Make Calls to Mobile Phones and Landline (Free calls to US and CANADA) with Gmail

Make Calls to Mobile Phones and Landline (Free calls to US and CANADA) with Gmail

Google has officially launched its new service called Google Mail phone call, with free of charge phone calls to CANADA and US locations. With the help of this service, customers can dial phone as simple as dialing a normal phone and have the ability to make call to people almost anywhere across the world via internet. This new phone call service differs as compared to Gmail chat, Gmail video and Gtalk voice, which requires two persons to remain online at the same time signed into any of these on their PC. The name itself suggests that phone calling offers to make call to the person directly on their mobile and enables users to utilize their headset and microphone.

To use this service you just have to to install the voice and video chat plug in and follow the below mentioned process:

• Go to Voice and Video chat feature site.
• Download the Voice and Video Chat Plug in.
• Close all open browser windows and then install the Voice and Video Chat Plug-In.
• Sign in to Gmail and the setting up is done.
• Once finish install just click “Call phone” at the top of your chat list and dial a number or enter a contact’s name

Easily Recover Your Instant Messenger Passwords Using MessenPass v1.27

Easily Recover Your Instant Messenger Passwords Using MessenPass v1.27

There are a number of different Instant Messenger (IM) services such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, ICQ, AOL, MySpace IM, Trillian, AIM, Miranda, PaltalkScene, GAIM/Pidgin, Digsby etc. which are widely used for communicating with friends and family.

In a process of managing so many messaging services, there are chances that you forget the passwords of few of them. However, you do not have to worry about it anymore. You may now recover your forgotten passwords using MessenPass.  This tool recovers the passwords of all instant messengers for the presently logged in user.


MessenPass can recover the passwords from your PC provided you have enabled the option “Remember Password” in every messenger tool. If you have the option “Remember Password” enabled, you need to simply download and install MessenPass on your PC.

Double click on its icon so as to run MessenPass and you will see that it automatically detects all the instant messengers installed on your system. It will decrypt all your saved IM passwords and display them along with the respective usernames. MessenPass works with all the instant messaging services mentioned below.

  • Windows Live Messenger (In Windows Vista and XP).
  • Windows Messenger (In Windows XP).
  • MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger (5.x and 6.x versions only).
  • ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003
  • Google Talk
  • AOL IM (version 4.6 or below), AIM Pro and AIM 6.x.
  • Trillian Astra
  • Trillian
  • Miranda
  • MySpace IM
  • GAIM/Pidgin
  • Digsby
  • PaltalkScene

 The below mentioned commands can be used to save all IM passwords directly.

  • /stab <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into text (tab-delimited) file.
  • /sverhtml <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into a HTML file (vertical).
  • /stext <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into text file (regular).
  • /shtml <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into a HTML file.
  • /scomma <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into text (comma-delimited) file.
  • /sxml <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into a XML file.
  • /stabular <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into tabular text file. 

MessenPass is a free all-in-one IM password recovery tool ideal for people who deal with multiple IM services.

Using Gtalk Service In Firefox Sidebar

Using Gtalk Service In Firefox Sidebar

Gtalk is an online messaging service and the most popular amongst all. With the help of Google talk, you can connect and talk with your friends and buddies. You have to install the Gtalk application on your PC or you could prefer to use it via Gmail.

One of most significant part for the Firefox user is that, they can use Gtalk service from Firefox browser at the start itself. You can start Gtalk client with the help of Firefox sidebar in the Firefox browser. You can use any one of the method mentioned below to use Gtalk service in Firefox sidebars.

Method 1

  • Just add the following link to your bookmarks in Firefox browser.
  • After adding, go the Bookmarks tab and locate the added bookmark. Go to the Properties of this bookmark. In the Properties tab, simply check Load this bookmark in the sidebar option.
  • After this, go to Bookmarks tab again and click on the added bookmark.
  • Done. Now you can see the Gtalk application in Firefox sidebar.
  • Just Sign in to your Gtalk and talk with your friends with Google.

Method 2

To integrate the Gtalk service with your Firefox browser, you can use many Firefox plug-ins. Firefox allows you to use Firefox and Gtalk service simultaneously by using Firefox plug-ins.

  • Gtalk Sidebar: You can use Gtalk by using the Firefox plug-in without downloading Gtalk.
  • IGtalk: Mozilla house has introduced a very small plug-in named as IGtalk. After downloading and installing it, press Ctrl+G to open Gtalk from the Firefox browser.

Utility Tool Mx Skype Recorder Stores Voice Conversations On Pc Effortlessly

Utility Tool Mx Skype Recorder Stores Voice Conversations On Pc Effortlessly

Messaging service providers such as Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc, are those service providers who render unlimited free calls from one personal computer to another.

This is really a great service, but to a few miscreants who actually misapply these services by harassing or stalking other users. With the help of a new utility tool, individuals or users can actually record any voice communication as evidence; and lodge an abuse report or complaint.

