Resize Your Web Images With WebP encode

Reduce Your Web Images According To Your Choice

Google applications are more famous worldwide, as all the web programs developed by Google are very user-friendly and can be used by everybody, including non computer literate users too. Apart from Google being known as fast search engine, now Google has introduced one more innovation in the world of internet and announced a facility of formatting images that enable users to reduce the image bytes and size significantly on the web and it facilitate websites to load even faster than it was before.

The name of this new facility is WebP mostly pronounced as “weppy“, is a technique of compression of photographic images, which make an image more lighter in weight and it enables an image to upload or download more quickly. The WebP file reside in VP8 image data and is receptacle based on RIFF.

The WebP encode an image with prognosticate coding with same technology used at the time of compression in video by VP8 video codec system.

YouTube iFrame Disappears When Embedded In WordPress

Back in July 2010, YouTube announced a new way to embed videos on your websites. But unfortunately, I’ve always faced problems while trying to embed videos in my WordPress posts.

Try this:

1> Go to any YouTube video.

2> Get the Embed code (which will be wrapped up in <iframe> — </iframe>),

3> Paste the code in your WordPress HTML, switch to Visual mode and switch back to HTML mode. You’ll notice that the entire YouTube code will be missing :).

Currently I’m using version 3.1.2 build and this problem still persists. I’m not sure if this has something to do with WordPress or iframes.

Solution: Workaround for this problem

The simplest work around for this problem is, instead of embedding YouTube code wrapped up in iframes, use the old embed code.

1> Click on “Share” –> and then on “Embed”. By default, you’ll notice the code wraped in iframe:

2> Scroll a little down and you’ll notice a couple of options and one of them will be : “Use old embed code” and you’ll see the code will change.

After making your selection, copy and paste the embed code from the text box and you’ll notice results as per your selection.

Use Gsplit for Fragmenting the Big Files to Smaller Pieces

Use Gsplit for Fragmenting the Big Files to Smaller Pieces

Usually sending files having big size is always a problem for many users. The other problem is sending the files, and the users also have to keep confirming if the recipient received the files, which the user has sent, especially if the file size is too large.

If this is the problem that has been disturbing you for long, you can opt for an alternate solution by probably considering using an application of file splitter known as GSplit, which will split the large files into smaller number of files known as pieces.

GSplit comes free to the users. It is a versatile as well as reliable file splitter. Using GSplit, the users can split large files in various formats for example music, zip archives, images, video, documents, backup file, etc mainly based on the user-specified parameters.

The process of splitting is quite simple. The users just have to select the desired file, and then choose the destination folder in which they want to keep the split files. Then they can proceed further to the process of splitting. When the process of splitting is completed, automatically an executable file will be created by GSplit.

Splitting will be done by GSplit into two basic options of file splitting: disk spanned and blocked. With the disk spanned option, GSplit will split desired file chosen by the user in size which is automatically calculated by GSplit itself and is based on the availability of free disk space.

Users can split files into a group which consists of same size files by opting for blocked option. As for example, the users can split 500MB file to 5 pieces of files for 100MB each. Other notable features provided by GSplit are that it stores file properties such as file dates, file attribute, which is quite easy to restore.

Users desiring to do send files more easily can download GSplit from Here.

Resize Images With The Faststone Photo Resizer

Resize Images With The Faststone Photo Resizer


Reducing and resizing images is a very common application amongst computer users. Images need to be resized in order to make it easier to upload them or attach them to e-mails. There are a number of applications or programs that help you reduce or resize the images. Most of the applications have the same functionalities but they differ in the efficiency and simplicity of the program.

The FastStone Photo Resizer resizes images easily and efficiently. This resizing tool comes along with a bouquet of options which can be needed today or tomorrow. The other functionalities of this freeware is that you can change extensions of files, rename files, resize images, add logo or watermark and reduce the images in accordance to pixels. This application is extremely user friendly and can be used with ease.


Some of the most used features of this application are

  • Simple and efficient to implement.
  • Add text, watermark, and logos to images.
  • Crop, rename, convert, resize, and rotate pictures within batch mode.
  • Apply or change depth in color easily.
  • Images can be renamed in a sequence.
  • Supports various formats like BMP, PNG, JPEG etc
  • Replaces texts and searches for them in file names.

