Utility Tool To Increase Disc Space And Delete All Duplicate Files

Utility Tool To Increase Disc Space And Delete All Duplicate Files

Most of the time, while working on computer system, an individual has a tendency of storing same files in various locations or drives, maybe accidentally. The end result is that these files unnecessarily occupy more space and lead to reduced memory in your computer system or hard disc space shortage.

In order to maintain hard drive space and clean up all duplicate files stored accidentally, users commence deleting them one after another frequently by assessing the original and duplicated files.

Then it will truly be considered as a terrifying endeavor to users, particularly when they have a huge number of data files stored on their hard disc.

To tackle the above mentioned scenario, a brilliant utility tool is introduced which is efficient, quick and flexible namely “fast duplicate file finder”, it will truly function like a miracle.

This utility tool is a Freeware, and it functions very efficiently in assessing duplicate files with in your computer system, and then deletes them automatically within a minute.

Also its very easy to use once installed users can view its icon in the system tray; they just need to do a double mouse click on it to make it work.

This tool has an intelligent, uncomplicated user interface, users need to select the folders or drives to be scanned and it will automatically extract all repeated files from computer system

Users also have the options of scanning Sub-folder and Hidden-files, which might take a little more time.

After extraction of these files from your drives or folders, it will display the list of all repeated files with a preview option for users to decide which one of them to be deleted.

This utility tool fast-duplicate-file-finder is easily attuned with every Windows operating system and occupies a memory space of just 1.6mega bytes. Users can download fast-duplicate-file-finder utility tool at the earliest to increase memory space on your computer system and avoid the buildup of all unnecessary files in your computer system.

Trick To Increase The Booting Time On Networking Computer Systems

Trick To Increase The Booting Time On Networking Computer Systems

Computer Systems take more starting time if they are connected on a “Shared Network”. Sharing a network means that your computer system is associated with a group of systems or it is an integral division of computer systems network.

These decreases the booting time severely and a computer system starts behaving strange on certain occasions. Sometimes it consumes more than two minutes of your time (General Statistics) to boot up, and once you are logged on, you’re logged account halts down for a couple of minutes.

Individuals might also sight blank window screen with no icons displayed for some indefinite time and all this occurs because a computer attempts to utilize all its inventories in establishing a connection with the networking computer systems.

This is mostly due to “Microsoft’s printer and file sharing program”. It utilizes many resources on computer, since it attempts to gain access to other computer files, drives and any connected hardware devices like printer etc.

It consumes around “65 seconds to 01 minute” of system booting time, hence individuals are made to hold back for a lengthier duration to gain entry to computer system.

This tiresome booting behavior on computer systems can be improved by disabling printer and file sharing option.

Steps required in disabling printer and file sharing option on networking computers are as follows:

  • Select windows start option and highlight “my network places” option and press a right mouse click and select the last option called as “properties”.
  • Now, highlight and press a right mouse click on “ethernet adepter connection” option and select the last option called as “properties”.
  • Now, in this window uncheck the option named as “printer and file sharing for Microsoft-Networks” and select the “OK” and “Apply” button to save the settings changes made.
  • Now Restart your computer system to get the changes made on computer system.

Hereafter, individuals can experience significantly quicker booting time. If in case individuals are required to have printer and file sharing connection established in future, they can just follow the above illustrated steps and just check the option “printer and file sharing for Microsoft-Networks”. It will get enabled automatically on next computer system restart.

Guide To Increase Disc Space On Computer System

Guide To Increase Disc Space On Computer System

If individuals are running short of space on their computer systems hard disc, they should configure their computer systems to original equipment manufacturer settings to consume as lesser space as possible.

Computer systems default OEM options like, system restore, Thumbnail-cache with “thumbs.db”, System backup, file indexing, etc utilizes additional disk space to operate without restraint.

Individuals can halt such options – By doing this, they can increase around 1GB of free space on their computer systems. This article will show the individuals on how to go about increasing disk space availability by halting system restore on your computer systems.

System-Restore is a feature only used on computer systems to automatically stash away system files such as system settings, registry files, etc and stash them on hard disc.

Other backup software’s do not restore the older backup files with the fresher one. Instead they create several backups of many days and store them all on hard disc, causing the space cramping in the hard drives

Set of few steps illustrated below will guide to disable system restore on windows

  • Select windows start option and select control panel and then select systems icon.
  • Now in this system properties window select “system restore” tab.
  • Now, check the box “Turn-Off-System-Restores-On-All-Drives” option
  • Now, select on OK and Apply button to make the changes effective.

Now your computer system will not take any additional system files for backup, but you will still be left with previous backups on your systems and you could also delete them off to increase more space.

Every computer system can repair backups which are stashed away in a “systems volume information” folder. Unlike Windows Versions which have dissimilar locations for this SVI folder.

Individuals can ‘refer’ this article, to know the ways to situate “system-volume-information” folder on computer system and delete the outdated system, repair backup files, and increase more hard disc space.

Increase Numbers Of Files To Be Downloaded Simultaneously In IE 8

Increase Numbers Of Files To Be Downloaded Simultaneously In IE 8

The earlier version of Internet Explorer browser allows only 2 files to be downloaded concurrently by default. However, the latest version Internet Explorer 8 is introduced with 6 files to be downloaded which is 4 more than its previous version. Sometime users need to download several files at the same time and these limitations make downloading process tiresome. Although this increment is enough but if your requirements are more, then you can increase this limitation up to 10 at a time. Increasing the number of files to be downloaded is not a cumbersome process, rather an easy one. Here, given instructions will surely help you in doing so.

In order to increase files numbers that can be easily download at one time in IE 8, you need to do following things:

  • Open Notepad
  • Copy below given string and paste into notepad
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

  • Do remember one thing that you have to delete the quote and retype it. Registry files could not verified string until you delete both quote and retype it because copied value will be varied from valid format. So do it manually instead just copy and paste.
  • Double click on the registry file and go on with UAC prompt by clicking on OK button to confirm that you want to perform action.
  • That’s all.

Once you complete this process, you will be able to download 10 files at a time in Internet Explorer 8.

Modify The Number Of Frequent Or Recent Items Appeared In Windows 7 Taskbar Jump List

Modify The Number Of Frequent Or Recent Items Appeared In Windows 7 Taskbar Jump List

Windows 7 lets the users open and access the frequently used files or recently opened documents with the help of Jump List. These files or documents are associated with the particular application or program.

You can use it by sliding or merely by right clicking on the program button on the Taskbar. As in Windows 7 RC, the default value of frequently used items appears or number of recent items on the Jump List has been set to 10. By using this trick given below users those who want to modify, either increase or reduce the number of the items on Jump List can do so easily.


Increase or reduce the default number of recent items or frequently used in the Windows 7 Jump List

  • First of all right click on Start button.
  • Now select Properties option.
  • Now tick on Customize button.
  • After that under the “Start menu size” section at the bottom side of the dialog, “Customize Start Menu”, place a new value for Number of recent items to be displayed in Jump Lists.
  • Click OK twice to save the change successful immediately.