Enable or Disable the Tabbed Browsing Option in IE 7

Enable or Disable the Tabbed Browsing Option in IE 7

Nowadays, the tabbed browsing feature has been added in nearly all browsers like Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and etc. The tabbed browsing feature will be very handy once you learn to use it according to your convenience.

Conversely, opening too many tabs would be a real pain as it slows down your PC. If you don’t use the tabbed browsing feature while browsing on net, you can stop and remove it from browser.

Following is the step by step instruction set to remove this feature in Internet Explorer.

Removal of Tabbed Browsing Feature in Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer 7 window and go to Tools and then go to Internet Options.
  • Click on the General option and Tab Settings option.
  • Now you have to “UnCheck“ the feature of tabbed browsing. The tabbed browsing feature will be stopped in Internet Explorer.
  • That’s it.

You will see that all the links are opening in a new page rather than new tabs.

If you would like to add tabbed browsing feature in IE browser, go through the following steps.

  • First of all, if you don’t have Internet Explorer 7, download it from the following link Here.
  • After downloading and installing IE 7, follow the steps given above to go to the option named as Tabbed Browsing Settings.
  • In this option just enable and activate the tabbed browsing feature in IE.

You can remove or add the tabbed browsing feature in the IE 7. You can also make the tabbed browsing feature more easy and smooth by using the add-ons. Follow the link given Here to download these add-ons.

How To Improve, Enhance, Erich, Browsing Speed, Fastness Of Internet Explorer

Enhance Internet Explorer with the new IEPlus 1.1.1

The recently released IEPlus 1.1.1 is a well-designed add-on for the Microsoft Internet Explorer, and has been created with the express interest of enhancing your internet experience. This add-on builds up on the standard interface of the Internet Explorer (IE) – to make your browsing safer, easier, and more convenient. Some of the features supported are: the super drag-and-drop that lets you drag a link on to a new tab, closing of a tab on double-clicking, ad/popup blockers, mouse gestures, and a host of other plug-ins.

Besides the above, several new features have been incorporated in this version. This include – your own customized search engine, a mask layer that hides flash content and lets you view flash by clicking on it, improvements on the page translation, ad-blocker, and auto-scroll plug-ins, and improved user interface. Further, a few handy touch-ups are there – such as automatic activation of ActiveX controls, complete exporting/importing of configuration settings, directing to home page on double-clicking the last tab, and inclusion of filter rules that are content based. Moreover, the mouse gesture, hotkey, and configuration files for plug-in management have all been merged into the IEPlus.ini file in this version.

However, anyone who has used IEPlus will know of the frequent bugs and errors that come with it. Some of the previous bugs that have been fixed in this version are – the SysFader error, the bug that caused IE crash due to double-clicking on the last tab, the bug that caused IE crash because of ClickBlock, and the bug that prevented showing of menu when you click the IEPlus button.

[ Download IEPlus ]