Restart or Resume Windows Indexing Services after Pausing

How Restart or Resume Windows Indexing Services after Pausing?

Windows indexing services is an automatic process of scanning and storing files to create a database. In simple words it enhances the search option’s speed by creating database of files and folders.

However, running windows indexing services slows down speed of the computer. If in case, you find your computer getting slowed down, then you can choose to temporarily stop the windows indexing services for a while.

As a matter of fact, many people choose to disable windows indexing services temporarily. You can simply ‘pause it by clicking on the paused option in indexing options. However, there you will get no resume button if you so desire to resume it. Therefore, to resume indexing services, you need to either restart the computer or restart windows search service.

The procedure is very simple:

Go to control panel>Administrative tools>services>windows search>restart service.

This is the complete process with which you can easily resume the windows indexing services in your computer. It means whenever you wan to disable it, you can do it. Likewise whenever you want to activate it, you can easily do so with a click of a few buttons..

Various Methods Google Uses To Hunt Click Frauds Down And Punish Them

Process followed by Google to detect invalid clicks

Google is the godfather of all search engines. It is not only sophisticated but also is the best among all the search engines.

They have smart ways to identify or detect any fraud clicks, and they have complete authority to terminate the cheater’s account. So as to show their power being polite and gentle, they might send a warning first by flagging your account, and put eagle eye on your account, which is only if they feel really necessary to do so. Else they might straightway ban your account. The ways they can detect any invalid links are mentioned below.

* IP Address is the simplest one and can be understood by anyone. If the links of your ads and your Adsense account originates from same IP address, then your account has been flagged.
* CTR (Click Through Rate): If your CTR exceeds 10% then your account will be flagged by Google. The range of CTR in Google Adsense is around 0.5% to 10% maximum.
* Physical Location: Google’s technology and tracing software is one of the best that anyone can ever imagine. It is better not to try different cyber cafe of your and other towns to increase your traffic. It does not help to succeed but surely your account will be closed or blocked by Google.
* Cookies: if you think that you can fool Google just by changing the IP address of your home computer then you are wrong. Google have set their cookies in your computer and through that they will easily detect whether they are from same computer or not.
* Click Pattern: There are certain patterns in click which denotes who is fraud and who is really surfing the net. Usually the fraud person with click and run away whereas normal people with browse for a while and then they will click the ads.
* Google Services: Google provides vast and variety to services to us. Other than Adsense there are many services which are commonly used by people in daily manner like Google Earth, Gmail, Google Search, Google calendar, Google Sitemap, Google Talk, Google Toolbar, Blogger, Google Desktop, and last but not the least YouTube. Among them some are famous, some are unknown and some are used daily by myriads of people. It’s better to log in your Adsense account rather than clicking on ads without signing in.
* Search Engine Ranking: if you don’t get linked with any known website and neither if you have indexed your website on the search engines but still you have high traffic, then Google will not forgive you. They will be suspicious with one question that how can people click your ads through your website? This will force them to take necessary steps which you might not like. Again, this is a grey area. You might use different advertising methods, but make sure the method you use is Oked by Google’s TOS.
* Advertiser’s conversion rate: Make sure that you ad clicks bring some value for the advertisers. If neither one click from your site provides any value to the advertiser, then you will get a big shock. Sorry, two shocks. One a major price hit and second your Adsense account will be banned. You will be down by one good revenue source.