Track GPS Locations, Calls And SMS On Your iPhone With Mobile Spy 3.0

Track GPS Locations, Calls And SMS On Your iPhone With Mobile Spy 3.0

Retina-X Studios (RXS), a popular provider of spy software and computer monitoring solutions, has released new spy software specially designed for Apple iPhone. This spy software which is known as “Mobile Spy 3.0” allows you to keep track of GPS locations, your SMS and calls from friends, families or colleagues by logging into an online control panel using phone’s web browser.

Derrick, a user of Mobile Spy said that the software is priceless and has really helped him in confirming his suspicions about honesty. According to Retina-X Studios, this application which enables you to monitor your iPhone in real time runs silently (i.e. behind various other applications).

Once you set up this software on your iPhone, it will stealthily record GPS locations, your SMS and calls and automatically upload the data on your Mobile Spy online account.

CEO of the Company, James Johns said that the new version of this application is enhanced with ability to track the actual locations by GPS which is very useful in keeping a watch on employees and teens to ensure that they are using their vehicles acceptably.

Mobile Spy 3.0 works with all models of Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile as well as Smartphone running a Symbian OS.  A 1-year subscription of Mobile Spy 3.0 is available at $99.97.

Free Maps From OVI Site For Nokia N97

Free Maps From OVI Site For Nokia N97

For any Nokia mobile phone users, GPS navigation system is easy and simple with Nokia Ovi Maps. Earlier, for using these maps, the Nokia phone users had to pay for them. From 21st, January, 2010 Ovi maps have been made absolutely free. Not only the Ovi maps but other Ovi applications or programs such as step by step navigation for driving, complete guide navigation for walking and lots more have been made free.

Ovi maps have been made free but not for all Nokia mobile phones. The free maps from Ovi store is able to perform with Nokia 6730, Nokia 5800 Xpress music, Nokia E52, Nokia E55, Nokia E72, Nokia N97, Nokia 5230 Nokia X6, Nokia 5800 Navigation Version and Nokia 6710 Navigator cell phones. Users of these mobile phones can easily visit the Ovi store and download the maps for free, then install it and use it.

With this new approach, they have also made some new features and characteristics of the Ovi maps. Such as User Interface, you can share geo location on Facebook, you can even navigate without staying online and as an alternative of any data connection you can browse through the internet and load any map on your device to navigate it through GPS.


Downloading maps from Ovi store is very easy. Below steps for downloading maps for Nokia N97 is shown:

  • First you have to go to Nokia’s maps download page in Ovi store. To do so copy and paste the link in the address bar of the browser:
  • A list of devices will be shown there, however it supports all those devices. Among those devices select Nokia N97.
  • Now select the option “or download without data change using Mac or PC
  • Select download button
  • Now copy and paste the following file in your Nokia N97 device: Ovi Maps.sisx or .sis file.
  • From the file manager of your device you can easily install it. A step by step instructions will be provided to simplify the installation process
  • Finally, your work is done.

Keep Your Kids Safe With Princeton Kid Finder Device

Keep Your Kids Safe With Princeton Kid Finder Device

In today’s society, children going missing are one of the serious social issues. According to the data collected in US, every 40 seconds a kid reported as missing, consequently this number shows 2,100 kids missing per day or 800,000 kids missing per year. Obviously, some of the cases of unreported missing children are not included in this report. You should be very careful with your child while in public areas.

Possibly, you couldn’t stop your child running here and there or playing around at all. While speaking with someone or checking out with something, you might ignore your kid playing around. If you feel constantly fear your child losing way to your home or being kidnapped, then you could use kid-tracking device as an efficient way to trace your child’s whereabouts.

You could use some of the kid tracking devices such as your kid’s phone fitted with an alarm and GPS facilities. These devices would surely help you when tragedy takes place.

Recently, a tiny kid-tracking device has been introduced by Princeton, which is the Japan based company. This kid tracking device tracks your child when he/she is missing. Princeton Kid Finder is quite different from other GPS enabled devices. It is radio based device that operates within 90 meter area.


Princeton Kid Finder package includes a transmitter with which you could tag your child, a remote in which the basic directional information (such as left, right and forward) is displayed. The SOS alarm is featured in the transmitter that alerts parents in case of emergency or while a stranger approaches your kid.

Princeton Kid Finder is pretty useful while taking your kid to the public areas like exhibition, park, shopping complex etc. Both transmitter (with size 57×16.5x43mm) and the remote (of size 76x22x35mm) are extremely easy to carry and even to tag. You could get this gadget at the cost of $147 which is quite affordable amount. In addition, you may also want tag this device on your luggage, pets and etc to avoid theft or loss.

