How To Use Indian Rupee Symbol In Mobile / Cell Phones

The pre-requisite for using Indian Rupee Symbol in Mobile or Cell phones, is that the character should be embedded in the mobile set.

Not many phones have this embedded in their phones as of now, however Lava B5 has accomplished the mission. Other phone users might have to wait for a while before they get to use the Indian Rupee Symbol in their Cell phones.

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Was The Indian Rupee Symbol Voted And Selected By Unfair Means ?

Was The Indian Rupee Symbol voted and selected by corrupt methods?

Was the governement unaware of the power of RTI, and did they expect the RTI activists to be silent while making such a huge decision for the nation?

Why is it that the government fails to deliver as expected, always?

Since the moment the winner of the Indian Rupee Symbol has been announced, people (read RTI acitivists) are actively campaigning against it, because they believe that the competition was not held in a fair manner.

If you read this post: you’ll find why these activists are against the decision. However, there has been no formal communication about this from governement yet.

If you too believe that a grave mistake has been commited by a few corrupt bureaucrats, then show your concern by joining the Save Indian Rupee Symbol community page on Facebook.

For more information, visit this site: Save Indian Rupee Symbol.

How Can I Find The Indian Rupee Symbol On My Keyboard ?

Ok, now that you’ve downloaded the new Indian Rupee Symbol and installed it in your Microsoft word, but what next ? You have no clue how to type it out, as it’s not yet there on any of the keyboards ! You might be confused here. Technically speaking, you should not be in this situation as the post clearly mentions how you can type the symbol after it is downloaded and installed.

In case you’ve missed out the instructions, here is the video for for you:

Guess that should solve your problem.

There is a much easier way and you can read it here.

How To Insert / Convert Rs To The Indian Rupee Symbol Automatically?

Yesterday, we mentioned how we can insert Indian Rupee Symbol in microsoft’s word. I was casually browsing the internet and came across a mention by Amartya Bag, who has revealed a smarter way to insert Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word.

Here’s the method as mentioned by Amartya Bag :

How to Use the Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office

1. Download the Font (Rupees Foradian) provided by Foradian Technologies Inc (
2. Install the font. (Copy the Font to Control Panel -> Fonts Folder)
3. Change the Font from the default (Times New Roman/ Arial/ Calibri) to Rupees Foradian Font.
4. Type the Rupees Symbol in Microsoft Word through the grave acent symbol – ` (the key just above “tab” button in your keyboard).

The process can be tweaked so that you can type in any font in MS Word yet you can get the Rupees symbol:

In MS Office 2002

1) Select the symbol (ie. Just like you do while copy pasting anything)
2) Click on Tools -> Autocorrect
3) In the Replace Text Box type in Rs.
4) Click on Add -> Ok

In MS Office 2007/ 2010

1.If you want to add a formatted text entry, open the document that contains the text that is formatted the way that you want, and select the Rupee Symbol.
2.Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.
3.Click Proofing.
4.Click AutoCorrect Options.
5. In the Replace Text Box type in Rs. (You may also need to change the formatting stle from “Plain Text” to “Formatted Text”)
6. Click on Add -> Ok

You can also do it the conventional way as mentioned on foradian :

Download and Insert Indian Rupee Symbol for Miscrosoft Word

Download Indian Rupee Symbol To Insert In Microsoft Windows Word / MS Office

You can now download the Rupee Symbol to use in microsoft windows word or in any of the MS office application.

This post : explains in detail the procedure how you can import the indian-rupee-symbol.ttf and also gives the link from where you can download the ttf from.

Download indian rupee symbol wallpaper for your desktop/Pc.

Download indian rupee symbol.

Download Image / Picture Of Indian Rupee Symbol

Last year I had posted about a competition, where you could take part, vote and decide what you thought was the best symbol for Indian Rupee. Fast forward 8 – 9 months, we have the results. Here’s how our Indian Rupee Symbol will look like :

Image of indian rupee symbol

If you want to download this image, right click on the image and select save image as, and when the save dialogue opens, give a name you want and save it in a location where you want.

If you like to download indian rupee symbol wallpapers for your desktop/PC/computer, this link will help you:

Let us know what you feel about the Indian Rupee Symbol.