Sony Play Station Network Continues To Be Hacked

April 16th through April 19th the Sony Corporation was digitally broken into by a group of hackers that remain anonymous to this day. The effects have been crippling to the giant corporation and the hackers, much like David with his sling, used their elite skills to bring the giant.
The initial cost of the break-in was around $177 million, but the long term effects have yet to be observed. Numerous lawsuits and security upgrades will end up putting a much deeper dent in Sony’s pocket.

So how many people were affected? And what was compromised? The initial attack by the anonymous hackers left over 100 million PSN user accounts compromised and vital information was possibly obtained: name, address, e-mail address, birth date, IP address, PSN password, billing information. A hacker could do irreparable damage to a person’s life with that information, and Sony PSN users were just as concerned. After the initial attack the Sony Corporation shut down the PSN network on April 20th to try and assess and fix the damage.

On May 5th Sony CEO issued an official apology to PSN users on their blog as seen here. On top of that there was also an apology from Sony at the E3 convention that you can watch here:

On May 14th Sony starts restoring PlayStation Network services in the hopes that they can rebuild. Unfortunately for Sony, they were wrong.

Several other hacks on the Sony Corporation have happened since then and this time by hackers that have identified themselves, although the initial attackers are still unknown. On May 18th hackers targeted the password reset site for the PlayStation Network. Then from May 25th- 26th hacker groups targeted Sony sites in Greece, Canada, Indonesia and Thailand. And another blow, on June 3rd a hacker group going by the name of LulzSec claims to have hacked into the Sony Pictures website which resulted in the compromised information of around one million users.

LulzSec has stated that they targeted the site to demonstrate Sony’s weakness and to try and teach consumers not to put their faith and information in a company that cannot protect itself. After they infiltrated the website they published the information of the consumers on their site. They claim to have made it their mission to hack Sony six times and released this message:
“We’ve recently bought a copy of this great new game called ‘Hackers vs Sony,’ but we’re unable to play it online due to [PlayStation Network] being obliterated.
So we decided to play offline mode for a while and got quite a few trophies. Our latest goal is ‘Hack Sony 5 Times,’ so please find enclosed our 5th Sony hack.
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: HACK SONY 6 TIMES! Oh damn, we just did it again, please also find enclosed internal network maps of Sony BMG.”

So why on earth is Sony being targeted? There is some speculation that besides Sony’s poor security there was another incident that sparked outrage amongst the hackers. A young programmer and hacker named George Holtz had made it his mission to hack Sony products and had released some info out to the public. Sony, in response, took action on Holtz and they went to court. While the case was settled outside of court, many people, both in the general public and hackers, did not like the way Sony handled the situation.

Holtz denies any participation in the hacking of Sony’s PSN and other websites, and it is still unclear what the hacker’s true motives are, but it is not unlike hackers to target a corporation for a cause.

So what now? Sony is still fending off hacking attacks and sorely needs to update their security so that consumers are better protected and consumers are still being cautious. The situation is ongoing as more attacks are being reported and LulzSec is still waging its online war against the Sony Corporation. Best thing if you are a Sony Consumer is to keep all of your personal information off any of their sites and wait until the situation is resolved.

Hack Your Own Administrator Password To Reset

How To Hack Your Own Administrator Password To Reset

People forgetting their passwords are and not really uncommon scenario. It is quite obvious to happen, especially when they’re caught up with their hectic lifestyles.

Everyone has to remember hundreds of passwords such ATM password, social networking account login password, account number, etc. In case you forgot your computer administrator password, then you have to use Hacking My Own computer freeware.

Through this freeware you can easily hack your computer administrator password. Once you have hacked it, then you can easily reset with new strong password. It is best utility tool to have on your computer to ensure the continuity of the works on your computer without any hindrances.


This freeware is completely compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Since this tool is developed for the human welfare, never misuse it by hacking other’s administrator password. It is completely immoral and unethical activity. 


It may be possible that the antivirus installed on your computer might mistake this freeware as virus. However there is no problem with that. You just need to login to other user profile and launch this tool to rest computer administrator password. Once this hacking process complete, you create your own password that should be easy for you to remember, but hard to guess for strangers.

Learn Hacking Tricks By Reading “The Secrets Of Hacking” Book

Learn Hacking Tricks By Reading “The Secrets Of Hacking” Book

It is an arguable issue if hacking is ethical or not. However many people truly believe that hacking is an immoral activity and the people conducting in it should be punished.

On the other hand some experts mention that hacking is not such an immoral activity. It depends on the individuals on how they use hacking tricks. Hacking is not immoral but use of hacking in a destructive manner is immoral. However it is still issue of debate.

Hacking can be used in both ways either constructive or destructive. Many people use hacking to defend themselves from being hacked. Therefore it is very important that you must know hacking tricks work in order to protect yourself, your mail accounts or websites from the evil eyes. There are many books and online books available that claim to teach you hacking tricks but not all of them live up to their promises.

