Kannada Movie – Just Maat Maathalli – Songs And Lyrics

One of the most brilliant romantic movie in which my two top favorite actors are in – Just Maat Maathalli. May be I’m a bit biased as I love Divaya a.k.a Ramya, well anyways do I really need to care ? 🙂

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The sticking point of the movie is the songs and Raghu Dixit as done fantastic job in that department. One of my favorite songs from the movie is Munjaane Manjalli.

See Sirsi’s cover version of Munjaane Manjalli With Guitar Chords and Lyrics.

If any of you guys are interested in lyrics of the other songs, please leave a comment. I’ll make full effort to find every bit of the songs and chords and put it up here.


Munjaane Manjalli – Just Maat Maathalli – Guitar Chords / Lyrics by Rajesh Sirsikar

Munjaane Manjalli – Just Maat Maathalli – Guitar Chords / Tabs / Lyrics Covered by Rajesh Sirsikar

Raghu Dikshit has given a Fantastic song – Munjaane Manjalli from the movie Just Maat Maathalli. Rajesh Sirsikar, one of my very close friend has done a cover for that song and it has come out just as beautiful as the original one.

If you guys have heard this song before, you’ll surely love the way my friend has put it across. You can view the song on youtube and the link is :


Those who want the Guitar pattern and Guitar chords for Munjaane Manjalli, can get it from the video there.

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