Widget To Identify No1 Author Amid Other Blogger

Widget To Identify No1 Author Amid Other Blogger

Intercommunication amid individuals is fast growing through various blogs created to be published as diaries or journals. It is a good sign of knowledge sharing among various groups.

To support this and encourage bloggers, there should be a bloggers widget which displays the information about the bloggers on the frequency of their blog postings. A blogger zone permits blog proprietors to show numerous authors listed.

Blog proprietors can summate many authors to publish their blogs, who can contribute thereby increasing a blogger’s posts.

Due to deficient tools, the blog proprietors cannot display top authors name, if this could have been made available on blogger sites like WordPress, It will definitely encourage or boost the bloggers to publish more blogs.

However, now there is an installable Plug-In through which the count of entire authors list with their posts published can be made available.

This widget summates close to 5000 posts into computation and displays the list consequently, thereby displaying a lead author’s appliance to your Blogger blog’s window pane.

This will also inspire the authors with lesser posts to contribute many more posts and be the toppers amid other authors

Steps required to install lead authors widget to Bloggers Blog are as follows

  • First of all Install the Plug-in, Once installed, Select on option called “add lead authors gadget to blog”.
  • Now, it will crop up a window with a page, where settings for customization can be carried out.
  • Now provide your widget, a title. “Top Authors” will be the default title.
  • Now, type in the address of the bloggers blog link: Note not to type in “http://” at the starting of the link or type in a slash (/) at the end of the link.
  • Now select number of lead authors to be displayed.
  • Now, select on customize option and then select “add to my blog” option.
  • Finally on completion of customization, you can attach the widget to your favored blogs.

Hence, hereafter your bloggers/blogspot will display your lead author’s complete identity with their number of posts published on the side windowpane. This could also be termed as the Lead Placard Gadget for blogspot Blogs.

Time To Be A Spy And Identify A Photo / Video Authenticity

Time To Be A Spy And Identify A Photo / Video Authenticity

Identifying photo to ascertain its Authenticity, as either taken by Camera or if it is a Doctored image is confusing. There are few individuals who are very good in creating such pictures. Similarly, there are various video editor programmers which can edit and produce a video that appears as a master copy.

Now, it’s time to become a spy to identify such images and confirm whether they are original or edited. One can do so with the help of JPEG-Snoop a Photo/Video editing tool, which is a freeware.

The Characteristics of JPEG-Snoop are:

  • JPEG-Snoop is a mighty and clever tool which helps in identifying the authenticity of a Video or Photo.
  • JPEG-Snoop is adequate, which reads photo/video secret codes, called signatures
  • It can easily confirm the source of the images through signatures on it, whether they are shot by a camera or they are doctored images.
  • It analyzes the signature code present on a Photo/Video and attempts to pair it with various editing tools. Once the signature code corresponds with any Photo/ Video it will prove with evidence, that this file is edited with the source used to create this file.
  • Once source file is determined which comprises the signature code in the cameras, it will automatically label it as a master copy and for the doctored images it clearly reflects it as edited.
  • JPEG-Snoop backs few known file formats like PDF, MOV, JPG, AVI, and DNG. Further it can also be utilized to amend any corrupted pictures.
  • This tool is loaded with many signatures from various editing software.

Identifying A Foreign Language Using Langid For Free

Identifying A Foreign Language Using Langid For Free

Sometimes we stumble upon many foreign languages never heard of or never seen on internet. An email or a web page if written in a foreign language becomes difficult for a user to understand the language. Online translators are a must-have to address such issues.

A solution to the above is to first detect the foreign language. Langid is an online detection Tool to help a user in identifying a foreign text, message or file easily. This is available for free for all users.

Langid.net can read and translate nearly 85 foreign languages. This website can detect an unknown language easily. A user needs to simply upload a text or a file with a foreign language or paste the message in the text box provided in the website.

Langid can detect an email, quotation, newsletter written in a foreign language automatically. Within a short time, langid will detect by using its language scripts and display the results.

A tweet can also be sent via a twitter account, and this website identifies the message and returns a tweet with the language name. This website is very quick, accurate, convenient and free. After detecting the language, a user can choose any online translator to provide a translated version of the foreign text or file.

