Google Talk, or more commonly known as GTalk on Windows Vista, then you may face a problem, if the installation is not done properly. You may notice that only one user (administrator), will be able to login to Google Talk, while others will not have permission to login.

    This happens because of the extra security setting Microsoft has introduced in Windows Vista. In order for every user on a Windows Vista machine to be able to login and use Google Talk (Gtalk), the following steps will help:

    1> Uninstall Google Talk (Gtalk), if you have already installed it.

    2> Download a fresh, latest copy from and save the file on your desktop.

    3> To install Google Talk (Gtalk), right click on the installation file (googletalk-setup.exe) and select Run as administrator.

    Google Talk installed in such manner will be available for all users who use that particular Windows Vista machine.

    To uninstall Google Talk if it has been installed for all users :

    1> Go to Start menu, find Google Talk folder, Right click on the Uninstall Google Talk shortcut

    2> Select Run as administrator and follow the instructions till you are done.

    How To Show Current Windows Media Player Song As Your Status Message Of GTalk

    We saw how to you can show current song playing on Winamp as your latest status message on Gtalk. Now let us see, how we can show the current song playing on Windows Media Player as you Gtalk status.

    To get this done,

    1> Open your Windows Media Player

    2> Select Tools

    3> Plugin

    4> Options

    5> Background Plugins

    6> Enable Google Talk Music Plugin

    How To Show Current Windows Media Player Song As Your Status Message Of GTalk

    Also Read: How To Fix Google Talk Plugin No Available in Windows Media Player In Vista Problem.

    How To Enable/Diable Pictures Of All My Friends In GTalk And See Only Online Friends

    You can customize your GTalk to function the way you want it to. By default, you should see all your friends photos next to their screen names, when you login to GTalk. However, there are possibilities that you will not see their photos next to their names.

    1> To enable this feature, sign in to your Googlt Talk (GTalk),
    2> You’ll notice small View Button at the bottom of your friends list.

    Image Hosted by

    3> Click this button and Check the option Show Pictures. Checking the option will ensure that you will be able to see the photos of all your friends next to their display names. If you Uncheck the option, then you will not see their photos.

    To see the list of only online friends, follow this:

    Now if you want to see the list of only online friends, then uncheck Show Offline Friends option and the list in your GTalk will have only online friends.

    How To Integrate Instant Messengers MSN, Yahoo, GTalk With Twitter

    To begin with, I haven’t used this service yet. So I’m not sure how effective it is. I came across this one and thought would put it across to my readers so that you all can benefit from it.

    Twitter has really grown leaps and bounds in such a short time, (Related Post: Google may already be feeling the heat 😉 ) that everyone, yes even Obama and Whitehouse are on twitter now. That’s the beauty of internet.

    If you are a twitter addict, you can use the service from and integrate twitter to your day to day Instant Messengers – MSN, Yahoo And / Or Gtalk.

    1> Register at and select your messenger service. If you want to integrate more than once, then you need to register as many times. You’ll be given an unique IM ID.

    2> To confirm you ARE the actual user, you’ll have to add the specified mail id they give you, like if you are on gtalk then you must add [email protected] and send the ‘Unique IM ID’ that was given to your in step one.

    3> And you are registered !

    Image Hosted by

    There are a lot of commands you can use while accessing through your favorite messenger. Some of them are:

    • t [status] – to twit this status
    • d [username] [message] – to dm that fellow twitter
    • d [username1,username2,username3,…] [message] – to mass dm
    • follow [username] – to follow that user
    • unfollow [username] – to unfollow the user
    • mute – to stop receiving friends updates
    • talk – to start receiving friends updates again
    • report [error] – to send an error report

    I’m a twitter addict too. You can follow me on twitter @

    Meebo, the Web-based Multi-IM client

    Image Hosted by

    There are lots of web-based applications that let you sign into your fave messenger service from in your net browser. But Meebo deserves the additional attention. To start with, it lets you sign into 4 popular Internet Messaging services concurrently, including -of course- MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace Messenger and newcomer Google Talk. Semi-interoperability, you might call it.

    Image Hosted by

    All you must do is enter your login details for the service ( s ) you need to log on, and off you go. Before you ask, they’ve a clear and safe privacy policy.

    The advantage of Meebo is, you can sign on to your favorite Internet Messaging service from any computer, even where the Messaging software is not installed on the system. Since the messenger sits virtually in the browser, there is no need for any other software installation. Very handy for those who use public browsing/internet centers to browse and chat.

    Another point worth noting is the technology behind the application, which is -just like Gmail– AJAX. This interprets into a particularly smooth operation without page reloads, and the characteristic Windows feel ( discuss windows can be maximised and overlap ). The graphical user interface itself resembles MSN Messenger’s new best pal, Yahoo! Messenger. Meebo was launched by 3 folks and it is one of the best startup in the recent past on the Internet.