Change The Default Open Folder At The Startup Of Outlook

Change The Default Open Folder At The Startup Of Outlook

Usually the Inbox folder will be displayed at the time when you start on Outlook. You can manage and the high priority and essential emails below dissimilar folders and you have a desire for view them quickly.

If you already have the rules set up for receiving your important emails on any particular folder, and if you desire to have that folder open first whenever you run the Microsoft outlook, please follow the below mention steps to change according to your preference.

  • Click Tools and then go to Options tab

  • Then go to the tab ‘Other’ and hit the button Advanced Options

  • Next, click Browse button under General settings tab. You can select now the folder you would like it to be shown while Outlook starts. Don’t forget to click OK and save the entire setting.

  • Close Advance Options window by clicking on OK.
  • Click OK button and close the Options window.

Now when close and restart Outlook then you will see that the shown folder has been altered to the preferred folder that you choose going on above steps.

Now Get Adsense Reports In Your Mail Inbox Online

Now Get Adsense Reports In Your Mail Inbox Online

The Adsense reports can now be viewed directly in your email inbox. Now you needn’t log onto your Adsense account and check your earnings when you wish to. The Adsense has introduced their email system option, with which any user can get reports directly in their inbox!

This recently introduced Adsense feature has been discussed by the Adsense team in their blog. For setting up the reports via email service, first you need to log onto your Google Adsense Account and then click Reports.

Choose “advanced reports” and search the report for a data range. After this you need to save this report as a Report Template and check this saved Template in the Report manager.

Once this is done, you can choose the frequency of getting reports from daily, weekly and monthly. The service will ask you the email address which you would like your reports delivered to. You also have the option of giving another email address other than the one given for setting up the Adsense account.

Once your settings have been changed, save it. This completes your reporting setup activity, and from now on you will get all Adsense reports on your email id.

Scammers Worldwide Are Exploiting Your Computers By Sending Emails In Your Inbox

Scammers Worldwide Are Exploiting Your Computers By Sending Emails In Your Inbox

Most Scammers worldwide are using mails to download malwares and viruses in your computer. In case you receive emails from unknown senders, it is better that you delete it without opening them.

Certain emails with titles like “take care” and “are your loved ones in great health” are being mailed by scammers to your inboxes. This is to win your faith so you open them and let the viruses enter your system.

Many reports also point that these emails show that they have news for local bomb threats. They also display links to secure sites like Google and Wikipedia. In this way they fool the reader in opening them and transporting them to an insecure website that transmits viruses automatically.

The scammers use specific IP addresses to send emails to the recipients. They do this by using the IP tracking techniques that shall track your IP address to your home locations. For the bombing news they use secure and reliable news agencies like Reuters to win the faith of the recipients.

Like this the user gets forwarded to spam websites which directly download malwares in the victim’s system without their knowledge.

Enable The Inbox Preview Feature To Preview Your Gmail Inbox

Enable The Inbox Preview Feature To Preview Your Gmail Inbox

If you have a Gmail account, you must have noticed that every time you sign in to your account, it takes some time to load emails in your inbox. The time that you have to wait for depends on the size of your inbox. The bigger it is, the longer you need to hang around.  Many times it so happens that you wait patiently till the inbox opens only to find that there is no fresh email which leads to frustration.

To take care of this issue, Gmail lab has come up with a new feature called “Inbox Preview”. This useful feature helps you preview your Gmail inbox the moment you sign in to your account. By the time Gmail loads the emails in your inbox, Inbox Preview displays a preview that shows 10 recent emails. This allows you to quickly check whether or not you have any fresh emails in your mailbox.

In order to enable Inbox Preview feature, you have to go to ‘settings’ and click on ‘Labs’. Then check for ‘Inbox Preview’ feature, click on the button “Enable ratio” and finally save the settings. You need to logout from your Gmail account and login again for the change to be effective. This feature helps a lot in situations where you have a massive inbox and you are working on a slow internet connection.

How Can I Stop Sending / Receiving Duplicate Email Messages From Outlook

Resolving the sending and receiving of duplicate e-mails problem in Outlook

A common problem with the Outlook Express is that people receive two copies of the same e-mail in their Outlook mailbox. Also, sometimes people end up sending duplicate e-mails from their Outlook mailbox. This can become a real pain after a point of time. This article tells you how you can deal with this issue.

Although there are no straight-cut solutions to this issue, here are a few possible workarounds that will take care of the problem.

How to stop duplicate e-mails from entering your inbox

  1. A primary cause of duplicate messages is that you have enabled the Leave a copy of messages on the server option.
    1. Go to Tools -> E-mail Accounts in the Outlook Express main window.
    2. Select the View or change existing e-mail accounts, and click on Next.
    3. Select your account, after which click on Change.
    4. Select the More Settings option.
    5. Go to the Advanced tab, and deselect the option for Leave a copy of messages on the server.
    6. Click OK.
  2. If the above steps do not fix the problem, then try the following:
    1. Check the Task Manager to see if there are two outlook processes running, as this could also cause duplication of messages.
    2. Try deleting and then remapping all of your e-mail accounts.
    3. Make sure that you have the latest updates/version for Windows.

How to stop sending duplicate e-mails from your Outlook mailbox

The only reason, which might cause Outlook Express to send duplicate e-mails, is that your antivirus suite is configured to check every e-mail that is sent from your mailbox. This will cause Outlook’s sending process to be interrupted in between. Thus, it will resend the mail after it has passed virus screening – resulting in a duplicate copy of the same mail being sent.