Improve Your Gaming Performance

Tips for Improving Gaming Performance

This information guide will assist you in case you are facing problems while playing games. Few tips in this guide will be analogous to the instructions for stepping up a computer. Nevertheless, there are a couple of tips provided that specifically enhances the games performance. However, the steps mentioned below might not be of much help, in case your computer does not have the requisite system requirements for running the games.

Registry Cleaning

You might realize that your system is becoming slower over the passage of time. This is mostly due to the registry problems, stored due to installation and uninstallation of various programs, which eventually affects the windows. To eliminate these problems it is recommended to use a registry cleaner.

Close all other Programs

If you want to increase your gaming experience then you should close all the background functions.

Turning off Anti-Aliasing

This will likely reduce your games appearance. However, it can definitely speed up your games in case, you are encountering any problems.

Lowering down the Resolution and Detail levels in Games

The games on its own have numerous video options in it. You will be able to enhance the performance merely by reducing the resolution and lowering detail levels on various things.

Turning Off Window Graphics

Turning off or reducing the windows graphics is going to significantly boost the speed of your games. This tip is beneficial for older computers. You might have to forgo some cool graphics for speed enhancement.


Defragmenting will help you to increase the space by adjusting the data efficiently on the windows. When the space on your hard disks increases it will consequently enhance the performance of the computer and in turn allows you to improve the game performance.

Cleaning of your computer

The inside structure of your computer could get dusty as the time passes by. This dust will become a hindrance in the performance of the fan and the cooling system of the PC may not function efficiently. Games produce a lot of heat as a result of the stress it applies on the CPU and video cards. This excessive heat generated while playing will certainly slow down the computer. Cleaning the PC will definitely increase the speed of the computer, which in turn will enhance the games performance.

Updated Video Driver

Many companies provide updates for their video cards, which in turn increase the video cards performance so it is recommended to update your drivers.

Memory Upgradation

Many games require large memory for their better performance so it will be better for you to increase the memory of your computer according to the requirement of the game.

For better games performance make sure that your computer has the required configuration to perform well. If your computer meets the required configuration then follow all these steps one by one. Before starting a game, close all the background functions like those in the taskbar and keep your system up to date.

Vista Services Optimizer To Improve Your Vista Performance

Use Vista Services Optimizer To Improve Your Vista Performance

You can now improve the performance of your Windows Vista Operating System by tweaking the Vista Services. Vista Services Optimizer, a free optimizing utility facilitates you to easily and automatically tweak your Vista services in a safe manner depending on the style in which you use the PC and the type of software/hardware you use.

If you happen to be an advanced user and wish to control your Vista services better, you may use Vista Services Optimizer to tweak Vista Services manually, which is also pretty easy and safe.


Here are a few key highlights of this useful Vista Services Optimizer:

  • Simple to use – The utility is simple to use. It helps you improve the performance as well as the security of your Windows Vista with few simple clicks. You do not need to use any other software.
  • Service Diagnostics – Has an ability to inspect the status of performance/security of the system in accordance with Vista services configurations. It can diagnose the manner in which you use the system and the type of software/hardware you use. It also offers solutions for some performance/security related issues.
  • Safe to use – It optimizes Vista Services without harming your system and is capable of reinstating any changes made in the system with the help of Smart Rescue Center.
  • Service Profiles – Allows you to keep your service optimization options saved in a file known as “Windows Service Profile” which helps you apply your optimization options instantly.

Improve Your Abilities By Getting Training Videos And Free Software Tutorials From Vtc

Improve Your Abilities By Getting Training Videos And Free Software Tutorials From Vtc

Most of the times, your job needs you to be familiar with a latest programming language, or else you have to use some latest software application for that very purpose. However, you have to pay money for gaining knowledge in these new skills at the training centers, especially if your company doesn’t allocate your allowances.

It is safe for you to save some money particularly in this economic disaster, and you can do this with VTC (Virtual Training Company). VTC is a free online instructor which fulfills you with the free software training videos and tutorials which allow you to discover DIY technique.

Users who wish to study on how to make use of software, or the ones who wants to learn latest programming languages, can go through VTC’s online video documentation. There are lots of video tutorials classified into different subjects for example audio, animation 3D, bundles, certification, business applications, graphics & page layout, database, internet & web design, operating system, multimedia, security, programming, networking, etc that offers you a virtual guidance for studies.

In order to get these free online video tutorials you have to sign-up to VTC. You must fill in all the appropriate fields in the sign up page. After that you have to put the correct “FileMaker Promotional Code”. For successful registration process, input “u5atr3alvtcfr33? (without quotes).

Users can have the benefit of free access to these training video clips for one week. Grab the opportunity to become skilled in these significant talents, and improve your resume, or pick up your market importance without having to lighten your pockets.

How Can I Improve, Enhance, Make Better Browsing Experience With Internet Explorer

Tweak Internet Explorer to Enhance Speed

Most Internet Explorer (IE) users complain about its slow speed, and how much time it takes to start up, and load web pages. However, a few tweaks will ensure that your IE experience becomes twice as fast. This article will tell you how to carry out these minor modifications – all you have to do is follow the steps listed out below.

IE Tweak 1

  1. Launch Internet Explorer, and select the option Tools -> Internet Options.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Settings field, scroll down to the heading called Multimedia. There, you have to clear the check-boxes next to the following options (as per your preference):
    1. Play animations in webpages
    2. Play sounds in webpages
    3. Show pictures
  4. Click on Apply, and then OK.

However, the problem with this tweak is that it will greatly restrict your internet experience – all at the cost of speed. This might not be an attractive option to many.

IE Tweak 2

  1. Again, open the Internet Options dialog.
  2. Select the Content tab.
  3. Under the AutoComplete section, click on the tab that says Settings.
  4. Clear the check-boxes next to the Forms and User names and password on forms options.
  5. Click on OK.
  6. Click on OK at the Internet Options dialog.

IE Tweak 3

  1. Open the Internet Options dialog, and select the Security tab.
  2. Under the Security level for this zone section, click on the tab that says – Custom Level…
  3. In the list that you see, select the Disable option for any (or all) of the following:
    1. ActiveX controls and plugins
    2. Java
    3. Scripting
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Click on OK in the Internet Options dialog.

This tweak too, like Tweak 1 above, will greatly limit your internet browsing experience and you might not like it. However, if you want speed at all costs, it might be worth it.

Tips To Improve Browsing Speed And Optimize IE / Internet Explorer And Firefox

These tips will help you improve the speed up the performance of your Browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox. After performing these tweaks to your browser, you’ll notice significant improvement in browser loading speed.

If you are on a broadband connection you may not notice much difference, but if you are on dial-up connection and a slightly older model PC then you’ll notice the difference.

To Optimize Firefox Browser For Faster Browsing :

1> Open Firefox and type “about:config” in the address bar and hit ‘Enter

2> A warning will pop-up, but don’t worry. It is a security warning, you can proceed without worrying.


3> Search for ‘network.http.pipelining‘. By default the value will be ‘false‘, change it to ‘true


4> Search for ‘network.http.pipelining.maxrequests‘. Default value will be ‘4’, change it to ’10‘.

5> Create a new string (you can do this by right clicking in the empty space) – ‘nglayout.initialpaint.delay‘ and set its value to ‘0‘ (zero).

Restart the browser and you should enjoy faster browsing.

To Optimize Internet Explorer For Faster Browsing :

1> Click on ‘Start –> Run –> type regedit

2> Go to ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER –> Software –> Microsoft –> Windows –> Current Version –> Internet Settings

3> Change the value to 10, save the new registry values and close registry editor.

You will experience faster browsing after restarting the browser.