This new utility tool named Mx Skype recorder version3.5 will allow users to record those voice conversations they had with their dear ones as memorable recordings.

This tool is truly brilliant as it supports users to record the voice communications for multipurpose, one can store recordings to protect themselves, whereas others can store recordings to remember the sugary voice chat they had with their loved ones.

If individuals or users are really interested in utilizing this brilliant utility tool to commence recording their skype, gtalk, yahoo-messenger voice conversations, they need to just install a miniature “Chat-Call-Recording-Tool” on their computer system.

This utility tool has both manual and automatic mode taping options in it, and it can be used only for voice call recordings but not for any text messages recording. If its settings are set to automatic taping mode, it will commence automatically recording all of your conversations without a manual involvement.

If users wish to record only certain Personal Computers calls, then they need to set its settings to manual mode.

This utility tool also supports windows live messenger and other voip voice communication tapings. It manages all your voice conversations into mp3 format, and it also stores the same in wav, wma or pcm formats respectively.

Set of few simple steps to be followed in order to set settings, commence taping skype voice conversations and store the same on your computer system at defined location are listed below:

  • First of all launch Mx Skype recorder by clicking on its icon that is displayed in systems tray.
  • Now, run the voice messenger service providers such as skype, yahoo-messenger, gtalk or windows live messenger.
  • Now, make an outbound call to a person utilizing communications service provider such as Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, or any alternate voip program
  • Now, once users have completed their voice communications, this utility tool mx skype recorder will store their voice conversation in an mp3 file format on computer system.
  • Finally these files can be retrieved anytime whenever the users wish to listen.

Instantly download this utility tool Mx Skype recorder to get started with taping all your voice communications on Personal Computers effortlessly.

Beneficial Feature On Google Talk Chat Messages (Gtalk Auto Reply)

Beneficial Feature On Google Talk Chat Messages (Gtalk Auto Reply)

Individuals can setup an auto reply feature for their Google talk for inbound chat messages using Google mail’s “Auto-Responder”. To set this up, individuals are required to download a utility tool called as “gtalk-auto-reply”.

“Gtalk auto reply” is a freeware which can be used to set a self customized message for all Auto-replies. Just download “Google talk auto reply” utility tool and type in Google talk login information to utilize this feature.

Individuals can create a customized message in the provided space and store it. Once Google talk auto reply is been enabled, it will commence replying the saved message as Auto-Reply to all inbound chat messages.

This is very beneficial when individuals are not available on their desk. The same can be conveyed to their google talk chat messengers as auto reply notification with their customized message within the duration of the time they come back on the messaging line again.

Remove Contacts From Gtalk/Google Talk

Remove Contacts From Gtalk/Google Talk

Google talk and Gtalk both Instant Messaging platforms allows users to stay connected with their friends and chat. You have added so many friends in your friend list of Gtalk and Google talk. Sometimes you want to delete few unwanted or unused contacts from your friend list.  Here is a simple tutorial to do so.

  • Choose the particular contact which you want to delete
  • Right-click on the particular contact.
  • Now tap on the delete option pop up in context menu.
  • That’s all. Finally you have deleted the contacts from your Gtalk/ Google talk.

Integrate Your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Accounts Using Digsby IM Client

Integrate Your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Accounts Using Digsby IM Client

Who doesn’t want to get instant access to their social networking sites’ notification timely? Therefore, Digsby IM client integrates all IM, email notification along with social networking sites to allow you get instant access. Usually Digsby client integrates multiple accounts such as Yahoo, Gtalk, Jabber, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and MSN in one single Window.

Thus you will not need to download separate clients. It is completely feature rich IM client which offers users to customize and personalize client according to their preferences and conveniences using different widgets.

The best part of this client is that it integrates Facebook, MSN, AIM, MySpace, Twitter, Gtalk accounts along with various email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. It is also useful for adding social networking websites and get quick access to them via single window.

Key Features of Digsby IM Client

  • You can chat from various accounts such as Gtalk, Yahoo, Facebook, etc under single window.
  • Popup alters feature enabled when you receive new messages.
  • You can rename friends and send messages by single click.
  • Save all conversation and search for them later.
  • Get instant access to Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc. accounts.
  • Popup alerts for every new receiving mail.
  • you can send email to any contacts by single click
  • You can get latest updates from your Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • You can send multiple files at a time using transfer manager feature.
  • you can see the new friend request, upcoming birthdays etc via Digsby IM client

Android Apps That May Interest You

Android Apps That May Interest You

To those of you who don’t know what android is, it is a basically a mobile operating system built around the Linux kernel. This OS was developed by Android Inc. and later bought by Google in the year 2005. An important feature of this operating system is that it supports numerous applications, commonly called android apps.

There are a number of free apps available for download on the internet. If you are the lucky one to have just purchased an android phone, then these are some android apps that are sure to blow your mind.