Pay With The Tip Of Your Finger

Pay With The Tip Of Your Finger

Finger Prints and their identification are extremely useful in a lot of fields these days. The most common use of this technology is to identify criminals and is widely used by the police and other investigation agencies.

The methodology or concept behind this is extremely simple. The fingerprints of the criminal or the person concerned are matched with the available sample and identified. Lately, this technology is being widely used in the field of securities.

The next revolution with respect to fingerprints is the card less payment system. This new technology has been announced by Hitachi and is known as the finger vein money. This technology will allow users to make their payments with just the tip of their finger.


The user or the customer has to register its vein data with the service providers. Whenever you present your finger tip to make a payment, it will be scanned via infrared LED’s and matched with the sample present. The sample if matched with the one present with provider will lead to the payable sum being deducted from your account.

Before releasing the technology to the market, the company has decided to test it for three months. Employees of Hitachi will test the system in their company’s own cafeteria.

Use CloneSpy To Identify And Remove Redundant Files From Your System

Use CloneSpy To Identify And Remove Redundant Files From Your System

Many times we download photos, games, files, videos and movies from the internet during which we tend to download a number of redundant files without actually realizing it. There might be files having different names but same content, files having identical names but different content (which happens if you download multiple versions) etc.

This could be an important reason why your disk space gets full even though you have not fully utilized it. Checking for redundant files manually and deleting them one by one is not feasible as it is a time consuming process. However, you can find out redundant files instantly using CloneSpy, a tiny yet useful utility that detects and removes duplicate files from your system.

CloneSpy enables you to spot the redundant files with searching criteria of your preference. Once you identify the redundant files, you can easily delete the unnecessary ones in order to free up disk space so that it can be used to store some other important and valuable data.

According to your situation, you can choose among different searching criteria offered by CloneSpy. The criteria include searching for duplicate contents in files regardless to file name, searching for files having identical file names but different file contents and files with identical file name and almost similar file size.


CloneSpy allows you to search for redundant files from a single path or two different paths. It possesses another great feature that helps you create checksum files so that it can be later compared with folders in local hard disk or removable media storage in order to check for redundant files.  Checksum files generally contain a files list that you wish to check for any redundancy in future.

Once CloneSpy detects the duplicate files, you can opt to remove/delete the duplicate files automatically, choose to get a pop-up window for informing you about the duplicate files or else generate a report for future use. You may download CloneSpy v2.4 free of charge. This useful tool works well with Windows ME, Windows 98se, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Vista and XP.

Download RW-Everything For Free To Access And Edit Computer Hardware Info

Download RW-Everything For Free To Access And Edit Computer Hardware Info.

Mostly hardware engineers, firmware developers, QA engineers, driver engineers, diagnostic engineers and all people who want to access computer hardware information, need a powerful utility application. The RW-Everything is the complete solution for all those peoples who work on computer whether developers or engineers.

This latest freeware application allows users to instantly access the computer hardware including PCI, PCI Index/Data, Memory, I/O Space, Super I/O, I/O Index/Data, Memory I/O Index/Data, DIMM SPD, ACPI tables Dump, USB information, SMBIOS Structures, Embedded Controller, Configuration Table, ATA/ATAPI Identify Data, and Remote Access.

RW-Everything (Read & Wright) utility software is developed by Jeff Chan. Users not only get access to hardware information, but also can save the data in binary format by using the feature “Save As” of this utility tool. The stored data can be viewed Byte (8-bit), Dword (32-bit), and Word (16-bit). Additionally, it supports editing of data into few hardware parts such as Memory. It includes command line interpreter in order to access hardware manually.

The most common use of RW-Everything is in determining and displaying the SLIC table in order to confirm SLIC 2.or SLIC 2.1 presented or not in BIOS to execute OEM activation of Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7. RW-Everything supports almost all the windows versions, ranging from 98 to Windows vista. You can simply download RW-Everything from the direct link given here. You will get direct access to any hardware components of your computer and make the desire changes using RW-Everything.