Set Image as Desktop Background Wallpaper with Google Chrome Extension

Set Image as Desktop Background Wallpaper with Google Chrome Extension

Several users might have come across fascinating, distinctive, strange, humorous, or uncommon digital pictures or graphics occasionally once they browse web. They might preserve these types of pictures and utilize them as desktop wallpaper. On the other hand, occasionally pictures turn out to be useless in their PC as the users forget to include all of them as wallpaper. If you want to reduce, the steps associated with transforming the images to wallpaper, also to shorten the procedure Google chrome users are able to check out this east extension “Set Image as Wallpaper”

“Set Image as Wallpaper” is a free extension of best casino bonuses Google Chrome presently working with windows only. With the help of installation of this extension in the web browser, users will be able to by-pass the process for saving the time, and directly right click the image. Users are able to select “Set Image as Wallpaper” within the pop-up shortcut menu to get the chosen image as wallpaper.  

Users are also provided with the option to alter the format, such as if they would like to stretch, centre, or tile to set the chosen image as wallpaper. This simple procedure will definitely make it possible for users to place interesting image as wallpaper and alter it with ease.

You can download it here.

YouTube iFrame Disappears When Embedded In WordPress

Back in July 2010, YouTube announced a new way to embed videos on your websites. But unfortunately, I’ve always faced problems while trying to embed videos in my WordPress posts.

Try this:

1> Go to any YouTube video.

2> Get the Embed code (which will be wrapped up in <iframe> — </iframe>),

3> Paste the code in your WordPress HTML, switch to Visual mode and switch back to HTML mode. You’ll notice that the entire YouTube code will be missing :).

Currently I’m using version 3.1.2 build and this problem still persists. I’m not sure if this has something to do with WordPress or iframes.

Solution: Workaround for this problem

The simplest work around for this problem is, instead of embedding YouTube code wrapped up in iframes, use the old embed code.

1> Click on “Share” –> and then on “Embed”. By default, you’ll notice the code wraped in iframe:

2> Scroll a little down and you’ll notice a couple of options and one of them will be : “Use old embed code” and you’ll see the code will change.

After making your selection, copy and paste the embed code from the text box and you’ll notice results as per your selection.

Add Image And Text Watermarks To Your Photos With WaterMarkLib

Add Image And Text Watermarks To Your Photos With WaterMarkLib

When you share images online, it is quite likely that they can easily be stolen by others. To prevent this from happening, the best thing that you can do is, watermark the images. There are a number of watermarking tools available in the market and WaterMarkLib is one such brilliant watermarking tool that is absolutely easy to use.

WaterMarkLib allows you to insert image or text watermarks to your pictures preventing others from stealing them and taking credit of the hard work that you have put in for creating the pictures. You can easily download and install this utility. Once you launch this tool, it displays a simple, user-friendly interface with self explanatory actions and neatly arranged buttons.

You can browser to select an image file and choose to either add image or text watermark by clicking on the options ‘Add Image Watermark’ or ‘Add Text Watermark’ respectively. You may also position the chosen watermark at a preferred location using customizable style, font, opacity etc.

If you wish to keep the original images intact, you can save the watermarked images to another location by selecting an output destination. This tool is pretty useful to people who tend to post numerous images online. WaterMarkLib works well with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista and is available for a free download.

Simply Convert Video File To Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) Format Using ConvertToWMV

Simply Convert Video File To Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) Format Using ConvertToWMV

Are you searching for the tool which could help you to convert any of the video file to Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) format? Presently, there are thousands of video converter software applications that can help you to do so. Now here is a new and pretty simple and handy utility that you must try out. This useful utility is named as ConvertToWMV. ConvertToWMV is an absolutely free application for Windows, which converts any video file to Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) configuration.

ConvertToWMV has understanding and simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) for communication with FFmpeg video processing command line tool. This utility consist pretty simple steps, while starting the conversion, the users need to simply drag and drop a video file onto the ConvertToWMV application window or simply press the Import button to browse a video file.

 The users can also able to choose the option for the video size as well as the output bit rate before converting. Command prompt of FFmpeg is preferred while processing of a video file. It may take quite a few minutes to complete the conversion depending on the video size. Once the conversion completed, user will start playing the converted video from the video file name in the “Conversion output” window.

At the top, ConvertToWMV is also features with the option “Output JPEG frame”. This option can be used to capture the video frame from the video as a jpeg image. The default captured position in video frame is 1 second. Use the following link to download ConvertToWMV.

Fabrice Bellard is the developer of the free software FFmpeg that can be used to convert, stream and record digital audio as well as video in a verity of formats. The licensing of software is under the GNU General Public License or GNU Lesser General Public License.