Resize Images with just a Single Click

Resize Images with just a Single Click

Resizing and playing with images is an extremely common and important function performed by a computer user. There are a number of instances when you have to send images as emails or upload them to a social networking site. But if the size of the image is pretty big or contains too many resources then it can be a hassle to upload images or send them as attachments to emails.

 It is an extremely simple process to resize and reduce the image with some of the common applications required to edit graphics. Some of such most used applications are PhotoShop from Adobe, Picture Manager from Microsoft, Photo Paint from Corel and lots more. Resizing and reducing images with these applications can be full of hassles too. We have to open the required image, load it onto the application, resize it and then save it to get its reduced format.


It is not as tedious as it seems to be, but you can opt for a more easier and convenient way to resize and reduce images using the Image Resizer Powertoy Clone. It is an extension that allows us to resize one or more images with just a single click of the mouse. After being installed in your computer system, a command called “Resize Image” is added to the right click short cut key.

Not just efficient but this application is extremely simple to implement too. Suppose you are using the Power Point application to make a presentation and need an image to be inserted in one of the slides. On clicking the insert command followed by the photo tag, a small window opens which shows the images that you can browse from. Simply right click on the desired image and the “Resize Picture” comes as a shortcut. Just click on it and the image automatically gets reduced and resized.


After clicking the “Resize Picture” command you will be asked to select the desired size of the image. Some of the default sizes are 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 (all in pixels). You can also customize the size of the image as per as your own requirement.


Once the image is resized, the new image is saved with the same name along with a size tag, e.g. if a file named Sunset is resized then the new image is stored as Sunset (small), where small indicates the image been reduced.

Download JOCR To Capture Text From Images

Download JOCR To Capture Text From Images

At many occasions, you might need to copy some text from an image or a protected webpage that might not allow you to do so. In such cases, what you would normally do is, type the desired text from the protected webpage or image manually. Now with JOCR, you no more need to waste your precious time in typing out the text.  

JOCR is a powerful software utility which allows you to copy the desired text from a protected webpage or an image file by using a technology known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR technology converts images or protected web pages into useful characters for further processing.

You need to capture the protected webpage or image using JOCR. Once you have done this, the image/ webpage will appear on JOCR screen. All you need to do is, click on the button “Recognizer” for copying desired text from the webpage or image file.


JOCR is an easy-to-use utility which supports 20 different texts including Danish, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, English, German, French, Hungarian, Greek, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Spanish.

You need to have MS Office version 2003 or higher and MODI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging) installed on your system for using JOCR. You can easily download JOCR from the internet, free of charge.

Cannot Copy Images / Text From Firefox / Internet Explorer – Solution

Copying images and text from the site which don’t allow to copy

There are lots of websites which do not allow you to copy image or text; they just block the images and texts. This is done in order to make a unique site and do not allow their posts to be published somewhere else. Especially in case of matrimonial or match making websites they have disabled right click option just for the member’s privacy. There is a little trick by which you can easily copy any text or images from any websites no matter what they do.

Previously we used to right click on any image and clicked on save option to save the image in our hard drive. Now almost all the website uses a simple javascripts to oppose us in doing so. The javascripts varies with the web browsers and thus the trick varies from web browsers to web browsers. Let us see how to apply the tricks for Internet Explorer and Mozilla firefox.

  • For Mozilla Firefox users:
    1. Click on Tools and then Option
    2. Select the Content tab
    3. You will find a checked option named Enable javascript, uncheck it
    4. Close the browser and start Firefox again
  • For Internet Explorer users:
    1. Click on Tools and then again click on Internet options
    2. Select the Security Tab and click on custom level.
    3. Scroll up to the scripts.
    4. Then you just have to disable it.
    5. Close the internet explorer browser and then again open it and the changes will take effect

Once you have fulfilled your work by disabling the javascripts, make sure to enable the javascripts again. Now whenever you will find any website blocking the images or texts like this, you know what to do.

Always make sure to make the changes back as it was before.

How To Download Flash Pictures / Images / From Firefox

Get More while Browsing with Firefox3

Today web browsers have enhanced progressively. There are so many new features that make browsing easier and fun. Downloading information, images, and videos were never so simple. Just a few click and you can get the most out of your browser. Firefox3, a browser that keeps perfecting its already perfect self, has come up with the feature of downloading almost everything from a web page that you visit.

If the web page has many beautiful pictures, images, photos, and graphics, has many embedded flash videos, attractive icons, and many other unique media components, then the Firefox3 can download all of these, all these images, videos and graphics that are there on the web page. All these components are downloaded all at once without any requirement of add-ons, extension, plug in, or other applications.

To download all these amazing media and graphics components on to your system, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Click on the site identification symbol that is placed to the left of the Address Bar. This icon represents the site that you are currently visiting, and it is also displayed in your favorites list if you bookmark this web page. As soon as you click the icon, which is known as the Site Identity Information button, a dialog box appears with a “more information” button. Click on the “more information” button. Now a “Page Info” dialog panel will open where you need to click on the media tab.

Under the media tab all the elements that are present on the web page, such as images, background, icons, graphics and all the other embedded components are along with their respective address link location. Some of the graphics present even have a preview added to it. Select and highlight all the components that you want to save and click on the Save As button. If you desire to save all the components, then you have to simply press Ctrl+A to select everything, and then click on ‘Save As’.

How Can I Send Large Email Attachments In Outlook Express

How to send extra-large attachments using Outlook Express

Most of the mail services available on the web today have an upper limit on the size of emails that you can send and/or receive. For most of the services nowadays the limit is somewhere around 20 to 25MB (it is 20MB for Rediffmail and Yahoo!Mail, whereas it is 25MB for Gmail, and a mere 10MB for Hotmail).

Ten years ago, a 25MB attachment limit would have been a dream for most, but with increasing bandwidths and needs, this is not enough for today’s customers. So what do you do if you want to send a file across email which is larger (way larger) than 25MB? This article will show you a cute little trick that allows you to send such large files through Outlook Express.

Simply follow through the steps given below.

  1. Run Outlook Express.
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Accounts to open the Internet Accounts window.
  3. Go to the Main tab, and select the mail account that you use.
  4. Click on Properties.
  5. A dialog opens up, containing various options for configuring the mail account properties. Go to the Advanced tab in this dialog.
  6. Under the Sending heading, select the option for Break apart messages larger than, and use the arrow to set a suitable upper limit.
  7. Click on Apply.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Exit the Internet Accounts window by clicking on Close.

After this, Outlook Express will break up all attachments that are larger than 20MB (if that is the limit you set) and send the mail in parts. The recipient will receive the email in parts and on downloading the parts; they will automatically combine to become a single file again.

Another option is to use some of the services available on the web – such as YouSendIt, Transfer Big Files, SendThisFile, and so on – that sends your extra-large file across the internet for you.

How Can I Make The Picture I Took Look Beautiful

Did you just take a picture that looks average. Do you want to make it look awesome ? You can make the picture you just took look awesome even if you do not know how to use photoshop or do not have adobe photoshop installed on your system. You can achieve this by using the free service from . is a web based service that allows users to edit and improvise their original pictures. You can easily rectify and further beautify any of your pictures, be it personal or a landscape picture. You do not need the support of any other program or installation of software to access When you are satisfied with the rectifications in your picture, you can further download and save it in the desired format.

One of the most important advantages offered by is its easy-to-access interface. All you need to do is simply upload the picture from your computer or browse for a picture, click “upload” and then, click “Edit”. You will see a wide array of buttons focused at improving the quality of your picture. Some of the improvising possibilities include, rotate button, saturation level, resolution and blur. You can frequently check the preview to test the changes you’ve suggested and keep changing them until you are completely satisfied with the quality of the picture. does not require any registration or sign-ups, which means that you can get bang on work as soon as you download the site. You can easily incorporate effects and touch-ups from the list of many to enhance the appeal of your picture to perfection. Right from flipping to cropping to rotating et al, deploying the right changes in your picture can substantially better the look of your picture. You can easily change the dominant color of the picture, from an option of more than 5 colors by clicking on to the “ColorFX” button.

[ Use ]

Another service which I frequently use to modify or edit pictures so that they look beautiful is Picnik.