You need to know hacking tricks from basic i.e. A to Z of hacking tricks. There should be a hacking tool kit which contains every thing related to hacking. However before having this book you need to keep one thing in your mind firmly, and that is you must never use hacking tricks illegally. There is a book named “The Secrets of Hacking” which contains every thing about hacking. There is a terminology in hacking ethical hacking. Here you will learn about ethical hacking tricks only.

This book will help you realize all the loop holes, and once you are aware of the techniques, you will be in a better position to understand the vulnerability and hence protect yourself from being vulnerable to hacks.

Find the book here

You will get tricks to protect your email addresses and websites from being hacked. This book is a package of tutorials. You will get two DVDs of tutorial guides. There is 1400 security tools i.e. setup files of security tools with 200+ hacking tutorials e-books.

You will get to understand these following points in elaborate manner

  • Introduction of real hacking
  • Hacking tricks to hack windows
  • Password hacking
  • E-mail hacking
  • Website defacement & Domain hacking
  • Computer and mobile hacking

Few Key features of this toolkit

  • How hackers get access your gmail,yahoo email accounts
  • How to hack windows, Linux etc
  • How to hack computer remotely through ports
  • How net-banking passwords and credit card passwords get hacked
  • How hackers get access to any restricted websites

These points pinpoint that this toolkit is the best tutorial ever regarding hacking tricks.

Protecting The Wi-Fi Network From WPA Hack

Protecting The Wi-Fi Network From WPA Hack

The WEP encryption standard has been broken by the researcher Erik Tews after a year. He had recommended a switch to the WPA which is extra safe Protection for the Wi-Fi Network. He and his colleague Martin Back have discovered the method for cracking the WPA encryption standard in parts which is nothing but the Temporary Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP). The TKIP is mainly used to save the data safely on lots of wireless networks.

They are able to carry out their activities it within a time period of just 12 to 15 minutes.  Nevertheless, they have failed to learn about how to obtain access to the information that transmits in between the router and computer. Thus the WPA at present is quite safe to utilize as the typical Wi-Fi security.

However, it has been strongly recommended you to care for your router to protect it from WPA hack. You can keep it away from WPA hack in many different ways. One of the ways is to log in to router and then turn off the TKIP as an encryption type, and next only select to utilize Advanced Encryption System (AES), or the much tougher WPA2.

You can cut down the timing of the Temporary Key Integrity Protocol within the routers, with the intention that keys get refreshed in every two minutes or less. The quick revive creates it harder, although not completely unattainable for hackers to gain access.

A Hack To Modify Background Image In Windows Media Player 12

A Hack To Modify Background Image In Windows Media Player 12

Windows 7 operating system is equipped with version 12 of windows media player. The primary characteristic of wmp12 media player is the gui, graphical user interface. This new gui is embellished well, giving a new look and feel to windows media player.

The wmp12 player does not support “now playing” button. A complete screen which is adjustable according to the media size is dedicated to the “now playing” option. It also supports a playback purview with controls for playback.

Another good feature of windows media player 12 is the varied media formats it supports such as Xvis, H.264, Divx and AAC. It also summates a view specifically designed for management of a library directly from “now playing” window. This library allows a user to handle all the media such as video, music, playlist, recorded TV, playlists, radio stations and many more.

The library purview offers a user to utilize and display an image in the background. This wmp12 player also supports many default images for background. As a user if you are not satisfied with the present background, then you can change it by hacking the registry. Simply follow the steps to hack the registry, so as to change the image in the background with a new image.

Steps to change a background image of a library in the media player:

  • Run Regedit in your computer.
  • Browse and locate the below key in the registry:


  • Change the value of the registry in the right pane by locating a 32 bit dword “reg_dword” registry named as librarybackgroundimage.

  • The librarybackgroundimage registry is evaluated as 6 by default. Now modify this value to a new numeral to display a new image in the background.

Values that are valid are ranged between 0 and 6 representing six different images for your background. A zero value represents no image in the background.

  • Now save the changes and exit from regedit. Restart your wmp12 media player to display a new image in the background.

All new images for background are stored in a system file called “Wmploc.dll”. A user will not have to hack the system file again to obtain a new image on the media player.

A Hack To Turn Your Yahoo! Messenger Nickname Blank

A Hack To Turn Your Yahoo! Messenger Nickname Blank

A hack which will make a yahoo username invisible on the messenger, allowing one to chat with any person either in a public or a private yahoo chat room. This feature will make your name become invisible and hide your identity from others.

One can easily switch back to the original i.e display their nicknames on messenger again. So this hack is user friendly and very safe too. Anyone can easily play tricks on their yahoo messenger friends by utilizing “Yahoo Invisible Username Trick”.

