Fix The Errors Of White Or Blank Desktop Shortcut Icons

Fix The Errors Of White Or Blank Desktop Shortcut Icons

Sometimes you have noticed that icons on the desktop turn to white or blank icons instead of customized and colorful. It feels like you have removed the icon or replaced it with white or blank icon. In fact this is a serious error that must address it instantly before it leads to more damages to your desktop icons.  It is a kind of bug, which affects the appearance of icons on the desktop.

Technically it occurs when the icons cache database will be tampered and corrupted.  To understand it properly you’ll need to read out this example: Suppose you’ve installed a network connection on Windows 7, then an icon will be placed on the desktop. However, when a third party application icon will be paced on the desktop the first icon will be turn to blank or white.

To fix this problem you can either try to refresh or rebuild the corrupted icon cache database. It is up to you that you want to update and refresh the icons database cache manually or automatically. There are many applications available that can refresh the database of icons automatically.

Here you will get the method to refresh or rebuild the database cache manually. You just navigate to following path:  c:\Users\\AppData\local\

In order to see the hidden files of AppData folder Navigate to Organize>> Folder and Search options>> View tab and choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives then unselect Hide Protected operating system files.

Here delete the file and recreate the file called, IconCache.db. Now, adjust it to Read only feature in the properties. To implement the following settings you’ll need to restart your computer. Now remove Read only feature of this file and icon database cache will be brushed up instantly. Finally you are done and the error of white or blank icons will be resolved.

How-to use AllTray in KDE

The ultimate solution to docking apps in KDE 😀 and I looooveee it!

When I first used it in previous installations of OpenSuse, I thought there would be check options to select which app to dock automatically and stuff like that, (hay that was the case with Trayit in windows).

This time I figure the right usage, now that I started messing around with editing entries in the Menu Editor. So if some confused soul (like i once was) should ever chance upon this post, here’s how to use it…


  1. Go to Kcontrol (That’s called control center).
  2. Navigate to the entry, say you want to edit Firefox, to always be docked in the tray. So, in the field that says “command”, put in “alltray firefox %U”
  3. Save and your done.

Just make sure you have Alltray installed, you can get it via YaST.