Now Keep an eye on your Older Parents Using GPS Technology from BrickHouse Alert

Now Keep an eye on your Older Parents Using GPS Technology from BrickHouse Alert

Leaving your old parents in home alone is really quite a problem, because they require proper assistance and guidance in order to move from one place to other. Mostly old people are just like toddlers in terms of body stamina and mental abilities.

You cannot imagine what would become of your parents if they fall down from bed, and if there is no one to help them. There are many specific situations about them that needs close monitoring by you. If you want to keep your old parents safe and secure, then you must buy GPS system of BrickHouse Alert.

There are many different incidents that could happen to your parents if you are not taking care of them or leaving them alone to two any reasons. Suppose your parents have gone for a walk and fallen over, at that moment they need your immediate help. These unfortunate incidents that can be prevented by you buy having GPS system.



Therefore one of the most renowned and trusted GPS device manufactures, BrickHouse Alert has come up with a latest GPS system to monitor your old age parents.  This device has two parts- BrickHouse Alert Tele-Assist (Home Console) and BrickHouse Alert Mobile GPS (GPS Mobile Watch).

This system sends alerts certain authorized people who are attached with this system. Whether your parents are in home or outside, you cam monitor them and provide them help during any emergency.


Affordable, Trustable, and Effective GPS systems and Devices form LandAirSea

Affordable, Trustable, and Effective GPS systems and Devices form LandAirSea

LandAirSea is the company that is based in Woodstock, lllinoishas and they provide affordable and effective GPS systems, software and devices. They have developed high quality and effective GPS tracking systems, which ensure high performance. These GPS are being used by government officials, businessmen, law enforcement agencies and individual customers.

They have always made high quality GPS tracking systems under expert monitoring situation, in order to provide best services to their end-users. They have innovatively developed advanced and user friendly devices and software that are meant to cater individual needs appropriately.



There are some GPS tracking system mentioned below:

  • Victoria GPS Tracking System
  • GPS Tracking Key Pro
  • GPS Tracking Key
  • GPS Tracking System 3100-INT
  • GPS Tracking System 3100-EXT


This company offers both Passive and real time GPS tracking systems. Real time GPS systems transmit data through satellite or cellular communication networks. It shows current position of the specified person over the map.



You can easily locate your friend or employees with the help of this technology. As far as the passive GPS system is concerned, it does not transmit information through satellite or mobile data communication, and therefore it is called data loggers and recording devices.


They also deliver products that supports Fleet management, Vehicle tracking, and Google earth, therefore befitting their brand name, Land+Air+Sea.

How To Use Google Earth In Iphone 4 / Ipod / Ipad

Earth at your finger tips using Google Earth Application in your IPod touch and IPhone

Universe is built up with satellites and other objects revolving and rotating in this space. As far as human knowledge and evidences go, earth is the only place where the human life is sustained.

Many people are truly fascinated to find more about the things around the earth, and about places and matter. Google launched an interactive and useful application called Google Earth. Now you can download Google  Earth application for your iPod and iPhone.

How to use Google Earth

This application mainly uses the functionality of GPS (Global Positioning System). User can find a location using GPS functionality and fix the destination and narrow down on the precise locations.

For IPhone and IPOD touch users, after the destination is fixed, the Google earth will provide an interactive experience. There is a feature with IPhone and IPOD users, which is that the user can tilt the phone for horizontal and vertical grid views, for more interactive application of Google Earth.

Feature of Google Earth

  • Compass view to provide directional calculations.
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out for more accurate location view.
  • User can rotate Earth using two fingers on a touch enabled IPOD.

Interactive Knowledge

Using Google Earth user can check photos of important location using Wikipedia and Panoramio linked with the places.

User can search for a local business with Google Maps to find the directional maps. This helps in development of tourism related activities. This application is free of cost and everyone should wisely think and load it in their Apple Machines, in order to experience the most interactive mapping of planet Earth.

Search For Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs And Discotheques In A New Place

Have You Checked Out The New Business Locating Services By Google?

How many times have we been to new city and roamed about trying to find things like shopping malls, restaurants, medical shops and so on. Most of the time we can solve this problem through our computers by searching the location on the internet, but the main issues arises when a person is traveling and not having the convenience of a laptop. At such locating places can become a tiring task.

Google has a solution to this problem. The issue can be easily solved by the help of Google ‘Search with My Location’ service. Here Google helps its users to get familiarized with unfamiliar surroundings. This service is provided to the users on their Windows Mobile phones. The place locating tool has been programmed into these phones to make it possible for travelers to easily locate anything local in a new city, without having to carry a laptop.

The Google ‘Search with My Location’ service uses the Gears Geolocation API technology. It can locate any desired venue and give a feedback to the customer within seconds.