Your nickname will appear blank on the member listing for every chat room. No other person will be capable of tracing your name. Even if you initiate chatting, your messages are displayed as received from an anonymous yahoo user. As many users are unaware of this great and simple trick they will be surprised to see messages from an anonymous person in the chat room.

Steps to follow to make Yahoo! messenger’s users name Invisible:

  • Click open Yahoo! messenger. Login using your id and password
  • Browse and select messenger, select my contact info from the messenger.
  • An editable “yahoo accounts” page opens. Here type in the password to proceed further.
  • You will find edit/ create aliases to your right hand sidebar. Select it.
  • Browse and select a link “add an alias”.
  • The code [?] should be copied from within square brackets. Now paste the same as a name for the new alias. The user is requested to copy only the code and not the brackets.
  • Now save all the changes. This causes the username to become invisible on Yahoo messenger.

A user’s profile will bear a blank name for all existing yahoo services. They can roam and access every single chat room with a blank or dummy user name.

Gmail Account Hacked – Recover It Easily

Gmail Account Hacked – Recover It Easily

E-mails are one of the most convenient ways to keep in touch with your loved ones as well as some business corporate. There are a number of free email providers these days. Some of the most popular of these are Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Rediff Mail, Gmail and lots more. Gmail is the service provided by the search engine giants Google.

Each of the users e-mail accounts have personal emails as well as some important emails relating to work. The only threat on this personal and important data is from hackers. Hackers hack into the user’s personal account and steal personal and important information. This can be pretty devastating as you could lose some secrets and some important stuff.

Recovering hacked accounts is extremely difficult and it gets worse if your password’s changed by the hacker. There are a few ways to recover hacked email accounts, but some hackers are just too smart and make the process of recovery all the more difficult. Google provides two ways to help the user recover back its hacked account. The two ways are mentioned below:

1.  The first and simplest technique of recovering the hacked account is by resetting the password of your account. If the user ever feels that his/her account has been fiddled with and the password’s still the same, then the first thing to be done is to change or reset the password. Users can change the passwords of their accounts by going to the following link:

On being directed to the above mentioned link, the user will be asked to provide its login name. If the user has his account verified by a mobile phone then the recovery code will be received on the concerned mobile number. The password of your account can thus be changed after entering the correct recovery code.


If no mobile number has been provided then the recovery code will be received as e-mail in your primary e-mail account. Every user needs o provide an alternate e-mail address before registering for an account. Thus the recovery code will be sent via email to the provided email address.

2.  The second technique of recovering from a hacked email account is by contacting the Google Support Team. Here the user has to prove that the account hacked is his by providing some relevant information. The user needs to visit the link and then provide the following information.

  • The date of account creation is needed. Users have to check the date of the first email received confirming the creation of your account.
  • You also need to provide the date of your last successful login.
  • Another field that needs to be filled is the last password which the user remembers. It can be the password prior to the one that has been changed.
  • Five email addresses to which the user sends or receives most number of emails.
  • Names of labels (if any) needs to be provided
  • Details of other services of Google that the user uses.

Restoring MMS And VVM On Iphone If They Do Not Function After Applying The Tethering Hack

Restoring MMS And VVM On Iphone If They Do Not Function After Applying The Tethering Hack

Once you hack an iPhone, there is a great deal of chances that the phone’s Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) or Virtual Voicemail (VVM) functions are not working at all. This happens incase you do not pay anything to the mobile subscriber and try to facilitate internet tethering services.

This may happen for all versions of iPhone, be it iPhone 2G, the first generation of iPhone, or iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

The main reason behind the occurrence of this problem for multimedia messaging services or virtual voicemail functions is the fact that, when you try to enable internet tethering function, a new file with the extension of .ipcc is created.

This carrier file is used to enable the internet tethering function which is created with the loading of a new profile called as the Mobileconfig configuration profile. This .ipcc file would enable the internet tethering services, but would disable all the functions related to Multimedia Messaging Services or Virtual Voicemail service.

The simple solution to keep your internet tethering services in place as well as fix the problems occurring in Multimedia Messaging Services and Virtual Voicemail services is to reset the phone’s network settings.

For this you have to follow just a simple path, go to Settings select General, now select Reset and finally reset the phone’s network settings by choosing Rest Network Settings option.

There is one more alternative solution to fix this problem. However by following this path, you will disable all settings related to internet tethering and the option to it will no longer be visible for you. You can do so by following this path, go to Settings select General, now select Network finally reset the APN for Visual voicemail as adcs.voicemail and by taking the option Cellular Data Network.

How To Protect Your Privacy By Preventing Hacking / Cracking Of Wifi Wpa-psk Networks?

This post helps you to prevent your wireless from being cracked. This experiment can be run successfully on Linux / Back Track 3 or 4 machine.

If you are not sure how secure your wireless network which is protected with WPA or WPA2PSK, you’ll be in a position to assess it after you follow all the steps laid down in this video.

This video highlights the importance of having strong windows password when on Private Wireless Access: