Simple Procedure To Recover Or Reset Your Password In Gmail

Simple Procedure To Recover Or Reset Your Password In Gmail

Gmail users might have several different reasons for resetting the password which is required to sign in to the Gmail account through IMAP, web or POP3. While some might need to reset/change the password for security reasons, others might be looking to reset or recover the password as they have forgotten it and are unable to sign in to the account.

However, changing or resetting the Gmail password will change/ reset the password for associated Google account as well. Just follow the below mentioned steps to change/reset your password for Gmail as well as the corresponding Google Account.

  • Go to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and type in into the address bar and press “Enter” to open the login page for Gmail.
  • Below the button “Sing in”, there is a link that you need to click on if you can’t access your account. Click on the link.
  • In the new window that opens, you need to either click on the radio button corresponding to the option that indicates that you have forgotten your password or click on the link for password recovery page.
  • You will be prompted for entering username. Input the username of your Gmail/ Google account within the text field provided.
  • Next, input the captcha letters by looking at the image shown.
  • If you have not logged in to your Gmail account since the last 24 hours, you will be presented with a secret question that is set into the Google Account.  You need to answer the question correctly in order to reset or recover your password.

 Incase you are not able to answer the security question that you had entered at the time of registration and you have configured a secondary email ID, you will see a link displayed on the page that shows the results for the secret question.


The moment you click on that link, a message for resetting password will be emailed on your secondary email ID. You need to just open your secondary email and follow the link given to reset/ change your password.

Incase you have logged in to your Gmail account within the last 24 hours, the message for resetting password will be sent to your secondary email ID immediately, skipping the secret question step.

If you have not configured any secondary email ID during registration or if you are no longer able to access you secondary email account, you may repeat the above mentioned procedure again after 5 days.

Now that you are trying to access your Gmail account after 5 days, you will be presented with the secret or security question. Simply answer the question correctly and go ahead to reset or recover your password.

If you can’t remember the answer or after checking your secondary email ID if you notice that you have not received the email message for resetting password in your mailbox, you need to contact Google Help for further assistance.

Fix Invalid Credentials Error Massage In Gmail IMAP

Fix Invalid Credentials Error Massage In Gmail IMAP

When you access the Gmail using IMAP access and via an email client along with Apple Mail, iPhone, Outlook and Thunderbird you will be greeted with the error message. This error massage requests you to enter the user name and password manually once again to validate through Google’s Gmail IMAP server again. The error massage will be prompted as

Your IMAP server wishes to alert you to the following: Invalid credentials (Failure)

This error massage seems like a Gmail security system to defend against some automatic scripts, and most likely to prevent and stop irregular bandwidth deployment (download and upload) or misusing the account actions. For example, preventing the use of Gmail like a storage-space, or transferring other mail account toward Gmail.

Gmail Help provides instruction to a mail client for verifying latest messages one time in every 10 minutes. This could also be one of the reasons for the error message to pop out.

If you’re extremely confident that you are utilizing an accurate username and password (using the prefix following the user name), and if you do not check Gmail’s webmail Inbox more often, you might really want to unlock and clear the CAPTCHA. To unlock and clear CAPTCHA intended for Gmail account, just follow the URL given below:

Note: If you are using Google Apps, you should visit instead, with as the valid domain name.

Enter the email address, password on behalf of the Gmail address, after that enter the exact Captcha confirmation. Hit on “Unlock” option to repair the IMAP breakdown error massage.

If you still face the difficulty after unlocking and clearing the Captcha, you might want to make use of a substitute IMAP server in its place, which is on SSL port 993.

How Can I Configure Gmail IMAP / SMTP On My Nokia N900

Do you own a Nokia N900 and are you a internet junkie who is always hooked up to his emails, especially GMail ? If you are, then here is how you can set up GMail account to work on your Nokia N900.

The steps mentioned below will help you resolve any problem with and

1. You need to get the IP address of [] and []. You can find it yourself by pinging the respective host from your command prompt:

2. Gain root access (Rootsh article) to your Nokia N900, for which you’ll need to launch the terminal.

3. You’ll need to edit the file /etc/hosts (use a VI or a VIM editor for this)

4. Without deleting the anything from the file, append the following two lines:
(If the IP address you found was any different from the ones I’ve mentioned, replace it with the same.)

5. Save the file and exit the editor

6. Launch the Email application on N900. Follow the wizard that it shows by selecting Gmail in the list of providers that it shows.

7. Enter your user name and password and go till you click finish.

Once you are done with all these set up, you connection should work fine, else have a look at the screen shot below and try to get your settings to match as shown in the screenshot.