This is an easy to use technology where the user only needs to type the name or keyword of the desired location and the Google ‘Search with My Location’ service will display the list of all the matching places in the city. This makes it very simple to explore any new place as you need not specifically name the place, but also type in what you want and get a list of all the places offering that.

The Google ‘Search with My Location’ service is currently only available to users with Windows Mobile phones with internet explorer. Users should make it a point to check out whether their mobile phones are compatible with this service or not before availing it. This feature is only accessible in UK and US, but as the demand and popularity increases it is likely to expand further.

TomTom Navigation / GPS Devices Offer Fast Routing Based On Traffic Updates

Tom-Tom which has been furnishing you with answers for locations and navigation solutions, has now released its latest navigation devices in the US- TomTom GO 2405 and TomTom GO 2505. These devices dominate the company’s copyright high-speed algorithm, guiding drivers to inspect traffic news and suggest the best possible routes.

It has some distinctive features-

1] Intuitive User Experience – These are the first ones to add the company’s improved user interface. It depends on an instinctive software guiding users with the proper navigation. They also encourage routing through voice recognition navigation commands.

2] Display – Its strengthy tough screen technology and vibrant display helps drivers move easily through menu screens with just a touch pf the finger of pinch-to-zoom method, so as to be able to look at the map easily. It can be fastened with the help of a click-and-lock magnetic mount which is easily docked or undocked even with one hand.

Priced at $299, the TomTom GO series is currently obtained at, and also from their official website; all in the US. Chances are they may be available at all retail stores by the middle of 2011.

Fix Phone Memory Card – It Doesn’t Show Up In The Mobile

Use Simple Registry Tricks To Solve SD Memory Card Disappearance Issue In Windows Mobile PCC Device

Windows Mobile Smartphone or PPC (Pocket PC) phone is an interesting fully-functional device that offers every advantage of a standalone PPC along with telephony components for data and voice communication via Wireless WAN (Wide Area Network).

These mobile smartphone devices by Windows accept an external Secure Digital (SD) memory card in order to increase the storage memory space allowing the user to store ample of data and applications, especially programs like GPS navigation device which normally consume huge memory space.

However it has been noticed that, sometimes when the smartphone device resumes from sleep or suspend state, the Secure Digital memory card that was inserted into its card slot gets disappeared or does not get detected instantly, even though the SD card was working fine just some moments ago.

Occasionally, the SD card does appear in the folder tree of File Explorer but indicates that there is no free memory space, or sometimes data on the card seems to be corrupt thereby causing the entire device to hang and stop responding to programs (like camera) which attempt to access, read or write from the SD card. As another symptom, no files/ data is seen within the directories.

A simple way to resolve or fix the problem is to eject and re-insert the SD card into the slot again. Once reinserted, Windows smartphone device will detect the SD card and make it visible again. But doing this each time the SD card disappears is quite troublesome and annoying.

Also, the smartphone device might assume that the user has inserted a new memory card, besides the original one, thereby creating a folder by the name “Storage Card2? so as to represent the new card (which is actually the same original “SDMMC” card) causing all shortcuts and links to break.

This issue possibly arises as the chipset configuration for SD card is not compatible with either ROM (Read Only Memory) or card reader of the device.

It is reported that Japan-made SD memory cards (like MiniSD and MicroSD) which utilize Toshiba chipset (some Kingston brand models) are more compatible with a majority of Windows Mobile devices as compared to Taiwan made SD cards (some Crucial brand models)

However to sort out the issue, you may upgrade the firmware ROM or OS, replace the handset or change to a superior quality SD card. If none of these options are feasible, you can use the below mentioned registry trick as a workaround.

1. Run Registry Editor (For e.g. CeRegEditor or Registry Editor).
2. Navigate to the below mentioned registry keys and alter the value data of the registry entries consequently.



You need to enter “8196” as a DECIMAL. The HEX (HEXADECIMAL) equivalent for it is 0×00002004.

As stated by Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), “PNPUnloadDelay” specifies the time delay (usually in milliseconds) amidst unmounting and detaching an unavailable device. PNPUnloadDelay forms the base for PNPWaitIODelay.

PNPWaitIODelay specifies the waiting time before trying an input/output operation on the unavailable device (like SD card) and by default has a value which is three times the PNPUnloadDelay value.

By default, both the registry keys possess lower values, 1500 or 4096 which corresponds to shorter waiting time. This possibly causes the device to assume that the card is removed when it resumes from suspend/ sleep state.

However, if the above mentioned registry trick does not solve the SD card disappearance error issue, you can also try to disable “sleep mode” setting on the card. In order to do so, you need to change the registry key mentioned below for turn off or disabling the Power Management feature for the SD card.



After you change the registry keys, just soft reset the device to ensure that the Secure Digital (SD) card disappearance issue has been resolved.