Android Apps That Helps You Socialize

1) eBuddy Messenger – It is an instant messaging application that runs in the background, which therefore, is helpful when you are working on something else. This android app can be used to IM with your contacts on Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, Gtalk and all other popular IM applications.

2) Facebook – Everybody seems to have a Facebook account these days. Using this particular android app you can update your status, share photos and videos, and keep a track of your friend’s pages. Android Apps That Keep You Entertained

3) Pandora – This is something like a personalized radio. Are you in the mood to listen to your favorite band or pop star? Just type in their name or the genre and this android app, Pandora, creates a station that plays that music.

4) Kindle – Are you having one of those lazy days, and you feel like curling up in a corner with a book? Well, you don’t have to go to the bookstore anymore. You can read any book you like using kindle, one of androids many applications. You can choose from over 750,000 books ranging from best sellers to newspapers and magazines just for a moderate price.

Add Spice to Your Lifestyle Using These Android Apps

5) Need for speed: Shift – For all the racing fanatics this game provides the adrenaline rush you’ve been craving. Download this android app for a small fee and soon you’ll be racing your way to victory.

6) Gmote 2.0 – Ever had to walk to your computer to pause or play a movie. Well, now you don’t have to. With the Gmote 2.0 you can turn your phone into a remote controller for your computer. Now, that is something we’ve all been waiting for.

7) Wapedia – Almost everyone uses Wikipedia for information. Using the latest from android apps, Wapedia allows you to search wiki content in almost 150 languages. Now you can wiki anything you want on the move.

8) The Weather Channel – Need to plan a picnic with the family or a hike with your best friend? Check the weather for the day using this incredible android app. It’s easy to use and understand and you’ll find this really helpful.

9) Yelp – Ever found yourself confused what to do for dinner? Or are you looking for the coolest joint in town? This application helps you keep posted about the latest places to try out and the best places to be spotted.

10) TripIt – This android app can be your very own travel assistant. All you need to do is forward your travel confirmation emails to them and Bam! You have your very own travel itinerary. Bon Voyage!

Easy Ways To Unblock and Access Gmail

Easy Ways To Unblock and Access Gmail

Now days, you will find one of the most popular email solutions, Gmail being blocked in some places. Mostly, this service has been blocked by administrators at offices, school, colleges and etc. Now, there are several ways with which you can unblock this service and get access in the blocked computers. 

Following are the top, easy and quick methods to unblock Gmail at your school or office.

Unblock Gmail by Typing URL in a different manner

Gmail can be well accessed by using some other URLs, it is not necessary to type only to access Gmail. First, make sure if your administrator has blocked domain. You can still access Gmail with the help of following URLs:


Using Gtalk to Access Gmail

If your system administrator has blocked only Gmail without blocking Gtalk then open Gtalk and login to your Gtalk account. You will find small icon of Gmail. This icon will present in the bottommost part of Gtalk interface. Click on that icon and you will be directly navigated to Gmail interface.

Use Gmail Proxies to Access Gmail

In case your system administrator has blocked all the ways to open Gmail and has made it awfully challenging, you can gain access by simply using the proxy websites. Following is the list of proxies with which you can surf Gmail at restricted or blocked places.

Can I Find IP Address Of My Chat Friends ?

Can Others Find IP My Address by Manipulating Yahoo / GTalk / AOL etc Messenger

I was worried when I realized that most messengers have this vulnerability, where they can expose my IP address to a stranger who I’m chatting with. Before I begin to reveal the trick I should strictly mention that do not try this trick in real life, as this is article is meant to give you only the information and to broaden the knowledge, and educate you to be aware of the potential risk you might encounter because of this small loophole.

You can easy get to know a person’s Internet Protocol address by hacking Yahoo / Gtalk / AOL Messenger. All these chat messengers come handy and help us stay in contact with all the relatives and friends who stay far away from us.

To protect the user’s privacy these chat messengers strictly prohibit showing the Internet Protocol address of the person with whom we are chatting. You can use some tricks to break this security and get the IP address. Let us see how.

To do so you have to make a bridge with your personal computer and in order to do so you have to make a file transfer. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Start menu and click on Run to open the windows command prompt
  • Then you have to type CMD and press enter
  • Make a file transfer and make sure the file is above 3MB
  • Now in command prompt you have to type netstat –n
  • A list of Internet Protocol address will to provided to you in a black screen
  • There will be two columns, one is named Local Address and the other will be named Foreign Address. Foreign address will have the Internet Protocol address of the person on the other end of the line whereas Local address IP is of yours.
  • You will receive an output. Example: let us say that the output you have received is this: TCP ESTABLISHED
  • Now the Internet Protocol address of the other person is, and the port number is 1647.

A stranger knowing your IP address has a lot of potential risks. You’ll have to be very careful when you interact with strangers, as a chat with a stranger with wrong intentions might cost you quite a lot.