(Source: TechDiary)

The following videos will give you more insight into :

1> How to add SMTP POP3 mail account in Nokia N900

2> How to add IMAP mail account (Gmail) in Nokia N900

How-to set up MailTrends

Mail Trends is a software written in python that analyses your IMAP inbox to produce a variety of graphical results.

Background rant: I first came across this when I was on windows and since there was a windows binary, I gave it a try. It didn’t work of course, had some issues with and (AFAI can remember) and couldn’t find a single person who has tried it on windows and blogged about it.

I looked for user comments on the Google Code wiki page and tracked down one of them on deviantart (All hail Google!) who seems to have got it working under Windows. But my joys were shortlived, he wasn’t quite willing to help out and in my world, nothing is left undone.

Now that I got Opensuse and everything is more than perfect, this was something I had to get back to.

So here’s how to get it up and running on your system (OpenSuse 10.3).

  1. Get the mailtrends tar ball
  2. Get the Cheetah template system tar ball (it wasn’t available on YaST for me, if you are using an Ubuntu system, probably can try the apt get commands mentioned on the mailtrends page).
  3. Extract both the tar balls on your say.. Desktop.
  4. Installing Cheetah:

    Part 1: This part they don’t tell you. You will also need “Python-devel” package (can be found via YaST) else when you try to install cheetah it’s going to spew an error like…

    “error: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib64/python2.5/config/Makefile (No such fil
    e or directory)”.

    Part 2: Now, navigate to the extracted folder of your Cheetah and do a “sudo python build”. Proceed if you do not encounter any error. Then do a “sudo python install”. That should install Cheetah.

  5. Now navigate to the mailtrends folder in your terminal and run the following…
    python \ \
      --use_ssl \
      [email protected] \
      [email protected],[email protected] \

    where in my case (I have a IMAP enabled Google Apps Gmail account) I filled the parameters like this…

    username[email protected], me =”[email protected], [email protected]

    You can use additional flags as mentioned in the mailtrends page, but I didn’t use any. This is the output that followed after I ran the…

    [email protected]:~/Desktop/mail-trends> python \
    > — \
    > —use_ssl \
    > —[email protected] \
    > —[email protected],[email protected] \
    > —skip_labels
    [2008-05-10 11:16:08,482] Initializing
    Password for [email protected]:
    [2008-05-10 11:16:13,894] Connecting
    [2008-05-10 11:16:17,317] Logging in
    [2008-05-10 11:16:18,521] Selecting mailbox ‘[Gmail]/All Mail’
    [2008-05-10 11:16:20,278] Fetching message infos
    [2008-05-10 11:16:20,278] Fetching message list
    [2008-05-10 11:16:25,583] 5825 messages were listed
    [2008-05-10 11:16:25,584] Fetching info for 1000 messages (1000/5825)
    [2008-05-10 11:17:41,850] Parsing replies
    [2008-05-10 11:17:43,277] Fetching info for 1000 messages (2000/5825)
    [2008-05-10 11:18:32,059] Parsing replies
    [2008-05-10 11:18:34,171] Fetching info for 1000 messages (3000/5825)
    [2008-05-10 11:19:33,951] Parsing replies
    [2008-05-10 11:19:36,227] Fetching info for 1000 messages (4000/5825)
    [2008-05-10 11:21:17,537] Parsing replies
    [2008-05-10 11:21:19,929] Fetching info for 1000 messages (5000/5825)
    [2008-05-10 11:22:25,941] Parsing replies
    [2008-05-10 11:22:28,076] Fetching info for 825 messages (5825/5825)
    [2008-05-10 11:23:42,639] Parsing replies
    [2008-05-10 11:23:44,585] Got 5825 message infos
    [2008-05-10 11:23:44,587] Logging out
    [2008-05-10 11:23:46,306] Identifying “me” messages
    [2008-05-10 11:23:49,444] 1473 messages are from “me”
    [2008-05-10 11:23:49,444] 1771 messages are to “me”
    [2008-05-10 11:23:49,445] Extracting threads
    [2008-05-10 11:23:50,231] Generating stats
    [2008-05-10 11:23:56,660] Outputting HTML
    [2008-05-10 11:23:57,274] Done

  6. That’s it 🙂 You can view the output in /out folder of your mailtrends folder.

In case you are interested, I have uploaded mine here.

PS: Now don’t get all over me about too much disclosure of personal information. There is nothing you can deduce from it. I just happen to a lot of people and I use the mail regularly.