Download Free Image Format Converter To Convert Image File Formats

Download Free Image Format Converter To Convert Image File Formats

An image converter is one of the useful tools with which you could convert any of the image file to several image file format. Now, here is the new tool named as Image Format Converter which could be greatly used to convert one image file format to multiple popular image file format. The advanced algorithm functioning has been used to develop this application. Image Format Converter has insightful GUI. The popular image file formats such as gif, bmp, jpg and also bmp, tiff, icon, png, gif, jpg, psd have been supported by this tool.
In addition, you will find most of the useful image editing features in it such as blur, rotate, lighten, sharpen, darken, resize, move, set transparency, merge, use special effects and use a picture-frame or filter on any image.

Following is a list of main features of Image Format Converter:
• Able to convert an image to any format with a single click only
• Offers the facility to change image characteristics like brightness, quality, color, contrast and more
• Includes the feature to resize image on scale or using the custom size
• Feature to rotate images.
• Works well with all windows based OS and supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows
• Saves time with easy and fast conversion feature
Standalone tool and no other tool is needed to carry out the process
Absolutely free to use

Download Image Format Converter

Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

Simple Steps to Extract Images from PDF File

It is not really difficult to convert your file into PDF format file. However, extracting the images from PDF file is a different thing altogether, and requires different procedure to extract.

Your search for finding ways for the extraction of images from PDF file should end here. Following these simple steps you can extract images and save it on your computer in different formats. You get to choose what kind of image formats you want to save on your computer.


1. Open PDF file – Click on the open file option to browse PDF file to extract images

2. Now you need to define output selection – You can choose best suited output option from the left panel. In simple words, you need to

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select the format of your extracting images. Output directory is that place where your extracted images will be saved

3. Now just hit the start covert button to extract images from the PDF file.

4. Once you complete this process your all favorite images will be extracted in your defined folder

With these are simple steps, people can get their favorite images from PDF file instantly and according to their required format like JPEG, TIFF, TGA, PBM, and GIF. Image extraction is not really a complicated task. Most of the operating system supports this procedure, so you do not need to worry about installing 3rd party tools in your computer to get instant images from PDF format file.

Download PDF Image Extract v 1.5

TransPoint To Make Background Image Transparent Or Background Colorless

TransPoint: Make Background Image Transparent and Remove the Color in Background

For various purposes like for seminar, projects or on website, we need to make the background image transparent and also we might need to remove the colour in the background.

Though there are lots of tools which will fulfil our need but we have to be expertise with those tools, like Ulead GIF Animator, Photoshop, GIMP and many more.


With the help of TransPoint we don’t need any experience with the image editing tools, and it is very easy platform to work on. This image editing tool is a freeware that serves our purposes quite easily.

Extract and Save Images From Power Point Files Easily

Extracting and Saving Images from Power Point Files is no more Complex Task

Some people didn’t find difficulties when extracting pictures from PowerPoint files. If anyone would like to save specific pictures from power point slides then he/she has to follow complex process to save it. However now there is no need to follow that complex process. It takes to much time to extract images from power point files. Here you will get tips to explore and save your favorite files from power point files easily.

  • There is a key on the keyboard “PrintScreen”. Once you press that key your favorite image or picture will automatically save on your desktop. 

If you want to extract a lot of pictures then this process will be a headache for you. Pressing again and again PrintScreen button consumes much of your time and effort. Even quality of images will be low because in this time consuming process.

Extract and save images using HTML exporting option:

  • Run your power point slides on the screen
  • Navigate to File>Save As to save file as a web page(*.htm,*.html)
  • Now locate that folder where you saved your favorite images in HTML format.
  • Here you can get your images and pictures
  • Finally you have completed the task of exporting images from power point files. 

These two ways of exporting HTML files from PowerPoint files in order to enable the user to get their images quickly. All you need to do is just follow these simple steps to extract and save images in your preferred location.

Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Having unused files and programs in your computer slows down the computer speed. Normally, we download various software and programs frequently and use them only one time, or for a couple of times.

However we might forget to delete them after completing our job and the programs remain in our computer. Similarly those music files, videos, image files that are not being used by us frequently, consume hard disk space and memory resources as well.

In layman language these files and data are just like system garbage that affects computer performance in the negative way. Therefore, we must try to keep our computer clean and free from unused application and files.


We can use CCleaner in order to clean our computer and to keep it free from unused files and data.  This is a freeware tool that optimizes our computer performance by deleting unused and unnecessary files. In other words, we can call it computer performance optimizing tool that frees up our disk space.

Key features of CCleaner tool

  • User friendly interface to operate.
  • Easily removes unwanted files and data from computer
  • Clean up entire computer and free up disk space
  • Compatible with windows XP, 2000, Vista and windows 7.
  • It cleans registry files from the computer.