Embed Higher Quality YouTube Video Clips On Websites or Blogs

Technique for Embedding Higher Quality YouTube Video Clips On Websites or Blogs

While watching video clips on YouTube website, you can choose to view the videos in higher quality of resolution. It is also possible that you make settings so that YouTube will playback the video clip with the same high resolution quality automatically.

But, when it comes to YouTube video clips which are embedded on web pages or blogs, there is no flexibility to upgrade or switch the video-clip playback to high resolution quality. However, bloggers or webmasters can embed a high resolution code onto the website so as to allow the visitors to view the videos in high resolution mode.

Webmasters can follow the below mentioned hack to embed a code for high resolution video streaming which will stream as MP4 (H.264 Video with AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) audio) and will be encoded at a resolution of 480×360.  

This is very much similar to the hack used to view high resolution video clips on YouTube with &fmt=6 or &fmt=18 switch wherein the publisher requires to attach a suitable switch to YouTube embed code for the Flash Player to understand that the video has to be played with high resolution video streaming.

However, just adding the default flag “&fmt=18” at the end of the URL in the address bar won’t work. In the embed code, you need to add “&ap=%2526fmt%3D18” at the end of the URL of the video clip specified in “embed src” and “param value”.

You need to append “&ap=%2526fmt%3D18” at the end of the video clip URL “http://www.youtube.com/v/xxxxxxxxxxx&hl=en&rel=0” at two instances in the embed code, where, xxxxxxxxxxx is nothing but unique video ID.

For e.g. If the URL of the video clip is “http://www.youtube.com/v/_w0AwGCjqnw&hl=en&rel=0”, the embed code will look like:

<object width=”425? height=”344?><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/_w0AwGCjqnw&hl=en&rel=0&ap=%2526fmt%3D18?></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/_w0AwGCjqnw&hl=en&rel=0&ap=%2526fmt%3D18? type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”425? height=”344?></embed></object>

Visitors will be able to enlarge the high quality YouTube video to the width equal to “480” without affecting the picture quality since the high resolution streaming video is been encoded at a resolution of 480×360.

With the arrival of High Definition (HD) era, YouTube is also able to playback the hosted videos at 720p HD picture quality resolution which is quite close to CD audio quality.

Setting YouTube To Play High-Quality Videos By Default

Setting YouTube To Play High-Quality Videos By Default

YouTube has officially started delivering video clips in stereo audio mode and HD (High Definition) resolution for presenting a better viewing experience to the viewers. Now, viewers do not have to use &fmt=6 or &fmt=18 switch trick anymore to view high resolution videos on YouTube.

YouTube now has a link for users to view a supported video clip in high definition resolution. The link for watching high quality video appears beneath the video’s view count if high resolution display is supported.

If you are presently viewing the video clip in high definition, a link for viewing the video in standard quality will be displayed. This helps the user to easily toggle between standard quality and high quality video as sometimes streaming a video in higher definition might not go smoothly and the video might stop in between for buffering.

However, if you are a YouTube account holder, have a speedy internet connection and wish to watch all YouTube video clips in high definition mode always, you are now able to do so. YouTube has an option within the user account settings which allows you to set high quality as a default for video playback.

The video playback resolution by default is set as normal, which basically means lower quality. To make the changes in the video playback settings and set YouTube to play videos in high quality always (wherever available and supported), you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the Account page on YouTube.
  • Under the section “Account”, click on the link “Video Playback Quality”.
  • Choose the radio button corresponding to the option which confirms that you have a fast internet connection and asks YouTube to play videos in high quality whenever available.
  • Click on the button “Save Setting”. This will make the changes effective immediately.
  • If you wish to revert back your selection, you can select the option for choosing the video quality dynamically depending on the connection speed. Alternatively, you may also choose the option for confirming that you have a slow internet connection and asking YouTube not to play videos in high quality.

VideoLAN Released VLC Media Player version 1.0 Making The Major Milestone

VideoLAN Released VLC Media Player version 1.0 Making The Major Milestone

You might have come across the codec type of dependency problem where some media files cannot be played on your desktop. To overcome this or to reduce such dependency and inconvenience on different types of codec, VideoLAN has constantly improved its media player VLC.
They provide a free of cost open source multimedia framework and streaming solution for both, home and office use. In recent times, VideoLAN attained milestone of great importance with VLC Media Player version 1.0 with some enhancements except bug fixes.

VLC is well known for its cross-platform compatibility and it is also a well known open source media player. VLC is capable to faultlessly play all formats of video files without any dependency of system codecs, while allocating media streaming in your digital home. The new VLC version 1.0 has released with some of the enhancements like latest High Definition codec support like Real Video 3/4.0, TrueHD, AES3 and Blu-Ray Linear PCM.

It also supports some new formats such as M2TS, Raw Dirac and many more. In addition, it supports video controlling such as advanced speed controls, frame-by-frame support and instant pausing, live recording, video scaling in full screen for much superior visual experience. On top of this, the new VLC version 1.0 has came up with a great features i.e. zipped file playback, RTSP Trickplay support, easier encoding GUI between customizable toolbars.

If you still have not experienced VLC before, then it is the time to download it Here and experience it out yourself without any charge.

Free Playback And Download Of High Definition Movie Trailers

Free Playback And Download Of High Definition Movie Trailers

Movie Trailers are extremely important before the release of any movie. The trailers give the audiences the feel of the movie and helps in attracting the crowds when the movie releases. Movie Trailers in High Definition is what any viewer would like to go for. Users who vie only for HD trailers can find a great collection of them in HD-Trailers.

It is an excellent online source which provides the user with latest trailers of movies and that too in High Definition. While accessing this website, you can choose any of the available trailers. The trailers are sorted by text, date, poster and title. This provides more convenience for the user as he/she can easily find what is needed.

The user can easily search from more than hundred titles and always provides videos related to the one searched for. It also provides the user with an option to select and download videos with a resolution of their own choice. The three available options for resolution are Full High Definition or 1080p, High Definition or 720p and Standard Definition or 480p.

The website is of great help especially if you’re searching for some High Definition trailers which need to be played during a public gathering or any trade event. The best thing about this service is that you don’t have to face the hassles of signing up or logging in. Users can instantly play and download videos and don’t even need to download any special software for it.

Auto Play Videos In High Definition

Auto Play Videos In High Definition

The famous and popular video playback website YouTube provides support for hosting, uploading, playback and streaming of videos in high definition. There are numerous websites which embed the videos in You Tube using the code trick to embed high quality videos from You Tube. They can also use the code hack of You Tube High Definition videos. Ever since, You Tube has enabled an embedded parameter switch which enables default play back of High Definition Videos.

A list of available parameters for an embedded player on the Google Code has been published by YouTube. One of the parameters available from the list is “hd”. This parameter has values either 0 or 1. The default value is 0, and re-setting it as 1 will enable you to play videos in High Definition as default. This parameter doesn’t have any effect on Chromeless Player neither does it have any effect if the high definition version of a video isn’t available.


In order to enable the auto play in high definition mode you just need to click on the Customize button present in the lower end of the embedded code. If any video is already uploaded in the high definition mode and the browser supports the high definition playback then just check the option mentioned as Play as HD.

If the given option is not present by default, then the video doesn’t have a high definition version. It is still possible to forcefully play the video in the HD version by hacking the code and setting the code manually. The code to be edited is given below:

<object width=”425? height=”344?><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/zlfKdbWwruY&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&hd=1“></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/zlfKdbWwruY&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&hd=1” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425? height=”344?></embed></object>